PUBLIC Letter. Police Investigation alledged Judge michael twomey, 21st July, 2023.

Dear Commissioner jonathan roberts, Ref Mis conduct by alledged judge twomey

In accordancde with law, I wish to file criminal charges of assault trespass and Fraudulent property rights claims upon my person and members of public by a Man who claims he is a judge despite NO court Enactment Order and DIRECTIONS from former chief justice clarke that his company is a Fraud. Much evidence of the crimes committed in a courtroom Fraudulently presenting Crown Freestate Harp Seal, which use EXPIRED in 1989 when I Repealed it per Royal Assent, was witnessed by police, public and media.

At request of Man called michael twomey, it was placed in public domain by killian flood BL, who passed to public via ILN Legal Newspaper, he gave detailed account of crime in court room. Flood, on behald editor conor beaton, it seems appointed 2020 to assist Dail coup by WEF UK registered company, gov Ireland,having allowed many articles by courts service, designed to sell medical products for WEF gov Ireland. According to flood, the alledged judge claimed he intended to make example of 3 honest people, wise in medical Facts but, weak in statute laws by Forcing them pay costs BEFORE he would consider medical case, he would NOT be able to hear as NO medical qualifications.

He Clearly indicated his purpose was to stop public making medical claims, diagnosis in UNLICENSED courts, as ANY medical Fears, Apprehension safety MUST be addressed to police as Criminal Investigations. It would be duty of judge and common sence to explain this to 3 people NOT wise in law BEFORE beginning ANY such hearing and, it would be in his OWN best interests as he is NOT allowed PRETEND he is qualified doctor, when NOT. A REAL judge would understand that the following statute laws, make it a criminal offence for him to make public medical claims or diagnosis, also crime to INVITE 3 members public to also make public medical claims, unaware of medical conditions of person reading of such claims, advice or diagnosis.

A judge would understand also that it is REQUIREMENT of law that ANY Known side effects of medical products, such as death, destruction immune system MUST be publicly listed. The judge would understand purpose of medical laws is to allow public to read side effects, for example of Astra Zeneca, J and J withdrawn for causing deaths, concealed from public to assist sale of owner of gov Ireland, WEF main owner of A Zeneca. Judge would understand PURPOSE of medical laws is to PREVENT public from being told, for example A Zeneca, J and J has NO side effects, stops transmission, essential, which manufacturers DENIED in 2020, also HPRA, sales reps like donnelly lied for gains.

As reported by flood, both he and UNLICENSED judge claimed that the many years hard work by 3 people to provide evidence above laws broken, side effects Concealed, was a conspiracy theory of bill gates plan to depopulate the world, he claimed. Considering gates DID claim his aim is 87 per cent depopulation and also WEF claim then being told J and J, Astra Zeneca has no risks, despite manufacturer claiming death risks, it might be viewed one and the same.

Putting that point to one side, the REAL law question is did the UNLICENSED judge and flood Break the following laws that make it criminal offence to make public medical claims, diagnosis, which could cause fear or death, the law ONLY allows public listing of Known side effects to allow informed decision, 3 people make this REASONABLE claim. As witnessed in court and newspapers, flood and UNLICENSED judge claimed covid exists, yet HPRA Regulator C851, C852 claim mRNA NOT works, NOT safe and, in C839 NO proof exists that covid has been found, so according Regulator the UNLICENSED judge and his assistant medical fraud, lied, this is job CERTIFIED documents, to expose LIES.

It was also witnessed in court and flood himself wrote this, they claimed an mRNA medical device 2 year genetic experiment, never tested as results in 2 years after said experiment is NOT an experiment and is a vaccine, how could this be as manufacturers state will NOT know if safe until 2 years time but, do expect many deaths for virus cure they say NOT yet found, it is reasonable they lied with fraud public medical diagnosis to deceive public into serious injuries.

In an alledged court room they also claimed freestate offered vaccination for covid for children. This again is fraud, as public records confirm I closed Freestate 33 years ago and removed Oireachtas Freestate powers in 1989, Crown documents sent to courts service 33 years ago. Public records confirm, as 31A DISCLAIMER confirms, it is private UK company gov Ireland, set up 2019 for coup, that offers said programme, NOT 33rd Dail. It also warns in DISCLAIMER, NOT guaranteed safe or law, accepts NO liability as tells you it is NOT offering guaranteed safe product as the 2 men in court WROGLY claimed to MIS lead and perhaps assist many to take and die in false belif safe when NOT

As I said DISCLAIMER goes on to state, gov Ireland give NO warranty, are NOT liable if you take known risk of injury or death as they WARNED NOT safe. HPRA Regulator C851, C852 also warn NOT safe, NOT works, it is people like twomey, flood that make opposite claim in a court room to cause public deaths for money, no wonder my Grandfather refused a license in 1924 to a criminal gang. The UNLICENSED judge and twomey understood these WARNINGS and following statutes mean gov Ireland CANNOT offer their product as against law to sell something you claim has risk of death, as 31A told everyone that bothered to read it.

Being men of law, they claim though hard to believe it, it would be their job and also public if you wish to avoid death risks etc, to read following laws, which people like my Grandfather made to keep you alive, it is simple matter of law ANY judge or flood CONCEALING said laws would face jail. I quote SI NO 5412007 Advertising Regulations. EU Directive 200183, transposed into Irish law. EU Council 200363, Use Medical Products. Also 200298, also 200424. Mis use of Drugs Act, 1977. Flood tells public he agrees with twomey breaking above laws in his OWN fraud court room and, it seems to approve Mis leading public into taking medical experiments HPRA Regulator said NOT safe, this also said by manufacturer, who refused sell it unless gov Ireland gave undertaking not liable as danger risks likely to bankrupt company, which is likely to happen to gov Ireland when Dail sues it.

