PUBLIC Letter Elun Musk of Twitter. Notice pending prosecutions. 1st August, 2023.

Elun Musk, Corporate Secretary, Tesla, INC, 3,500 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA 94 304, United States.

Dear Elun musk, Ref Determination of medical fraud liabilities in Ireland

As the oldest 32 county Sovereign Eire Harp Seal Party supporting Dail, set up by my Grandfather Fist Dail 1919, he set up the peoples party ireland in 1920 to repeal 1920 Government Ireland Act and, its new name the 1922 Freestate corporation to run the British Dominion colony until 1989, when I ENDED said colony and new country called Ireland was set up, rturning to rights guaranteed as Dail law, known as ratified 1916 Proclamation.

Public rcords confirm the Party obtained Royal Assent Repeal of above in 1989, resulting from 69 years negotiations with Crown, ENDING British Dominion colony in 1989 and British Minister title of Taioseach. It has been Concealed from public that New country emerged in 1989 called Ireland and Party obtained Return of Irish Internationally recognised Sea Base Line, over 880,000 sq km of rich fishing grounds and oil, gas reserves. It has been Concealed from Public the Party obtained Agreement timetable from Great Queen, the UK leaving EU as , the Party advised Crown in 1972 that it had entered UK and its colony until 1989, British Dominion now called IRELAND , as if it were NOT colony as BRIBE to obtain entry to EEC and two seats, giving loan our fish to EEC and to French fishermen, we indicated would upset fraud if no arrangement, in politics called playing your trump card.

In her battle to contain WEF leader, writer Yong Leaders plan, now King Charles, his plan replace Crown and Dail, with WEF and population reduction using mRNA, replacing with voluntary slaves, we joined forces to upset WEF coup. In 2019, to assist MAIN investor Astra Zeneca, Moderna the WEF member, now UK Prime minister, made SECRET transfer 1 BILLION dollars from Cayman Islands, with WEF he set up gov Ireland City London corporation to obtain sole market in Ireland for his Astra Zeneca investments and Moderna. The WEF registered its WEF member Yong Leader, varadkar as CEO gov Ireland, his business manager alan kelly Labour Party leader until we reported his fraud. It would appear kelly used his former housing minister contacts to invest in human trafficking.

The MAIN role of varadkar was to PRETEND his company gov Ireland was Irish Government called Dail, when NOT, to PRETEND EMA gave his private company a license to sell its OWN WEF Astra Zeneca products to Irish public he hid death risks from for company profits. Public records confirm Party objected to EMA, per Helzinki Declaration we insisted EMA could NOT break. We obtained most shipments stopped but, WEF gov Ireland obtained Astra Zeneca from its Owner, WEF Prime minister, with MI5 UK Secret Service to control Garda and market distribution network.

Public records confirm MOST media said FOI reports was funded by WEF, through varadkar company, gov Ireland but, NOT twitter, hence Party chose this media to pass data to public but, made following discovery. I will in due course, pass on the evidence that MI5 used its MAIN Agent, police Commissioner harris to take control twitter and use as EU HQ spy network, controling national politics, selling Astra Zeneca by removing lawful listing of known side effects by political parties and replacing with false information it knew likely to kill or injure, this lead role now makes twitter liable massive damages to public health, as 33rd Dail did not give no liability to twitter giving fraud public medical advice, many now dead , injured due to twiiter breaking licence comply with laws national Dail.

Beforr you bought twitter spy network set up to stage 2020 Dail coup to capture national government for chemical companies and, UK company gov Ireland to obtain total CONCEALMENT by twitter of KNOWN death risks of Astra Zeneca. Public records confirm harris first placed twitter CEO sinead McSweeny as CEO media police PSNI in 2004 to 2007, to KEEP secret, Garda had jurisdiction 6 counties since 1989.

He then moved her to CEO Garda 2007 to 2012 to KEEP secret Oireachtas NO power since 1989, NO courts since 1924, my Grandfather having closed, as I closed Oireachtas in 1989. She worked closely with john waters, g o doherty to KEEP fraud alive of closed Freestate and no 1937 constitution as NO Royal Assent, this also invilved shadow banning the Party work from public. In 2012 he then moved s McSweeny to CEO twitter to start set up of MI5 spy network for senior MI5 operative harris, to MEDDLE in national politics, remove valid medical listing side effects and Replace with Mis information stating OPPOSITE HPRA Regulator warnings, shadow banned the ONLY party opposed to medical fraud, many now dead beause she took pleasure in advising dangerous experiment as safe, essential for profits.

As a matter of law and fair play I have been instructed to SER VE notice that you MUST advise shareholders, as Principal to Agent, following crimes committed by McSweeny for MI5 treason against 33rd Dail. I will supply written twitter documents of shadow banning, major political party to CONCEAL and ALTER correct medical mRNA position per CERTIFIED documents I obtained from HPRA Regulator and EMA, which have been on public display for 3 years, yet despite sending to McSweeny she CONCEALED from public, causing many deaths.

I will be sending you and public twitter OWN documents in which they confirm REMOVING correct death risks, EMA license CONDITIONS and, REPLACING with Fraud personal sales viw of sales reps. You WILL quickly see from twitter OWN documents the numerous statute laws broken by MR O Brian and McSweeny as CEO. Letters dated 7th and 23rd, 2021, hand delivered per reciept, to 1, Cumberland Place, Fenian Street, Dublin 2. Many further letters to McSweeny at this time up to 8.3.2022 stating 18 statute laws, consumer Protection Act, 2007. Sections 4 and 11, Mis leading Advertising Acts. High Court Ruling 31A NOT law or safe advice by private company, gov Ireland.

