PUBLIC Letter. Police Investigation Assault by Superintendent Fergal Harrington against Fergus Power, 8th August, 2023.

Dear Commissioner j. roberts, Ref. Assualt trespass fergus power witnessed by Public

I, as a representative of the peoples party ireland have been asked to Include many voters for Dail, not gov Ireland, who join me in filing criminal charges against Superintendent harrington and the private courts security firm he appeared to hire for purpose of human trafficking which Garda NOT allowed be involved in per laws. The charges relate to causing myself and public Fear and Apprehension our personal safety, liberty, national identity and REPLACEMENT of our Garda, NOT property of gov Ireland, by MI5 drew harris WEF paramilitaries.

I have included written and picture evidence of alledged crimes by Superintendent harrington, provided by VICTIM of assault trespass involving hospital treatment injuries, fergus power. I have provided further evidence, pictures etc from trevor McDonnell and I understand the two gentlemen WILL provide detailed video evidence if you request, also perhaps 50 more people willing provide evidence said public crime. I state ALLEDGED charges against Superintendent harrington because, when he treatened fergus power he REFUSED Garda oath REQUIREMENT to cconfirm his name, oath and reason for his alledged crime seen by over one hundred people to shame good Gardai.

It is CLEAR from video, that Superintendent was NOT acting as a Garda, as he refused observe Garda oath, passport DIRECTIONS from Minister Travel, higher authority than he, that he MUST assist fergus power travel safely on a public path he part owns as being paid from his taxes. Video showed fergus power WALKING on EMPTY path, except alledged Superintendent and a man also NOT in proper uniform, also refusing warrant card, oath or claiming a contract with power, Both DENIED fergus right to walk on path he pays for.

He politely reminded them of constitution and oath rights, ALL Garda take contract to UPHOLD to Protect his LAWFUL journey on public path, Superintendent seen Insisting breaking his oath, 10 years jail sentence. Having on video confirmed he was ONLY using uniform to PRETEND he was Garda, witnessed by other Garda, he claimed as Private citizen, property rights of fergus power right to walk on public path, a serious jailable offence. He then added to this crime, his breaking of NFATP Act, 1997, in which he treatened arrest of power if he did NOT cross road and join public meeting about Commissioner harris breaking 2004 Immigration Act, public debate being LAWFUL.

Power politely reminded his right travel EMPTY path, to which Superintendent DENIED and said he was AFRAID walking on empty path was going to cause a riot, join meeting or commit public order offence which walking empty path is NOT. If harrington was a Superintendent he would be aware his oath says he AGREES rights described by power are SUPERIOR ALL positive law, as written by my Grandfather in said Garda oath, his PERSONAL opinion walking EMPTY path is cause of a riot would NOT be deemed SUPERIOR law stated in his oath, perhaps he should study it.

He would also know his CONTRACT is to Protect passport rights of Power to travel empty path. He would also be REQUIRED Protect family rights to be NOT exposed to UNDOCUMENTED immigrant entry assisted bt drw harris for MI5. His oath CONTRACT if broken is 10 years jail, being to arrest members of courts service SECRET, City London police, 89000534 that assist UNLAWFUL immigration by MI5 Agent, Commissioner harris and ANY migrants WITHOUT valid documents, it is the law, no exceptions for raising funds for MI5 subversion 33rd Dail.

Superintendent would be aware Garda Anti Corruption investigation commenced 4.5.2023. into chief Superintendent Fergus healy at Mullingar, assisting MI5 harris import illegals to fund MI5 subversion 33rd Dail. The result of this investigation asked by the peoples party ireland led to IMMEDIATE closure UNLAWFUL immigration crimes by healy to assist harris, using similar SECRET police, seen at Ballybrack. Superintendent harrington reads in his oath, if he breaks it, he becomes ORDINARY man with NO Garda powers. If he attacks power or asks someone else to do, , breaking INALIENABLE rights, he will be sued in his Private capacity.

