PUBLIC Letter PART 1 Sovereign Eire Harp Seal RETURNED 1989.

Dear members of the 33rd Dail captured by London company gov Ireland in March, 2020 coup.

Many people often ask who and why we seldom hear of Irelands Oldest Party, in 1920 the peoples part ireland was set up to RETURN the Sovereign Eire Seal Harp of he 1919 First Dail, removed for safety 6th December, 1922.This was purpose of 1919 Constitution of 5 Articles my Grandfather wrote, his 1916 Proclamation Ratified as Dail Foundation law in 1919, which GUARANTEES your rights, NOT constitution which Protects said Proclamation. My Grandfather set up in 1906 with Arthur Griffith S Fein, NOT the MI5 version set up in 70s, his Party purpose to win election and END British colony by Peaceful means, rather like home rule movement but becoming OURSELVES Alone, the English translation of S Fein. He did this by winning 1918 general election held 32 counties, he UNITED in politics, the 2 Catholic churches, Anglo and Roman.

In preparing above documents he had learned the future FF leader Develera and IRB leader Collins were TRAITORS paid by Crown to stop 1918 election in 32 counties, called and verified by Lord Lexden for said Crown. It was Crown plan to CHANGE Peaceful ballot revolution to one of violence, Easter 1916 Rising, collins job allow Crown lead our Great leaders, Great law men, to certain death in GPO, 1916. Collins, Develera NEXT job Capture Dail for Crown. I enclose with this letter on twitter copy of Crown document which explains on 23.12. 1920 Royal Assent passed Government of Ireland Act, 1920, making FREE Ireland a Briish Partitioned Dominion Colony UNTIL 1989 when I ENDED said colony and Rule by the Queen.

The document, NOT myself, tells YOU collins, develera SECRETLY surrendered, WITHOUT jurisdiction, FIRST Dail, long BEFORE UNSIGNED Treaty, it Partitioned 32 counties WITHOUT consent Ulster TDs, hence void if challenged as Party DID so do. It was kept SECRET from public and TDs, ANY TD complained would DISAPPEAR. My Grandfather, WISE in law, Filed Lawful papers with Crown as NO Consent from 32 county Dail, so he sought REPEAL. On 5th December, 1922 he was told the Dail STILL sitting 6th December, 1922, was CAPTURED by Freestate corporation for the Crown, as planned and BEGUN by collins in 1920.

He invoked on 6th December, 1922, Articles 1919 Constitution to REMOVE Sovereign Eire Harp Seal from Crown Freestate Corporation. He then filed ADDITIONAL papers to Repeal said Fraud 1922 Act, 1920 Act under Repeal process. Crown accepted his position, it had NO mandate 32 county election or any Repeal EXISTING 1920 Act, it under APPEAL to REPEAL, it simply ADDOPTED, NOT removed 1919 Constitution and Proclamation, it read each Easter at GPO to remind Irish their rights, last read by Captain Doyle outside GPO in 2023, witnessed Taioseach 32 counties and Commissioner police, harris, it being TREASON break said rights witnessed by police Commissioner harris.

The 1920 piece of paper was reason why Grandfather set up 1920 Party to Repeal Fraud Crown Act, 1920 hence the PAPERTRAIL started. Collins letters to Churchill, his BOSS, asking him send heavy artillery and English gunners to fire, upon the First Dail IRA supporters fighting for NO surrender Dail to Crown Freestate corporation, in accordance Dail law in said Proclamation read each year to Irish with DEAF ears. These English mercenaries dressed in Green fought with TRAITOR collins to kill in 4 courts, the 1919 FREE Dail IRA that were NOT keen on Freedom via the PAPERTRAIL. So the Journey began in 1920 via the bits of paper, in 1989 my negotiations with Crown resulted in my Royal Assent REPEAL of 1920 and 1922 Crown Fraud, in 1989 Dail again was released FREE from its occupation by Crown Oireachtas begun in 1920 UNKNOWN to Irish in world no phones, internet, people NOT know beyond next village, unlike modern world of today, where ONE can make a difference if tell TRUTH, expose LIES.

I again put out 1989 REPEAL Act as CERTIFIED by Crown and, Crown corporation called Oireachtas, its Freestate powers ENDED 1989. No longer President of British Dominion colony, its Dominion Minister Taioseach title EXPIRED. Unknown to public, a New country, once in 1919 called Ireland, RETURNED in 1989, after 69 years work begun by my Grandfather, COMPLETED by myself in 1989, when OUR Queen ceased being OUR Queen. I had ENDED what Most Irish NEVER knew, the British Dominion colony, the OTHER 4 members CONTINUED, Canada, S Africa, N Zealand and Australia, IMPORTANT state I OBTAINED Royal Assent.

