PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation ESB Intimidation general Public 21st August, 2023.

Dear Commissioner roberts, Ref ESB Fraud Smart meters

Recently the Minister justice, a company asset only held in Trust for the Dail was UNKNOWN to public, SECRETLY transferred UNLAWFULLY by law firms to a WEF company, called gov Ireland set up in City London in 2019 to stage the 2020 Dail coup backed by MI5 Agent, drew harris but, she did advise Garda, public and members WEF, MI5 of the NFATP Act, 1997, which she claimed she passed, meaning of 1997 is passed 26 years ago by someone else. She also explained this in Seanad, forgetting Perjury for claiming she passed something that stated someone else passed it 26 years ago, I comment sections 9 and 10 said BILL, as pertinent to ESB fraud.

Said BILL advised ESB, WEF etc, it is jailable offence to use coercive control, such as writing letters implying it is law for ESB replace electric meters, with WEF surveillance smart meters. The BILL informs ESB that to intimidate, trespass private property, send Fraud medical claims supporting criminal activities of WEF members varadkar, clavin and MI5 harris, to FORCE own products is crime.

The 2013 Motu Proprio, served by the peoples party ireland upon criminal companies courts service and ESB as Principal to Agents, explains ESB must NOT entrap public by using birth cert property rights owned by Vatican Governance. I have enclosed copy my letter to employee representing a piece of paper called ESB. This piece of paper having NO property rights claim over me a MAN, NOT piece of paper, did NOT employ carmel o connor to claim right to break ESB registered conditions to NOT break the law.

She claimed , in her Perssonal capacity, that she claimed she had contract with a company called MR GABRIEL MARTIN, despite Motu advising it is company OWNED by Vatican Governance. In accordance with law, I, the MAN called gabriel martin advised ESB private contractor that carmel o connor LIED to him and I, by claiming Vatican Owned contract my meter. I politely explained the meter contract was between ESB representative o connor and I, the MAN called gabriel martin, NOT MR GABRIEL MARTIN, a birth cert company Owned by Vatican Governance, Motu being HIGHEST law authority in world, even King Charles subject to it.

Having politely explained CORRECT law and my right to NOT replace meter with surveilance WEF equipment to assist WEF control human rights and theit Removal by WEF Yong Leader plan member veradkar, we parted as friends. The contractor Agreed Comply with law, remove me from list and I thanked him for giving me his time and consideration. I then wrote to o connor to allow her assist ESB Correct mistakes, law is the way civilised people obtain results by correct statements of FACTS, NOT by Forcing Personal opinions.

In my letter to o connor I brought to her attention Many public, both young and old, contacted the peoples party ireland that her Fraud ENTRAPPED them into UNKNOWINGLY take part in giving up privacy rights. She also confirmed that she broke ESB registration contract for over 3 years by making Fraud medical claims and public diagnosis on virus etc, law BANS companies and public making. It is FACT that she KNOWINGLY made these public medical claims, as her latest letter, she dated as 9.5.2023, confirmed having assisted manslaughter by publicly enforcing donnelly medical claims OPPOSITE his company gov Ireland per FOI Dail replies said position accepted as FACT by gov Ireland.

I CAN rightfully use the word KNOWINGLY because I sent her the HPRA Regulator CERTIFIED by signature s moore, HSE Management Records position which said in 2020 that donnelly LIED to sell Astra Zeneca etc, its main investor being WEF member the UK Prime minister, who helped set up gov Ireland company in 2019 to assist WEF member varadkar sell OWN products for company profits. She on behalf ESB, was sent by myself C846, C847, C848, C849, C850 CERTIFIED Regulator position that lockdowns, general and elderly, masks , social distancing are useless and dangerous, also she read C839 covid NOT exists, donnelly is NOT Regulator, he is sales rep breaking gov Ireland rules.

In addition her reading about donnelly LIES in 2020, she also read C851, C852, mRNA NOT safe, NOT works. Donnelly own company gov Ireland accepted this in 2020, it accepted said FOI Dail replies, ESB staff joined donnelly in assisted manslaughter, I did NOT or HPRA ask ESB commit said crime, it was OWN choice as record confirm. As you see in her National letter of 9.5.2023, over 3 years later, she claims ESB support criminal Fraud of donnelly, holohan, donnelly being emploee gov Ireland with NO medical qualifications.

She ignores correct Regulator position supplied by the peoples party ireland in 2020 BEFORE roll out and, she claims support donnelly sell Astra Zeneca etc, MAIN investor being WEF Young Leaders, a criminal organisation NOT allowed hold public office. Public advise Party that ESB staff STILL trying subject public to fraud medical claims WEF company gov Ireland say donnelly has NO authority make, per FOI replies, daily more injured due ESB staff public medical claims banned by 18 statute laws.

Public advises ESB staff STILL trying set up Fraud cert company contracts, to install WEF surveillance in private property, public claim ESB staff still CONCEALING side effects and dangers, to sell product. I can confirm that the WOMAN who publicly admits above crimes has NOT issued a letter explaining to public the ESB staff broke laws by making Fraud claims about smart meters. I can confirm ESB staff NOT withdrawn NATIONAL letter and replaced with HPRA Regulator warnings above, that ESB Concealed to assist donnelly sell Astra Zeneca etc.

It is public record, that Astra Zeneca withdrew for many deaths, injuries, yet ESB staff that PROMOTED it, have NOT advised VICTIMS to seek urgent HSE check to see if survivors are now damaged before they also die, to perhaps take measures to prevent if possible, rather than ignoring medical Facts as ESB did for 3 years. I would be most grateful for public interest, if you would contact ESB o connor and advise her of Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001,, sections 6,9,25, 26, 27 and 29, she is breaking for many years.

This Act explains jailable offence to send me a Fraud Instrument, her letter 9.5.2023, she Invented and Used to attempt install surveilance equipment for WEF and made very dangerous medical claims.. Can you please confirm safe receipt my letter and some assurance you ARE taking measures to PREVENT ESB intimidation of public, per coercive control. I will inform you when o connor contacts me as to her proposals to comply with laws. Yours sincerely, g martin

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