The 2005 GardaAct, oath and statute laws state Garda CANNOT be ordered by Commissioner harris or Superintendent harrington to remove power rights to walk EMPTY pavements etc. Any police that attacked power did so without VALID orders, doing personal crime because enjoyed doing so to cause Fear, apprehension to public that pay their wages to Protect public from human trafficking done for WEF private company, gov Ireland.

Trevor McDonnell said to Garda they CANNOT target public expressing public Fears about MI5 Agent harris recruiting private courts security 89000534 and some Garda refusing oath, to target public to make Fear. At great APPREHENSION to public, guard commented when order comes from Top, we HAVE to do what we have to do. It is YOUR job tell this guard that he faces 10 years for saying this, as he is NOT living in UK, we have laws in Ireland.

Commissioner roberts MUST advise this guard of PART 5A Garda Act, it states NO rank, such as Superintendent or Commissioner can or EVEN ASK Garda break their oath contract, being jailable offence of 10 years. I will be making this letter available around the world and copy Garda oath CONTRACT so public can carry in pocket, with respect I might suggest ALL Garda carry in their pocket for future reference and avoid Mis understanding.

Superintendent harrington, per Parts 7C, E and F, Garda Act 2005 is REQUIRED protect human rights, prevent breaking Immigration Act, 2004 and, to arrest Garda breaking oath to assist crimes by drew harris under investigation. It is also CLEARLY stated in oath, that harris as member Secret Society, MI5, CANNOT be Garda, let alone Commissioner. It is also in oath, that harris broke oath in appointing WEF member clavin as Anti Corruption commissioner. Public records confirm clavin, NOT allowed as member political organisation WEF to be a Garda, was made Commissioner of Anti Corruption, to BLOCK ANY charges made against harris human trafficking funds MI5.

Public evidence confirms many shocked Garda witnessed powe, against his consent, was threatened arrest if NOT join crowd, when he joined at Garda demand, he was then assaulted, kidnapped, to make FEAR example. In accordance with law I, file charges against harrington causing me Fear, apprehension personal safety to walk footpath without his attacking me, sect 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976.

I file further charges under refusal oath, 10 years jail, further charges treason against Dail Proclamation my Grand father wrote, per 1990 Criminal Justice Act. Also charges bringing Garda into DISRREPUTE. I hope ALL public and honest Garda present at Ballybrack WILL file SAME charges against harrington refusal comply his contract. I contacted ALL other Oireachtas Parties, they support harris crimes as thet share profits human trafficking. It is job of ALL loyal sons, daughters of Sovereign Eire Harp Seal to stand up for law, NOT my job alone to stand for Eire.

In difficult times when WEF member varadkar, set up his WEF company in City London 2019, to sell his companies Astra Zeneca he knew would kill, his firm gov Ireland appointed WEF clavin to protect MI5 crimes of TREASON against the Dail my Grandfather set up in 1919, the FIRST free Sovereign Dail. Statute laws confirm Varadkar CANNOT hold public office, he is using said office to sell his gov Ireland products Astra Zeneca main investor being WEF member UK Prime minister, secretly funded from Cayman Islands. Varadkar NOT allowed public office appointed WEF and MI5 protect hiscompany crimes.

Garda National Immigration Bureau investigation revealed in 2017, Garda accepting bribes upwards 10,000 euros to Falsify and stamp visas illegal immigrants, this is harris MI5 fund to subvert the Dail I set free from being British Dominion colony in 1989. Public evidence revealed in 2015 that justice minister, francis fitzgerald found exodus Pakistani males from UK on run for crimes, used stolen funds pay Gardai to help them hide.

Public records confirm in 2016, Gardai organising busloads Pakistani immigrants to arrive at certain Garda stations for this illegal stamping, similar to what harris gang, he called it this at recent GRA meeting, is doing today, except he now employs members Unlicensed courts service to beat up ANY public wishing to end such crimes. I shall await your PROMPT issue of pulse number and, in public interest, I feel Superintendent harrington MUST be suspended in order to prevent Further asaults on public walking and speaking rights, NOT Owned by Dail, Garda etc. Yours sincerelt, g martin

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