PUBLIC Letter. Police Investigation. COLLUSION by Anti Corruption Unit with Belfast gang 30th July, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Collusion by Anti Corruption leading to deaths

According National Archives and Parliamentary Records, the peoples party ireland obtained in 1989 Repeal Act, Revision 20, Session 5, Forcing haughey to call snap election in 1989, due to REUNIFICATION of 32 counties, per Royal Assent. The Party obtained with Royal Assent, Repeal of 1920 Government Ireland Act and its New name, the 1922 Freestate Act, ENDING the title of British Dominion Colony Minister called Taioseach. The 1989 election of the NEW 32 county country called Ireland, having LOST status as a country in 1922 Freestate coup, when Crown Agents develera, collins made it a British Dominion Crown Colony.

The Party Notified the 2 criminal organisations set up to Protect British Dominion Colony, UNLICENSED since 1924 Courts service and Oireachtas Freestate corporation, their powers LOST in 1989 REPEAL. Oireachtas BROKE agreement to RETURN to use of 32 county Sovereign Seal Harp and RETURN power to Dail, making ALL contracts signed Freestate Harp, since 1989 Null and Void. UNKNOWN to public, the 2 criminal companies, Oireachtas and Stormont committed TREASON by handing over the 1989 jurisdiction by Garda of 6 counties to MI5 and UK company, PSNI, to allow it experiment new paramilitary policing for future use in UK, if found successful removing rights.

Following the success of this coup in 1989, which ALL media and S Fein, set up by MI5 to assist this coup, even john waters and gemma o doherty, refused inform public while Party was shadow banned. They ALL kept SECRET, stage 2 SECRET 25 year WEF plan that had commenced, to take control of Dail in 2020, despite all the odds the Party still stood alone against the odds, digging deep into its Ulster Tradition of NO SURRENDER to Crown.

To assist the coup of 2020 Dail, 2 Parties called FG and Labour set up UNLAWFULLY City London company gov Ireland in 2019, WITHOUT jurisdiction or public consent, to sell UNLAWFULLY PCR bought by varadkar in 2018 and WEF Plan , aware each kit marked as UNABLE detect ANY virus.Emploee of gov Ireland in 2019, s coveney outlined FG and Labour trafficking plan of 5 million NON Christian races to REPLACE 2 Catholic churches, Anglo and Roman, filling their residential portfolios, using courts new SECRET police registered in City London as 89000534, breaking 2014 Immigration Act, it being jail sentence.

It was also kept SECRET from public that following success of Crown courts service and MI5 SECRET police PSNI and its field operatives S Fein, this team of Belfast MI5 Agents moved to Dublin for stage 2 of taking 26 counties and unofficially restoring Government Ireland Act of 1920, ALL media like waters paid to assist said coup. Public records confirm the WEF Young Leader carrying out its plans in Ireland to RECAPTURE Dail was registered OWNER of gov Ireland, varadkar. He appointed following to REPLACE Garda with MI5, despite statue laws ban him holding public office to promote his WEF gov Ireland agenda.

WEF member varadkar chose following BELFAST team of PSNI, Crown courts, most under Crown official secrets act, having taken part since 1989, in occupation of 6 counties, imposing military police and genetic mRNA experiments, in which they CONCEALED KNOWN death risks. Belfast Drew Harris, MI5 Agent, former FBI Agent in 2010, NO experience of Garda oath or Garda Act, 2005. He appointed sinead mac Sweeny, former CEO media PSNI in which she Concealed Garda jurisdiction, then CEO Garda media in which she Concealed MI5 takeover of Garda, then moved by Harris as CEO of twitter to set up EU and Irish spy network to meddle and control Irish political parties and exclude by shadow banning any political party opposed to MI5 spy network.

Varadkar chose WEF member clavin to STOP Anti Corruption investigations of WEF gov Ireland and MI5 human trafficking opperations, similar to MI5 smugling of drugs, via Larne to raise funds for subversion of 33rd Dail. making him Commissioner to PROTECT assisted Manslaughter and coup by WEF company, gov Ireland. He also appointed to policing authority former Director General of Rte, d forbes, former head UK broadcasting to Protect Rte crimes of describing dangerous medical products as entirely safe, additional to hiding WEF agenda take control national Dail.

Varadkar of Trinity College chose public health spokesman prof o neill, based at Trinity College to promote gov Ireland sell Pfizer and GSK medical products, o neill having received 277,000 euros and 26 million euros from GSK and Pfizer to assist sale launch.. Loraine nolan, chemist from Trinity College made CEO of HPRA Regulator to claim mRNA sold by varadkar company is safe, essential despite HPRA C851, C852 CERTIFIED position as mRNA NOT works, NOT safe.