Flood and twomey would know that Rule 5, Constitutional Declaration, 2016 must NOW be enforced, as he made his Unlicensed Ruling null and void, per DELIBERATELY breaking above laws in alledged court room. In accordance with law, I will now be REQUIRING chief justice use his Special powers of court Direction to declare a MIS trial and impeachment alledged judge twomey, as statutes REQUIRE. Flood has also advised public that michael twomey committed TREASON, per 1990 Criminal Justice Act, against the ONLY Licensed court in the 32 counties, the Sovereign Dail Eireann Courts. The chief justice aware that this court set up by my Grandfather in 1919, has in accordance with law, received its yearly Sovereign Eire Harp Seal license, total 104 licences to 2023.

The chief justice was served Notice Principal to Agent, many times, that my Grandfather refused as Parliamentary Draughtsman, issue of 1924 Court Enactment Order, as Frestate adopted 1919 constitution and Proclamation to obtain 32 county mandate, he obtained in 1918 election called and witnessed by Lord Lexden for Crown, Proclamation NOT allows courts to be surrendered to Freestate Crown corporation, as stated in 1924 state papers I kept safely for the nation, copies sent to courts service.

Copies of my Grandfathers Archives sent to Archives Librarian, Historian, Freestate corporation and courts service confirm NO Enactment Order EVER issued as 1916 Proclamation, ratified as Dail law in 1919 bans surrender to Crown. It is simple matter of law, the Proclamation, as explained each Easter at GPO, where my Grandfather first read to Crown in 1916, this year read by Captain Doyle, the Dail CANNOT surrender Dail Eireann Courts to Crown or its Freestate Agents, which I sent back to England in 1989.

The chief justice confirmed in 2018 to holst, a man of sound mind, recorded Supreme court Transcripts, that NO Enactment Order exists. Also 160 TDs, justice minister humphries confirmed no objection when notified in 2018. As recently as 24th June, 2021, Attorney General also confirmed this. At his OWN personal expense, holst sent to gov Ireland registered OWNER varadkar and courts service following documents. In registered RL840829353IE, dated 3.2. 2023, Constructive Notice, it REQUIRED gov Ireland and courts service produce in PUBLIC place, ORIGINAL ORDER 1924 document, my Grandfather refused issue, to avoid breaking law.

The 21 days statutory limit EXPIRED 5 months ago, the Order that NEVER was, is UNABLE to be produced, ALL cases are VOLUNTARY and NOT binding if you refuse CONSENT, as chief justice O Donnell has done himself when refused CCJ summons. Flood claimed twomey tried PRETEND using twisted language the 3 people NOT wise in law, would be deceived into thinking ALL the above listed evidence and staff are engaged in Perjury. Yet according above evidence it is twomey committing Perjury, claiming he has 1924 ORDER nobody else has, perhaps it is time he produced this Order my Grandfather REFUSED to write.

Both flood and twomey would also be aware that I have filed criminal charges against OWNER of gov Ireland, varadkar and Alan Kelly who had to cease as leader Labour Party when discovered he is Development manager of gov Ireland WEF human trafficking programme. It is also under City London investigation how gov Ireland subject UK company law could be trading outside UK. In accordance UK law, similar applies 2014 company law of Ireland, as PRINCIPAL gov Ireland he is REQUIRED to be resident in UK and his company address must be in UK, his company CANNOT trade outside UK.

Yet , Garda Anti Corruption are also investigating how PRINCIPAL UK company ,its WEF owners making A Zeneca can also claim to be Taioseach of Dail, as he is also member WEF Young Leaders, using Dail sell gov Ireland products for him and concealing its death risks. Flood has confirmed many witnessed, as did 3 pliantiffs, many police, that twomey claimed property rights over myself and public, to PREVENT us hearing the side effects, 3 plaintiffs are allowed to list, it being criminal offence to PREVENT such listing.

Twomey also claimed that Freestate company, closed 33 years ago, could assist gov Ireland inflict physical damage upon my health and others by concealing death risks. It is also clear this criminal assault trespass, particularly old and sick in care homes, was assisted by courts service Private UK police, 89000534 company, holding old in captivity against statute laws.. The above is ABSOLUTE proof that twomey caused myself and public, Fear, Apprehension Personal safety, offence I wish press charges, under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, usual sentence 5 years.

I file further charges under Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,26, 27, and 29, introducing Fraud claims, instruments per 1924 Order NOT issued, claiming he ALONE has 1924 Order never written says Dail evidence. I file further charges, additional to the EU Council statutes already listed, per his dangerous public medical claims and diagnosis, in which he USED 3 people in a court CHARADE, to assist gov Ireland sell dangerous medical products. Flood also claims, per his newspaper article, that twomey also broke Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, perjury, collusion with gov Ireland UK company, to pervert justice.

Flood also reported that twomey USED 3 people NOT wise in law, to extract funds for a case, law says he CANNOT hold, knowing their INABILITY to pay would result their withdrawal, setting him free from his fraud charade. This action he took by menacing, intimidating with court fraud costs is serious offence under Criminal Justice Act, 1999, s.41.1. Myself and public would be right to feel threat from such fraud, breaking law for financial gains.

I would be most grateful if you can confirm Pulse number promptly, per YOUR obligations under Garda Act, 2005. In interests public safety, this Man should be suspended until investigation completed of the evidence supplied by himself and flood BL. Yours sincerely, g martin

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