Records confirm I sent her HPRA Regulator C839, NO proof covid exists, C851, C852, mRNA NOT safe, NOT works, dated 2020 BEFORE roll out. C848, 849, C850, C846, masks , distancing, lockdowns useless and very dangerous. I sent her SI NO 541 2007, Advertising Regulations, EU Directives 200183 transposed into Irish law. EU Council Directives 200363 use Medical Products. EU Council Directives 200298, also 200424 and Mis use Drugs Act 1977, ALL above the evidence shows , she took pleasure in breaking, assisting manslaughter at enormous scale, for profit etc.

I sent her copy twitter license, it says she MUST obey a bove laws that BAN ANY public medical claims or diagnosis mRNA, it INLY ALLOWS public claims on listing KNOWN side effects, to alert public to such risks, she made sure public were NOT allowed read such risks, replacing with her sales Mis information for her sponsers. I sent her copy EU Resolution 2361, I helped write, in particular 7.1.3 which states Party and twitter CEO MUST list side effects and counter Mis information by WEF gov Ireland selling OWN products and paying twitter advertise them.

I arranged for EMA to place on twitter its EMERGENCY use ONLY, NOT general use, CONDITIONS and DESCRIPTION of license, if rad, likely NO one in Ireland would take Astra Zeneca, withdrawn for deaths, injuries. The CONDITIONS were REMOVED within hours, REPLACED with lorraine nolan of HPRA Regulator, her OWN personal view, it being OPPOSITE of HPRA C851, C852, that warned of death risks, the two ladies LIED to make sales.

I will send copy of twitter EXACT words, GREAT product, side effects are MILD temperature, people feel better in days, I think millions buried would NOT agree. Also twitter allowed her state, NO lowering of the BAR, wearing masks, distancing, is vital, essential to life despite her and twitter staff reading her HPRA employer documents state opposite. I again reminded this person, that could according law be called a criminal,on 7.1.2021, 6.6.2021 registered RL824310202IE, again 7.11.2021 and twitter, that nolan broke her company HPRA and HSE CERTIFIED position, EVERYTHING they stated was LIES and I had sent them CERTIFIED EVIDENCE of this medical fraud.

I also correctly advised on twitter the EMA explained EMERGENCY means EMERGENCY if DYING, NOT emergency if as CDC, NHS, HSE claimed, if you are healthy REGARDLESS of age you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery on NO injection. I also reminded twitter the EMA conditions REMOVED for nolan MIS information explained it CANNOT be given UNLESS volunteer told 2 yera medical device EXPERIMENT, with RESULTS in 2 years time, NOT before, could kill or disable hence ONLY if already dying take gamble if you like.

The world and you, when read twitter documents will see, twiiter CEO assisted WEF and its MI5 harris become MAIN sales reps, taking LEADING role pushing S Fein sales campaign, using 4.6 Million dollars received from Biden to place adverts, per USA tax records. Much of this money from richard hass, Biden Foreign Relations, same group funded 2014 Ukraine 2014 coup, invested in twitter sales adds for Astra Zeneca, for MI5 team that set up S Fein in 1970s to cause Mis trust between 2 catholic churches, Anglo and Roman and train UK and courts service secret police 89000534 for the 2020 WEF coup of Dail and Westminster, through gov UK also WEF company.

In PART 2, I WILL send you twitter OWN papers how they closed Party accounts listing side effects and, REPLACED with OPPOSITE to CONCEAL death risks. I WILL describe MI5 shadow banning, evidence collected all over the country. I must SERVE NOTICE that the new Dail WILL freeze twitter assets, obtain in new courts, extradition warrants ALL twitter staff involved above assisted Manslaughter for Astra Zeneca, such will be deemed LIABLE for assisting death by deceit.

I am presenting our evidence to afford you oppertunity confirm if NOT aware twitter Dublin is MI5 spy network and, your proposals file charges against those involved, charges to be heard in Licensed Eire Harp Seal courts. I would als be interested your plan to make immediate platform for correct Certified evidence and constructive criticism. I can confirm the Party filed charges with Garda commisssioner harris of MI5 and commissioner clavin, WEF Young Leader of Garda Anti Corruption, chosen by WEF Young Leader varadkar to BLOCK charges, in due course ALL likely face life for TREASON per 1990 Criminal Justice Act.

The matter resulted in early retirement for WEF clavin, which is far short of life imprisonment per his public crimes. His replacement Commissioner roberts investigating but, chosen from same WEF members that chose him from same corrupt UK police PSNI that clavin came from. The Party has collected from ALL 32 counties many public claims against twitter CEO McSweeny who, per above twitter adverts, KNOWINGLY told VICTIMS OPPOSITE of the HSE CERTIFIED position I sent her.

In due course you WILL note it shadow banned our CERTIFIED side effects, stopped MOST tweets outside Ireland, stopped ALL incoming overseas tweets, many North Americans PREVENTED reading FACTS important to USA and NOT available to USA.. Public records confirm, corrupt civil servants INVITED USA, companies, twitter, facebook ,YouTube etc in 1990s to launder ALL overseas earnings tax purposes, in return little tax, in return help MI5 control national government and media.

I still feel new twitter management could play important role in providing media NOT controlled by MI5, WEF, assisting EXPOSURE criminal pharma gangs that now control national government. Bye for now, documents to follow in PART2. Yours sincerly g.martin

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