PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation further charges Alledged Judge michael twomey, 22nd July, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Mis conduct by alledged judge m. twomey

Further to the criminal charges I placed with you against a Man who claimed he had a copy of the 1924 Court Enactment Order which CERTIFIED Dail documents confirm was NEVER written, hence NOT available. I supplied ABSOLUTE proof, confirmed by killian flood BL, in my letter dated 21st July, 2023, that the Man called himself judge michael twomey and, flood confirmed he DELIBERATELY broke the laws in an alledged court room.

I hereby submit further evidence from Chief State Solicitors Office, dated 4th July, 2022 pertaining to costs for defending Taioseach of Freestate, UNLICENSED judge claimed costs for Defending Taoiseachs ROLE in mRNA. Flood said UNLICENSED judge was right in stating Taioseach had Proven his role in Promoting Freestate role in mRNA and, said it should continue and, 3 plaintiffs MUST pay costs for Defending Taoiseachs role in mRNA.

While I can understand 3 plaintiffs NOT wise in law, failing to understand Chief State Solicitors letter, the Same excuse CANNOT be claimed by michael twomey and flood BL, asthe letter is clear to one WISE in law. As you can read, the UNLICENSED judge would understand it, it says Taioseach and Freestate Dail have NO role in mRNA yet Unlicensed judge and writer of letter, CSSO claims it HAS. Letter clearly states mRNA is owned by a private company, gov Ireland, employee donnelly using his other job, as TD, to sell his company products he bought in November 2020 without license to sell.

I have also enclosed another letter from Chief State Solicitors Office to IRB, dated 6.2.2023, which claims that it CANNOT represent Freestate as it NO longer exists, despite each Easter it is celebrated outside GPO by army Pretending still exists, my public records obtained Royal Assent when I closed it down in 1989.

So flood and the UNLICENSED judge try to force 3 plaintiffs to pay Unlicensed court a claim from CSSO for representing role of Taioseach, whom they said has NO role in mRNA, ANY alledged role would be Fraud, good job my Grandfather closed criminal corporation courts service down in 1924. Flood and the Unlicensed judge INVENT Fraud instrument, costs for Freestate dead for 33 years, also costs for Taioseach role in mRNA, such role being medical fraud says CSSO letter, additional to fraud by CSSO who, Unlicensed judge says claims costs for NO SUCH role.

According to CSSO evidence enclosed, they and the Unlicensed judge TRIED to gain payments from 3 plaintiffs, for crimes committed by the CSSO, gov Ireland and, Unlicensed judge, to PRETEND UK company is REPLACEMENT for Dail. It is fortunate that my Grandfather closed courts service in 1924, set up 1919 Dail Eireann court still LICENSED with Sovereigh Eire Harp Seal and, his setting up 32 county Dail in 1919 and, I RETURNED said 32 county Dail in 1989 when I CLOSED criminal Crown Freestate corporation.

As you CAN see, Chief State Solicitors Office confirm further offences per costs claimed by michael twomey, per Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6, 9, 25, 26, 27 and 29, please add to existing charges. Unless the alledged judge has some difficulty in reading English, I would suggest he remove himself from courts and NOT employ CSSO to defend him, as their letters suggest they also are CONFUSED. Yours sincerely, g martin

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