PUBLIC Letter ESB Smart meters, 15th August, 2023 carmel o connor, Smart meters, ESB Networks DAC, Three Gateway, East Wall Road, Dublin 3, DO3 R583, Ireland.

Dear carmel o connor, Ref Criminal Fraud Contract

I refer your recent letter, in which you write as representative of a registered company, ESB Networks DAC, it being a piece of paper with NO property rights claim over I, a man NOT a company. In accordance with law, you as representative ESB must NOT break ESB conditions of registration to comply with statute laws and, INALIENABLE rights of I, a Man. In your letter you confirm YOUR desire to brake Your company rules and, insist upon your OWN personal rules and views, in your Personal capacity as a WOMAN, making You liable for, statute laws YOU claim to Have broken.

You began by claiming you were writing to a birth certificate company called MR GABRIEL MARTIN, block capitals and you had a Contract with said company concerning the electric meter at my house, of myself, a MAN called gabriel martin. I write to inform you that in 2013 I served NOTICE on Irish Government called Dail and courts service, in Principal to Agent, the Motu Proprio, highest Law authority in world, which Vatican Governance instructed me to serve upon companies involved in crime.

It advised ALL Agents of Dail, such as ESB, that birth certificate companies, such as MR GABRIEL MARTIN are property rights of Vatican Governance. It being fraud, of 35 years jail, if I claim proerty rights said company or, if You carmel o connor ask me PRETEND that I gabriel martin, claim property rights of Vatican Governance company, MR GABRIEL MARTIN. In accordance with law, I REQUIRE your written confirmation that you were NOT aware that as a WOMAN you broke above law by trying to ENTRAP me into UNLAWFUL contract of claiming property rights over a company NOT owned by me. I would also REQUIRE you have amended ESB records to read that its contract is with a MAN called gabriel martin, NOT a cert company.

I would point out it is serious crime for YOU to claim ESB is forcing a fraud contract. Moving to your letter, you said it is YOUR personal view that you support Ireland transition to low carbon future, NOT possible to claim piece of paper ESB can hold such view. You do NOT supply evidence you are right so I supply evidence you are wrong. My evidence is that if you asked China to STOP burning 4 BILLION tons of coal each year, that Would be a better solution.

You go on to state that WITHOUT my consent, electricity meter at my house WILL be replaced with a smart WEF meter SURVEILANCE meter, in which you Fail to mention its FUNCTION to collect family usage data, records of who is in and out of house, such data to be sold to companies and, at later date to determine what might be best time turn OFF my supply to reduce consumption. You do NOT explain my rights to NOT have surveilance in my home or my LOSS of right that it would allow you right to turn off my supply WITHOUT my consent, as you tried do today. You do NOT advise me it is experiment project that COULD go wrong, like Astra Zeneca or, indicate damage to my freezer etc, if you feel like turning off by remote control my meter supply.

You have NOT explained to me that this WILL cost me a much higher bill for paying the private firms to install, instead you say it will cost nothing, the private firms will install for ESB at no charge to ESB, very UNLIKELY. You go on to advise, to improve service your staff will charge wages to ESB to conduct customer research smart meters but, your letter says NO research into why you failed tell me I can say NO to this waste of my money and remove privacy rights.

I am much concerened you said this cfrime to install surveilance in my home will be conducted according HSE covid guidelines, 18 statue laws say you CANNOT make public medical claim covid exists as HSE CERTIFIED document C839 said in 2020 to prsent date, NO proof exists that a virus called covid exists. Public records confirm 1 million reward NOT yet claimed for its discovery, if you have proof perhaps you should claim it.

It is public record that ESB premises under police investigation for endangering public health, by placing yellow covid sales adverts NOT validated by ANY signature, for private UK company, gov Ireland, set up 2019 to sell its products, Astra Zeneca, masks etc, new Dail will be charging ESB for medical fraud damages to public. These adverts carried NO signature because OPPOSITE of HPRA Regulator and HSE medical position, that YOU committed medical fraud breaking.

HSE VALIDATED following documents C846, C847, C848 , C849, C850, these inform ESB that general, elderly lockdowns, masks, distancing are ALL useless and DANGEROUS, I have collected evidence your fraud yellow public medical claims. They also issued these documents in 2020, along with C851, C852, stated mRNA NOT safe, NOT works, yet for 3 years you lied to public to cause Fear, apprehension which is 5 years jail, additional damages health.

By ESB actions, you HAVE told public and police that you are criminal organisaion that played LEADING role in selling Astra Zeneca, WITHDRAWN for deaths, for WEF company gov Ireland, its CEO being WEF member varadkar who was engaged to sell Astra Zeneca for its MAIN investor, the WEF member the UK Prime minister. It is public domain that you now support WEF scam of its Smart meters to assist future house arrest plans of WEF, ESB is shame to Irish.

Your letter is evidence that you caused me Fear, Apprehension my personal safety, attempted remove my rights NOT have WEF surveilance in my home by using coercive control and, as with incorrect medical advice, NOT law, you PRETENDED smart meters was law, when NOT. You HAVE broken sect 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976 causing Fear, Apprehension, it being 5 years jail. Your letter is a Fraud instrument to deceive, intimidate, harrass into waving INALIENABLE rights. Such document is offence under Criminal Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9, 25, 26, 27 and 29. Also offences NFOATP Act, 1997, sections 9 and 10, intimidating, menacing to FORCE surveilance equipment.

If you and management wish to avoid police arrest and prosecution, I REQUIRE written assurance such letters WILL be withdrawn from public and, 18 statute laws BANNING public medical claims as you made, WILL be complied with. I await your reply before taking further action per statute laws. Yours sincerely, g martin

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