PUBLIC Letter Avoiding Fraud contract and Entrapment 28th July, 2023

Many people were caused Fear and Apprehension to personal safety, a jail sentence of 5 years under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, by two men, one called flood, a barrister and, a man called twomey. The Man called twomey claimed he was a judge and, he accused chief justice clarke, Attorney General, Archives Librarian, Parliamentary Draughtsman and many Dail records, as ALL being Fraud and criminals, the two men above being ONLY men that tell truth. The man called twomey asked the barrister, unless the barrister lied also, to write a Fraud account in ILN newspaper of a court Charade, in which he Invited sharon browne and others to take part in fraud, they agreed.

It is important to point out that they agreed, on condition that twomey produce 1924 Court Enactment Order to Prove DIRECTIONS from chief justice clarke, Attorney General, Archives Librarian and, Parliamentary Draughtsman were Fraud. The barrister placed in the Public domain, the Serious crimes twomey committed, detailed in ILN paper and, his use of coercive control to obtain costs etc from s browne and, commit Treason.

Many voters for thr peoples party ireland, having voted for the 33rd Dail as written on last election ballot paper, NOT election for a Private company, gov Ireland, asked me what to reply if I was s browne. My reply would be Dear michael twomey, YOU recently INVITED me to a Public meeting at the 4 courts, you agreed we were following DIRECTIONS given in Supreme court in 2018, by chief justice clarke. You would agree that the chief justice, Attorney General, Parliamentary Draughtsman, Dail Proclamation and its Archives are a HIGHER authority than You, so I follow their DIRECTIONS, in accordance with law.

As REQUIRED in my application, I asked you to PROVE that the above parties lied to me in 2018, when they offered me a Lawful choice to partake in Fraud or DECLINE said Fraud. The above parties offered me the option to seek justice either in a Sovereign Eire Harp Seal Court, or seek justice in UNLICENSED Free state Crown Harp Seal court and, use this Crown Harp which EXPIRED in 1989. I examined the 104 yearly licenses that were VERIFIED with the Sovereign Eire Harp Seal court, last license January 2023 and, I recognised it was the SAME Eire Harp Seal found on my passport and the Garda oath, UNLIKE the FRAUD Freestate Seal offered by courts service.

I examined the Evidence that a Man called holst produced to chief justice clarke in the Supreme court, recorded for public in 2018 Court Transcripts and, studied Carefully what clarke DIRECTED to myself and public and YOU. I also noted that holst forwarded the chief justice DIRECTIONS to 160 TDs and justice minister humphries in 2018, they did NOT dispute chief justice, Archives Librarian or 1924 state papers.

I also read the 24th June DIRECTIONS from Attorney General that AGREED with chief justice DIRECTIONS TO EVERYONE, including YOU. His EXACT words being, I ACCEPT there is NO Court Enactment Order 1924, which means NO jurisdiction. I note chief justice etc did NOT dispute the 3rd June, 1924 Parliamentary Draughtsman Letters and Archives of Founder of FIRST Dail in 1919, presented by his grandson, who held them in TRUST for the Nation.

These papers explained the PROPOSED, NOT agreed 1924 Court Enactment Order that MIGHT replace the 1919 Sovereign Dail Eireann Courts, if it was passed and ENACTED by the Dail BEFORE 5 months, which FAILED to happen. The 1924 DIRECTIONS letter, as seen by the Archives Historian, explains the DRAFT for consideration IS the one on DISPLAY that EXPIRED in November 1924, as NOT passed in the Dail, it having been used since 1924 to DECIEVE public.

It is FORTUNATE for You and I that the Grandson of the Founder of the 1919 Dail and writer of the 1916 Proclamation RATIFIED as Dail law in 1919 and, NOT possible to change by City London company, gov Ireland, KEPT the papers SAFE for the Nation. It is FORTUNATE also that the website of the FIRST Dail ONLY anti treaty party, the peoples party ireland, set up in 1920, is NOT shadow Banned by MI5, the way its twitter account is shadow banned to hide from public the exposing of Fraud against Irish by WEF Crown.

In our meeting, as flood BL stated, you terminated said meeting when You confirmed chief justice clarke was right, as you did NOT produce the 1924 Court Enactment Order. You also advised me of other FUNDAMENTAL DEFECTS, leading to INCURABLY VOID contract and, You admitted by implication, to breaking Rule 5 of the Constitutional Declaration 2016. Under Rule 5, You were WITNESSED, said floodBL , DELIBERATELY breaking the law, the Proclamation, judicial oath and, introducing Fraud documents, making ANY hearing or Ruling null and void.

