PUBLIC Letter. Police investigation of Commissioners Harris, Clavin breaking Garda oath, 12th August, 2023

Dear Commissioner J Roberts, REF Garda oath obligations broken

Further to my letter, dated 11.8.2023 relating to criminal charges against Commissioners harris and clavin, in their PERSONAL capacity, in which I asked why NO arrest, since made in 2020, I enquire about further charges not yet acted upon, allowing crimes to continue. Public records confirm, that as representative of oldest and ONLY Anti treaty party, started 1920 by my Grandfather to Repeal UNLAWFUL 1920 and 1922 Acts, imposed by traitors collins and develera upon the 1919 Dail Eireann, with use of artillery and gunners, supplied by Winston Churchill.

I supplied copies of state Archives, entrusted upon me by my Grandfather, to be released at right time. He also entrusted per 1919 constitution of 5 Articles, the Eire Harp Seal of courts with IRB until such time as the Freestate Partition ended, which happened in 1989, per Royal Assent. In January, 2021 I pressed charges against MI5 Agent harris with Anti Corruption Commissioner clavin, pertaining DELIBERATE breaking of Garda oath and, later made charges against clavin for Same crimes.

With this letter, which Irish around the world now read, I have enclosed copy of the Sovereign Eire Harp Seal oath, my Grandfather wrote, which You swear oath to Protect Dail from WEF gov Ireland company coup of 2020. I would remind, the peoples party ireland staff hold copy of this contract harris, clavin, yourself signed and, Rte video of harris also swearing oath to Protect Dail from WEF gov Ireland company coup of 2020 to replace Garda and Dail.

Long before 2020 coup, I fulfilled public duty of NOTIFYING publicof the importance of carrying said document to present to ANY man, or woman wearing Garda uniform, to protect their public rights and assist Garda to know such. It was explained to Garda and public that MI5 Crown Agent harris, worked closely with Agents waters, o doherty, mannin g and others, to PRETEND his courts service security 89000534 had jurisdiction to assist courts service crimes. ALL the above parties worked closely with MI5 operative s McSweeny, whom harris appointed as CEO of Dublin HQ of MI5 spy network called twitter, to shadow ban vital public protecgtions of law and MEDDLE in national politics.

Harris first began for MI5, the Removal of Garda jurisdiction in 6 counties, returned by me in 1989 with UK company, PSNI. Its success led his move in 2018, to Replace Garda with his new UK police 89000534, as outlined in SECRET FG 25 year plan to return 32 counties to WEF Crown control. In rcent newspaper, The Irish News, you read senior Irish Government official spying for UK, which I thought pertinent Irish should know, later I might reveal names and payments details of MI5 opperatives, perhaps they might wish to book flights to safe countries that have NO extradition arrangements when warrants international are issued.

These MI5 paid much money by WEF Young Leaders, are placed both in Dail and WEF company, gov Ireland to PRETEND the 32 counties have NO Garda oath, its meaning is as follows, simple for Irish to read. As oath states, it begins as I accept your oath which states its CONDITIONS, if You BREAK CONDITIONS in law you LOSE position of Garda and, you LOSE jurisdiction to speak with public, they CAN IGNORE You.

You will Agree it states Garda oath confirms harris and clavin ACCEPT they CANNOT be Garda if belong to political party WEF, or SECRET society harris works for called MI5, they signed contract to NOT belong to above, so they are NOT Garda per their OWN account and as such, carry out TREASON against Garda and Dail, their claim YOU ignore. It then moves to Inalienable Impresciptible rights, which it wrongly claims are in 1937 constitution, this fraud 1937 NO Royal Assent was to replace UNLAWFULLY in 1937, the EXISTING until 1989, constitution of 1922, I repealed it in 1989 with Royal Assent, I did NOT repeal it in 1937 and Parliamentary records confirm this, it being law, depite under investigation for Repeal, until I finished the job in 1989.

