PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation FURTHER charges alledged judge twomey 23rd July, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Fraud Documents and Deception

Further to the criminal charges I filed against a MAN who in public confirmed he was calling himself a Licensed judge, michael twomey, per my letters dated 21st and 22nd July, 2023, I now list further charges. These charges relate to a fraud Charade set up DELIBERATELY in a courtroom by the MAN, twomey and, k flood BL reported in ILN newspaper, that he also assisted the following deception to intimidate 3 plaintiffs, ALL fully aware that public records reveal in 2018 Supreme court transcripts that former chief justice clarke confirmed the courts service has NO Court Enactment Order 1924 to hold ANY hearing, yet members of courts service engage in Unlicensed criminal activities, on the basis that they can break the law in order to collect fraud fines and support 2020 WEF coup of Dail by City London registered WEF company called gov Ireland.

The fraud deception appears to be of twomeys making, unless chief justice asked him to INVENT fraud to intimidate 3 plaintiffs and, Conceal Fraud claim to having 1924 Court Enactment Order. It is unlikely chief justice asked twomey to lie, only he can be sure, as Public records of Supreme Court Transcripts 2018 quote chief justice clarke EXACT words, in accordance with law. The EXACT words recorded in the Supreme Court by chief justice ref sections 1 and 2, Part 1 says Enactment Order 1924 MUST be completed NO later than 5 months. Part 2 says if NOT, it EXPIRES, so null and void. The chief justice words in court records being, I APPRECIATE if NOT commenced then ACT is NOT enforced. Fully aware of chief justice and 1924 Draughtsman letters, also Attorney General told twomey to claim Licensed judge is a lie, Charade is new name of courts service.

In courtroom, claims flood, twomey claimed he is right and, ALL other institutions and written documents are Fraud because he is Satisfied that in 1924, the copy document ORDER was placed in Iris Oifigiuil, perhaps he was wearing wrong glasses as close inspection reveals it was NOT placed in said publication. It is CLEAR he read the website and expected 3 plaintiffs and the Public would NOT read what it ACTUALLY said and, got flood to Mis represent what it said, perhaps also flood wore wrong reading glasses.

I enclose on twitter the Evidence that editor of ILN was appointed in 2020, to coincide with takeover of Iris Oifigiuil on 18.11.2019 by the new company owned by Labor and F Gael Parties called gov Ireland. I enclose copy of takeover by gov Ireland, UNKNOWN to police, NO longer owned by 33rd Dail. It contains DISCLAIMER that it is ONLY general information, NOT guaranteed as law, twomey would understand it no longer is deemed safe information. The Iris Oifigiuil WAS a law magazine originally called Dublin Gazette, owned by Dublin Castle Crown civil servants to print FAKE law stories. In 1922 Crowns Freestate they simply changed its name to present Un guaranteed media source.

To assist Crown Freestate crimes in 1937, winston churchill told HIS British Dominion colony Minister, called Taioseach Develera, to PRETEND he passed the 1937 constitution, a colony would REQUIRE Royal Assent to do so and the EXISTING 1922 constitution and Proclamation would first have to be removed which Crown no jurisdiction replace as based on 32 county election mandate 1918. Parliamentary records confirm the peoples party ireland, with Royal Assent removed 1922 constitution in 1989, NOT in 1937. Part of the PRETEND was he passed 1937 new role for Iris Oifigiuil.

Putting to the side that NO Royal Assent was given and NO licensed courts service to approve 1937 constitution if Royal Assent obtained, ANY Bill passed from 1937 onwards, NOT before had to be published in Iris Oifigiul showing copy of signature and description of Bill, if so done , it might be deemed proof of law. This New rule started in 1937, so ANY document published in Iris Oifigiuil BEFORE 1937, such as in 1924, would NOT be deemed proof of law being passed. Since its takeover by WEF company gov Ireland in 2019 to assist gov Ireland print lies as the DIXCLAIMER WARNS it is NO longer deemed as law.

As you read on you WILL note that the Unlicensed judge PRETENDED he did not read the above public information, available to public, it being his duty to read BEFORE inventing HIS OWN Fraud version to MIS LEAD general public, which is similar his deception of having license when Chief Justice said NOT. As witnessed in court, a man called twomey with NO license, lied, as did flood BL of Law Society under investigation crimes of medical fraud. He implies it was Lawful to deceive 3 plaintiffs NOT wise in law, by hi own admission to trick them into thinking they must pay twomey much money for the Fraud he himself set up, assisted by flood who agreed with said Fraud.

If public look at Iris Oifigiuil, you WILL see alledged judge read the following fraud which the editor of Iris Oifigiuil either wrote on his OWN initiative, or was ordered by company, gov. Ireland to Protect Unlicensed court, this Fraud now reported to EU Courts for later entertainment. What the alledged judge saw was NO signed 1924 Order that chief justice etc said does NOT exist, instead he saw an electronic message which said order posted 4th June, 1924 by diarmuid o heigeartuigh, executive council. He would also see NO signature but in National Archives, the executive council signature to validate would be n t cosgrave, holder of said office 1923 to 23rd June, 1927. Editor set up Fraud.

He would also have read letter of 3rd June, 1924 that enclosed 1924 PROPOSED Enactment Order, stating ONLY a draft and, MUST be approved in Dail within 5 months or EXPIRE, which happened. In haste to lie, the editor of Iris Oifigiuil FORGOT said draft was for discussion ONLY, could NOT be approved in the Dail and voted within hours, as TDs would have to ride on horseback first to get to Dublin and, said letter would first have to arrive. The editor keen to help twomey set up fraud for courts service invented wrong date and, of course until 1937 ANY posting would NOT be deemed proof. Good job Grandfather got me to keep the letter safely for showing at the right moment in time, it is a great treasure, the old piece of paper, not like internet buttons, the old simple way is best.

It was very good of flood to lie and explain the evidence of fraud charade by a man called twomey against 3 honest people. This public evidence now passed on to Garda Anti Corruption Unit, it is good education as people understand the criminal organisation called courts service, these people hang their heads in shame as the ghosts of our dead rise from the grave to come for them, gov Ireland is servants of the DEVIL.

I would remind Commissioner Roberts that the chief justice, killian flood BL and, the Man called twomey are, like you, aware of Rule 5, Constitutional Declaration, 2016, which is YOUR duty to ENFORCE. Rule 5 says ANY judge or man like twomey who breaks the law, Proclamation or judicial oath DELIBERATELY in a courtroom as the 2 Men claimed they DID, then such decision is null and void.

Rule 4 says ANY person in the pay of the state that commits a criminal offence, as flood said twomey DID, they are SUBJECT to justice in our courts in the SAME WAY as tax paying public. Rule 1, Irish judges ARE SUBJECT to the law, constitution and Proclamation, twomey claims he is judge but, statute law and chief justice, per Supreme court records, say he is NOT, they being higher authority than him.

Section 9 of Oireachtas Procedures Act, 2013 and s.10.1 courts Act, 1961, though having NO jurisdiction, claims judges MUST be removed for MIS behaviour or MIS conduct that flood described in Public newspaper. Concerning fraud, Iris Oifigiuil claims by twomey to claim right to hold fraud actions to obtain public taxes for courts service profits, using its OWN UK registered private police, 89000534, I file the following charges, in accordancde with law. The Criminal Justice Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25, 26, 27 and 29. The Criminal Law Act, 1997, section 8.1, withholding public information and, Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, perjury and collusion. I await your confirmation and pulse number. Yours sincerely, g martin

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