You proceeded with NO Court Enactment Order 1924, refused DIRECTIONS of chief justice, Attorney General, Dail Proclamation, numerous state papers etc, claimed money from me. In the court room, You presented Fraud description of instrument called Iris Oifigiuil, in which you Falsely claimed if 1924 Order placed in this journal, it would be proof of it being law despite this being False claim.

Dail records CLEARLY state if AFTER 1937 such entry of a Bill was made, provided it was a copy and showing signature on Bill, it MIGHT be proof of law. ANYTHING placedin 1924 is NOT deemed law, YOU lied in courtroom. Having looked at Fraud instrument, I found NO signed details or voting Dail details in 1924, INSTEAD I discovered Iris Oifigiuil SECRETLY transferred to UK company gov Ireland and Fraud entry, additional to fraud of Dail Trust property NOT owned by Dail, NOT possible to give to gov Ireland.

It stated an electronic message, which said passing on 4th June, 1924. This would NOT be possible as PROPOSED Order was enclosed with letter of 3rd June, 1924 and still in post and, NOT possible for TDS to ride to Dublin and pass in hours before said PROPOSED even arrived to be seen and No entry before 1937 deemed as possible proof. It was also entertaining that in HASTE to make fraud without regard to dates, NO signature, hence NOT valid and, printed name was NOT holder of position in 1924, as Archives confirm, n.t.cosgrave was holder said position from 1923 to 1937, a hasty fraud indeed, editor could face jail for assisting owner gov Ireland.

In producing Fraud instrument Iris Oifigiuil in an Alleged UNLICENSED courtroom, you broke the Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,26, 27 and 29, it being a jailable offence. You also confirmed, in addition to breaking chief justice DIRECTION, to breaking Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, perjury and collusion to pervert justice, also TREASON under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act. After YOU terminated said UNLICENSED hearing, you then tried to obtain money from me by Fraud, using coercive control, asking costs for case YOU terminated, Criminal Justice Act, 1999, sect 41.1.

You also advised myself and the public that UK company registered as gov Ireland in 2019 by its owners, FG and Labour Parties, to sell 2018 PCR and Astra Zeneca made by WEF Crown owners, which CEO varadkar bought, PCR in 2018 and to rent Labour properties to Undocumented migrants, you implied was above the law. You claimed this company, NOT owned by Dail, was the 33rd Dail written on my election ballot paper. You said by implication, that its employees could brake Dail FOI replies, which stated HPRA Regulators medical position.

HPRA Regulator, NOT varadkars UK company, gov Ireland, decides if mRNA mechanical device is safe. Since 2020 HPRA documents C851, C852 state mRNA NOT works, NOT safe and C839 states NO proof covid exists, in 2023 the 1 million dollars reward for first to find virus remains UNCLAIMED. You also claimed You broke SI NO 5412007 Advertising Regulations, also EU Directives 200183 transposed into Irish law and broke EU Council Directives 200363, USE of Medical Products.

You also broke 200298, also 200424 and Mis use of Drugs Act, 1977. The above laws BAN you and I from making PUBLIC medical claims and diagnosis that something is good for you, when you would NOT know medical conditions of reader of such claims, which could KILL, hence the Protection of said laws to save lifes. The above laws allow and INSIST thaat we MUST list Known side effects and, the dangers of something BAD for you, as HPRA Regulator correctly advised in C851, C852. You claimed by implication, that private company gov Ireland can break Helsinki Declaration.

This international agreement explains UK company gov Ireland CANNOT obtain EMA license for Emergency use, NOT general use, of mRNA medical device, as it MEDDLES in National politics to sell OWN products for gain. You made it CLEAR in alledged courtroom that you do NOT understand 31A DISCLAIMER or HPRA Regulators verified position. These documents inform you and I that mRNA NOT works, NOT safe. The DISCLAIMER states CANNOT guaranteemRNA or 31A is safe or law, accordingly NO liability, as OWN choice to take or NOT, said risk. The Dail does NOT offer guaranteed safe mRNA as you seemed to claim and, NOT possible make law to demand you take risk.

With respect, I have listed a SMALL amount of crimes you confirmed you committed in courtroom. In accordance with law, I hereby DECLINE your INVITATION to pay you my money. In accordance with law, I WILL press criminal charges at Garda Anti Corruption Unit, and I REQUIRE You to declare a Mis trial. As advised by chief justice, I WILL use Sovereign LICENSED Dail Eireann Court, NOT your UNLICENSED court. Yours sincerely,

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  • When can we expect prosecutions against these individuals please will there be a peoples court to get proceedings underway because the present situation where the courts and the judges are put in place by politicians. and are completely influenced by politicians we need peoples judgement…thanks again for all the information Gabriel,,,,

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