PUBLIC Letter PART 4. Movie scripts played by WEF Crown puppets 16th July, 2023.

In PARTS 2 and 3 of this story, you have read how CEO of Integrity Ireland has explained his view that because the WEF Young Leaders Programme appointed CEOs of most law institutions to corrupt the law, it is fine for him to do the same. He stated by his actions that he thinks it wise for him to Join the gang and make as much money as possible. He thinks only fools believe in law and, money is more important than doing the right thing, fixing corruption is NOT an option according to what he said.

In his books he told you how bad ALL police, judges, clerks etc are because they refused to accept court summons and, asked why there were NO complaints about his listing these crimes. He FORGOT to mention they are NOT crimes, according to laws. He did NOT explain to you that it is LAWFUL to DECLINE a court summons if you send correct written reply. Each summons indicates name of clerk, acting as administrator of contract, which you reply to, if valid reason. The various summons he listed were INVITATIONS, NOT DEMANDS, as charges were NOT for having caused physical assault trespass, or claims against property rights claimed against him. Summons related to verbal disputes, an entirely different type of law, best settled outside court.

Integrity Irelands Manning received copy of Motu Proprio in 2013. It explained he could NOT demand O Donnell etc to enter court on his summons because it was ALL CAPS birth cert company, NOT the MAN, he invited. In accordance with law, the Man O Donnell could NOT accept mannings INVITATION to PRETEND he was abirth cert company called ALL CAPS O DONNELL, as it would be fraud, 35 years jail says Vatican Governance, Owner of Cert company. Judges are COMPLYING with Precedent set by Motu Proprio. This authority is accepted by Crown Temple, the Owners of courts service. Manning is the one that breaks the law by attending fraud ALL CAPS summons, NOT judges.

In his books he makes money for Courts Service by PRETENDING the public have NO right to DECLINE INVITATIONS, even though as he listed in his books, judges etc ALREADY DECLINED his INVITATIONS, in order to NOT be accused of fraud. Manning failed to mention in his books that in 2010 he received copy of letter from Parliamentary Draughtsman via Attorney General, to Freestate Corporation, dated 1924, stating courts have NO jurisdiction Without Enactment Order. Again in 2018, a man called holst sent him copies of former chief justice clarke Supreme court Transcripts, confirming the 1924 DIRECTIONS, that they have NO court Enactment Order or jurisdiction.

On Integrity Irelands website, manning read that holst advised ALL 160 TDs and justice minister humphries, that they have NO authority to hold court. Manning confirmed on his website, 24th June, 2021, the Attorney General letter to him. This letter AGAIN confirmed that courts service commits fraud each time it sits if it does NOT inform defendent that it is Voluntary court. Manning also received copy of 1989 Repeal of Freestate Harp Crown usage. He fully understands since 1989, that courts service CANNOT laim usage of Crown Freestate Harp on ALL its buildings and summons. Manning also undertands courts service is using a UK police force.

Manning received registration details of 89000534, City London police, registered Owners Bar Association courts service, which now PRETEND to be the Garda. Such evidence by courts police is NOT admissable, as Vested interests. Manning read on his website that holst served Notice again to varadkars company, registered in 2019 in the UK, called gov Ireland and, courts service, that states NO Enactment Order, dated 3.2.2023, registered RL840829353IE. Manning read on his website that National Archives Historian confirmed in 2018, that fraud document of a Proposed draft is what they PRETEND to the public is original which, per 1924 letter, NEVER took place.

Manning decided, like courts service, that to sell books, collect donations, to represent people, he must lie to people and support fraud courts. He was also sent copies of yearly licenses, 104 in total, of Sovereign Dail Eireann Court. This LAWFULLY Licensed court, set up in 1919 by my Grandfather, is the ONLY 32 county Ireland court. It carries the Sovereign Eire Harp Seal, same as passport and Garda oath, NOT the fraud Crown Freestate Harp. Manning colluded with Crown Freestate Unlicensed court and, HID details of Dail Eireann Court. In 2020 I was authorised to negotiate Sovereign Eire License for Integrity Ireland Tribunal. He refused and, chose to stay with court service fraud.

Manning HID fromthe public the Successful negotiations in 1989, when I obtained with Royal Assent, Repeal of the 1922 Freestate and Partition Act. For 33 years, like Crown Agents waters and o doherty, he PRETENDED the Freestate was alive. Like waters and o doherty, manning was advised in 2019 of the new WEF Young Leaders company, set up in City London Listings, called gov Ireland. Principal is varadkar and alan kelly Labour, is Business Manager.

Like waters etc, manning set up Many fraud court cases to assist, by distraction, the 2020 WEF coup by gov Ireland against the Government called Dail, the purpose to break public confidence in the Dail and, allow WEF to take over. Like waters, manning understood NO 1937 constitution took place. Records confirm there was NO Royal Assent given as, until 1989, Ireland was a British Dominion Colony and, the taioseach was a British Minister, running it for Crown.

Manning assisted the Freestate to PRETEND rights are in the Fraud 1937 constitution, despite each Easter at the GPO the reading of YOUR GUARANTEED rights of the 32 counties in the 1916 Proclamation, Ratified as law in 1919. Manning was, like waters, given the details of various Acts passed by British Dominion Taioseach Develera on instructions of the UK Prime Minister Baldwin, also in 1936, the Taioseach permission for the King to abdicate, it being his colony.

Even a fool like manning would ask himself if a free country in 1936, why would we be asked our permission for the King to abdicate. It was a British Dominion, NOT able to make a constitution and NO licensed court to even witness one. In PART 5, Iwill be listing more important information manning Kept from public and, his EU Application for a license and, why courts service could seek EU to remove license if it suited them. Bye for now. g martin

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