PUBLIC Letter. Police Investigation.Public charges against Commissioners Harris and Clavin 11th August, 2023

Dear Commissioner J Roberts, Ref Acts of TREASON

According to UK Parliamentary records the Queen granted in 1989, my application for Royal Assent on behalf the peoples party ireland for REPEAL of 1920 Government Ireland Act and, its new version, 1922 Freestate. The understanding we had was that the British Dominion Colony Minister Title of Taioseach would EXPIRE in 1989 to PREVENT the writer of WEF Young Leaders Programme, Prince Charles, from attempting WEF coup of Dail, using Young Leaders members, like clavin and varadkar.

Public records confirm the present UK Prime minister invested half BILLION sterling in Moderna mRNA, through Cayman Islands and, with Charles of WEF, similar amounts in Crowns UK investment, Astra Zeneca, which it sells by using its City London company gov Ireland and, its SECRET UK police, 89000534, registered Owner being its UNLICENSED company courts service. Public records confirm that in Return for WEF funding from Charles, the Crown company Oireachtas, set up by 1920 Act, was happy to assist Charles in PRETENDING Crown owned 6 counties, LOST in 1989 when I repealed its claim to said property.

Public records confirm that in Return for WEF member varadkar appointing MI5 Agents like Harris to Replace Garda with UNLICENSED courts service UK police, 89000534, WEF would stage 2020 coup to allow its WEF company gov Ireland take control of the Dail, as was done in 1922. Public records and City London register confirm, to assist WEF Prime Minister sell his Astra Zeneca along with WEF member varadkar, they registered him as CEO of gov Ireland in City London in 2019.

Public records confirm that BEFORE Irish roll out of Astra Zeneca by WEF varadkar, through his gov Ireland set up by WEF, I HAD Notified CEO of EMA, that this meant it could NOT issue license to donnelly to sell his OWN medical products. Ireached agreement with EMA that, despite its CEO also from Trinity College like varadkar, the Helzinki Agreement Declaration meant NO license could be issued to gov Ireland to sell its OWN product, Astra Zeneca, its investors being WEF. I also advised EMA of the payment of 4.6 million dollars by richard hasse of Biden Foreign Relations to mary lou of S Fein to mount sales campaign for Astra Zeneca, Biden an investor it is claimed.

I also advised EMA that in 2019 varadkar offered a TD called McEntee a position in his WEF company, gov Ireland if she could persuade a law firm called Attorney General to print 31A sales adverts and PRETEND it was law when NOT. I also advised EMA that the MI5 Agent Harris appointed WEF Young Leader member Commissioner Clavin as CEO of Garda Anti Corruption to CONCEAL PARTY charges placed with Anti Corruption, pertaining to EU Public Health Directives which REQUIRE public obtaining second medical opinion, based on individuals personal medical conditions before taking mRNA medical device, stated by manufacturer as possible death risks.

I provided EMA the evidence that Garda claimed Harris ORDERED them break this law and Garda oath, which REQUIRE volunteers of 2 year genetic experiment with results at end of 2 years to be given minimum time of 3 months to obtain second opinion as to safety, HPRA Regulator having said in CERTIFIED documents, C851, C852 mRNA NOT safe, NOT works. Pub lic records confirm employee donnelly of gov Ireland, with NO license, as he claimed his company bought 9 million doses mRNA November 2020, BEFORE ANY license decisions, stuck with his shopping he used police imprison old ans sick for Astra Zeneca 2 years genetic experiment

Much evidence sent to EMA, that instead of MINIMUM 3 months notice, donnelly announced on 24.12.2020 a roll out 4 days later on 28.12.2020, when Everything closed for Christmas, so NOT even 4 days notice. Public records confirm Garda IMPRISONED old in care homes for 2 years Astra Zeneca experiments, said CROWN WEF product withdrawn for many deaths injuries. Many relatives prevented from moving out old to safety by police thugs called in by HSE thugs who refused HPRA and HSE Management Certified documents C851, C852 mRNA NOT safe, NOT works.

TO the SHAME of the nation public records confirm BEFORE roll out and IMPRISONMENT by UK Harris police 89000534, they were sent copies of HPRA Regulator and HSE C851, C852, warning mRNA NOT works , NOT safe, I sent at my expense because Regulator refused do their job to protect the old, as you know, HSE staff and police took great pleasure in laughing at me and breaking law causing many deaths, Irish now understand what MI5 represents.

Public records confirm MI5 Harris and his WEF partners have NOT yet been arrested for assisting varadkar WEF company sell its Astra Zeneca for profits, in addition to human trafficking agenda of WEF, funder of 89000534 police involved in breaking 2004 Immigration Act, as reported in Times newspapers. I would remind that I sent the evidence of Harris crimes, which he described with pleasure on national TV, I also reminded YOU of the statute laws he proudly broke to intimidate the old and sick, for Astra Zeneca profits, said product withdrawn for deaths caused by Harris holding old for UNLAWFUL genetic experiments.

Given that over 3 years have passed and many now dead due to his imprisonment using his UK police 89000534, according to law, he CANNOT order Garda to commit crimes of assisting manslaughter or breaking oath to protect old from gov Ireland, so we must assume it was his gang as he referred to them at Garda representatives meeting, implying they were above the law and can subvert Dail on behalf WEF coup of 2020 by gov Ireland.

Can you please explain the DELAY in his and Clavin arrest,given Rte, Times etc did such good work providing the police evidence the criminals listed on social media, to relatives FORBIDDEN to get second opinion. If you CANNOT provide evidence that Drew Harris, Clavin etc as members of WEF that MAKE and SELL Astra Zeneca, can hold public office and commit manslaughter, then YOU MUST arrest or, be considered accessory to above crimes, which under 1990 Criminal Justice Act carries LIFE sentence. I await your reply before making charges against YOU. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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