Emer cooke, chemist Trinity College assisted CEO of twitter and CEO of HPRA, as CEO of EMA, appointed for 2020 coup, in HIDING EMA license conditions, warnings, allowing OPPOSITE description to be given, causing Many deaths. Varadkar appointed from Belfast, chief justice o donnell, to brake DIRECTIONS former chief justice clarke, Attorney General, Parliamentary Draughtsman and Dail DIRECTIONS 1924, and 1922 constitution, to PRETEND courts service have license when NOT.

Varadkar appointed from Queens, Belfast, the CEO of DPP, katherine pierce, former solicitor, like harris NO experience of Garda oath, to protect crimes human trafficking by WEF MI5 Secret police, 89000534. WEF varadkar appointed Jan 2020, bob collins to be chairman policing authority, using his former Director General Rte, also former Commissioner N Ireland, to assist Rte sell mRNA and Conceal coup of 2020.

WEF varadkar appointed shalom bincy, solicitor, chairwoman of criminal company Law Society PRETENDING courts service have 1924 Enactment Order when NOT, she training lawyers N Ireland, as policing authority. Media claims she was offered position as a judge in future if she appoints members of WEF, such as she did clavin, aware clavin cannot hold public office like varadkar if member of WEF, pledged to REMOVE Dail and Garda.

Varadkar selected Dr donal de buitlier, chairman chartered accountants, AIB 20 years, secretary revenue commissioners, now owned by Northern Trust, UK company NOT allowed collect taxes in Ireland. Like above, he to was made policing authority, perhaps to conceal tax evasion, fraud medical accounting of medical supplies sold by gov Ireland UNLAWFULLY as Concealing death risks and NO valid license.

Varadkar selected from Queens Belfast, Dr moling ryan, BAR 1979, served courts service, PRETENDING it had 1924 Court Enactment Order. Varadkar also chose paul meegan, BELFAST solicitor as police authority, he also PRETENDING Court Enactment Order and partaking 1989 coup reclaiming 6 counties from Dail. Varadkar chose as police authority, valerie judge, chairwoman of state boards health, telecommunications. Varadkar chose Dr deborah donnelly, career N Irelan policing, criminal justice, like above, already trained in replacing Garda oath and Dail.

Varadkar also chose Dr elaine A byrne, practising barrister in UNLICENSED Dublin courts, ignoring chief justice DIRECTIONS that these courts are criminal companies UNLICENSED, as policing authority, to Protect said criminal companies. So according Public records, ALL above positions were chosen, as statute laws claim, by a criminal called varadkar, registered as owner gov Ireland WEF City London company set up in 2019 for the WEF coup to Repalce Dail and Garda with UK companies. Most of above have ALREADY taken part in the 6 counties coup in 1989 and claim to be involved in criminal gang, they now protect crime by the CEO company gov Ireland that chose them, ONLY in EIRE.

According to law, the ENTIRE team mainly Belfast, that took part in RE Capture of 6 counties in 1989 after I obtained its Independence, have moved to 26 counties to claim for WEF Crown and, pay themselves Highest wages in the world as their price for selling their souls to the devil and, making you a slave minority in OWN country. According to law, varadkar is WEF member and Owner of gov Ireland WEF company carrying out publicly stated plan to Re Capture 32 counties for Crown, after British Dominion Colony closed in 1989, to be replaced by criminal gang because Irish were to busy to read the bits of paper, the Crown loves Irish hatred of the bits of paper.

According to public records, although the ONLY political party NOT registered as member of criminal company, Oireachtas closed in 1989, reported varadkar crimes in 2020 to Anti Corruption Garda Unit, little has changed. To date, Anti Corruption Commissioner clavin, who played MAIN role in Belfast gang assisting WEF Varadkar commit Dail 2020 coup and assisted manslaughter, human trafficking is NOT yet arrested, making all his staff accesories to many crimes.

Public reords confirm that instead of clavin receiving life sentence for assisting manslaughter, he has been given retirement and, MI5 harris instead of life, was allowed appoint You. Public records confirm you also have like harris, long service in Belfast PSNI, fully aware that you also took part in 1989 Belfast Stormont coup, to REPLACE Gard jurisdiction. Can you please confirm if, like the above Belfast team, you also are under UK oath and UK Official secrets act, it being lifelong term, to assist MI5 opperative drew harris in Acts Treason against Dail, first starting in 1989. Can you also confirm your understanding that most varadkar appointments to key poitions are held by Crown opperatives making them null, void. Awaiting your confirmation, as you would be aware if not disputed with evidence to disprove within 21 days, then you will have confirmed guilty of treason, this evidence will be used in new courts to prosecute yourself and above engaged in treason against Dail. Yours sincerely, g martin

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  • Looking forward to that day when all those individuals are in court for crimes against humanity the Irish people great Job Gabriel 👏🏼 hopefully they’ll all get jail

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