These rights it refers to are in Dail Proclamation and 1919 constitution of 5 Articles, ADOPTED inti 1922 constitution, NOT removed, read at GPO each Easter, last read by Captain Doyle to harris at GPO, 2023, as my Grandfather read them at GPO in 1916, his rifle armed to defend. The oath explains to Garda and public the above rights are SUPERIOR to ALL positive law. In simple English, company advice, NOT law, of 31A written for WEF gov Ireland have NO jurisdiction.

The Garda oath CONTRACT says Garda Protect ALL family rights, also Protect Pasport rights to make ANY journey Unhindered, SUPERIOR to WEF gov Ireland restrictions to cause fear, apprehension personal safety. The oath, CONTRACT goes on to clarify that Garda Protect SUPERIOR right to ANY man, woman earning livelihood, for example pub, shop etc, harris NO jurisdiction close such right, which he did to cause FEAR. The oath SERVES NOTICE, as some people shy to speak, that if GARDA break oath, CONTRACT by Breaking Inalienable rights, he WILL be sued in PRIVATE personal capacity. Also states right NOT to give family details, date birth etc to enable contract with NON Garda.

I understand that YOU are a Man of learning and, like public you CAN see at a glance that MI5 twitter, harris, clavin kept with o doherty etc, SECRET of Garda oath to cause FEAR and PREVENT protection from oath. I asked public to carry the oath, during 2020 I stood outside GPO, like my Grandfather before me, each Saturday handing out copies at my expense but, people like o doherty etc,laughed at this, such contempt for Irish law have they, simple paper to stop MIS understanding between Garda and public, instead man chose learn the hard way.

This simple piece of paper did the talking people were shy to do, it MEANT you identified if dealing with UK police 89000534 or Garda. If beaten, kidnapped by Garda in uniform, they broke CONTRACT between Garda employer and public. My Grandfather wrote this oath and Proclamation to Protect our people of 32 counties, from Crown police removing Garda and 32 county Dail, I returned in 1989, again public laughed, contempt for the law again. Unlike the criminal parties registered as Oireachtas political parties to SUPPORT MI5 fraud to Regain 32 counties for Crown, the peoples party ireland does NOT SURRENDER to Crown.

Unlike harris, clavin who committed TREASON, I, for 40 years used the statute laws and Archives to negotiate in 1989, return to my people 32 county Sovereign Eire Harp rule of law, while EVERYONE else did NOTHING but laugh. You MUST decide if you are with the Eire Harp my Grandfather won with Royal Assent, witnessed by Lord Lexden in 1918 election, held in 32 counties where he raised the Ulster clans, or be a traitor like harris.

With respect, I would advise the Party WILL indue course, ENFORCE the statutory laws WEF members varadkar, clavin, harris broke, those on the sinking ship WILL share same faith, we WILL restore the Garda oath, with or without YOUR help. We WILL ENFORCE rule of law, as was agreed by the GREAT Queen in 1989, when she was the BRAVE one, who stood alone against the writer of WEF Young Leaders plan, now King Charles, busy ENDING the UK with his company gov UK.

I understand breaking Garda oath is 10 years jail, the new 32 county Dail WILL prosecute ALL Garda that broke oath, surrendered to WEF Crown, in extended LICENSED since 1919, Sovereign Dail Eireann Courts. I hereby REQUIRE you as Principal to Agent, to advise ALL Garda, as I advised YOU MANY times of section 5A of Garda Act 2005. It states NO rank, such as Superintendent or Commissioner can REQUIRE a Garda to break above oath, if he does, it is PERSONAL crime, this country is Ireland, NOT UK, which harris FORGETS.

Parts 7C, E, and F of Garda Act, 2005, CLEARLY states harris, clavin protect INDIVIDUAL rights each human, including the old and sick they claimed to hold PRISONER in care homes for Astra Zeneca experiments, now withdrawn for many old dead due to Garda breaking oath and statute laws. If Truth is YOUR motto, YOU WILL AGREE Crown Agent MI5 harris is enemy of 33rd Dail, he and small handful of WEF criminals led the 2020 WEF gov Ireland coup of Sovereign 32 county Dail. I await your reply before taking this matter further. Yours sincerely, g martin

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