These 2 words Royal Assent VITAL, it is reason why my associates in Crown recently advised Australia government it MUST RETURN Aborigine lands and, Cancel covid laws as NOT obtained Royal Assent, similar to the lever I ised against UK former Prime minister Johnson to lift covid restrictions, he did NOT obtain Royal Assent, it being primary Function of Crown to Protect English men and women from private company Owned by WEF called gov UK, the men, women Australia PROTECTED by Crown oath.

It is also important state Crown confirmed its British Dominion Minister Develera could NOT be given Royal Assent to Repeal 1922 constitution as it incorporates 1919 Proclamation and, to REPLACE with 1937 constitution, as Proclamation BANS ANY interference with Proclamation rights, 1937 Fraud would attempt remove. This is also important to point out, Crown did NOT give Royal Assent to its Minister called Taioseach to pass Health Act 1947, said British Dominion Colony under 1922 constitution and Proclamation until I repealed 1922 in 1989, returning to 1919 Constitution of 5 Articles and its Proclamation GUARANTEED rights.

The 1922 in Force until 1989, MEANT Health Act 1947, had NO jurisdiction REMOVE 1922 rights stated in Proclamation, as it and 1937 void constitution TRIED but FAILED to do. The City London company gov Ireland claimed 31A advise NOT law, was extension of void 1947 Act, this being TREASON per 1990 Criminal Justice Act. The Freestate Crown corporation had NO Royal Assent, like Australia case, to INVENT fraud claim of 1937 constitution, 1947 Health Act and, NO licensed court to verify. The ONLY LICENSED court, the Dail EIreann Courts of Eire Harp Seal DECLARED said BILLS null and void.

In the difficult times after 1922, seeing many of his clansmen KILLED by Freestate Crown Agents following 4 Courts slaughter with English artillery, it seemed more Practical to FIRST REPEAL Unlawful fraud Acts 1920 and 1922. The Party secured the Harp Seals and state papers for the GREAT day when Repeal would be obtained, Freestate PRETENDED the papers LOST but, men LOYAL Eire Harp, kept her safe for the RETURN to Dail in Mansion House. At later date I WILL provide further state papers thought LOST to explain how ENTIRE resources of a Nation used to PROTECT criminal gang Oireachtas and, now a private City London company, called gov Ireland.

The years 1970 to 1989 were hardest, I worked in a country where ANY Party that does good is regarded as enemy of Oireachtas criminal organisation, shadow banned, UNKNOWN to public, ONLY media the postage stamp. Finally the GREAT day came in 1989, we obtained snap election bt Haughey in 1989, as his title British Dominion Minister Taioseach ENDED, new title Taioseach 32 counties began in SECRET. I thought my job was done, Dail no longer prisoner of Oireachtas. At once my work shadow banned and new media puppets from Independent and Times newspapers, Waters and O doherty recruited.

These and many other UNDERCOVER Agents made a living selling you the LIES of the Fraud 1937 Blue book constitution and UNLICENSED courts service, wise Grandfather kept safe, the documents that prove they sold fraud. In PART 2, I WILL explain how the 1937 CHARADE and UNLICENSED courts and its PRIVATE registered UK City London police, were helped by paid media to PRETEND your LICENSED Dail Eireann courts and Proclamation rights do NOT exist, it was their job keep you IGNORANT these rights, to avoid you complain.

It is important you understand the law and state papers are with men, women, if you chose law NOT criminal gangs called companies, your future is secure. In International law and business, the state papers NOT gov Ireland BLUFF is what is accepted. I will, using Geological survey maps, eplain Great wealth our 880,000 sq km Atlantic Ocean, how we WILL use it to Transform the nation. It is this Ocean the WEF EU want to grab, it is small money for them to replace Irish to secure for them, YOUR wealth.

It is part of the UNKNOWN story, the Oireachtas do NOT want you to know, or I to tell but, Ulstermen know how to stand firm against Agents of the Crown, YOUR ocean is the prize, FREEMEN stand in the way of WEF sea grab. The Crown plundered the world, robbed the Scots of their oil, Welsh of their coal and slates, robbed English of their souls and Pride, split the industry and agriculture of Ireland, to keep you poor, now they come for YOUR ocean. They destroyed EVERYONE by divide and conquer, now Crown Agent Coveney claims his 5 million NON catholic WILL remove Anglo and Roman catholics for good, time now to say NO, elect Party that WIIL use the TREASON laws against Agents of the Crown WEF tool for company rule.

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