PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation former chief justice clarke 25th July, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Court Ambush

Public records confirm that you confirmed safe receipt of the serious charges I filed with You, for arrest and prosecution of former chief justice clarke who admitted publicly by his Public actions, his many crimes of public trespass and fraud claims of Ownership of Vatican Governance property rights to its Birth Certificate Trust companies. I sent you copies of these and other charges, first sent to MI5 Agent Drew harris, who claimed his job was assist chief justice commit crimes, despite his sworn Garda oath to Protect public from company crimes committed by courts service to obtain financial Gains. I then referedthe case and his Refusal obey his oath, to Anti Corruption Garda Unit on 3.1.2021.

The Anti Corruption Commissioner was Clavin, he having been appointed by WEF Young Leader varadkar, after clavin completed in 2019 at Harvard, the WEF Young Leader plan, his tuition paid by varadkar company gov Ireland. Despite law REQUIREMENT that WEF Young Leaders and MI5 CANNOT hold public office, Young Leader varadkar appointed Young Leaders to PROTECT his gov Ireland, owned by Labour and FG Parties.It is public record that MAIN customer of CEO of courts service, frank clarke was the 2019 company gov Ireland, set up UNLAWFULLY in City London in 2019 to take control national government called the Dail in the 2020 political coup, where Dail became prisoner of private WEF company gov Ireland and, also to sell by force the mRNA products and medical supplies of gov Ireland, many items bought by varadkar in 2018 for said medical coup.

I advised You in my letters dated24 and 25 th March, 2023 that you had NOT yet arrested either chief justice clarke or clavin, despite my REQUIRING you to do so, per my letter dated 3.10.2022. I brought to Your attention that instead of clavin and clarke arrest, prosecution for assisting WEF Young Leaders and the company owned by Labour and FG, called gov Ireland, both got early retirement at great cost to tax payer of NON Dail employees. Relating to the Planned AMBUSH at 4 courts of public by SECRET UK police company registration 89000534 owned by CEO clarke as member Bar Association registered owner, his role obtained early retirement for serious crime of fraud.

Public records confirm clarke allowed 4 courts registrar employ Undercover Times reporter, john waters and Undercover reporter gemma o doherty to make a livestream for 4 courts. Public records confirm the livestream passed on CEO of courts service INVITATION to dee wall and some public to attend a court Charade for a case that did NOT exist as NO court jurisdiction to hear it, ALL 31A already deemed as NOT law, just unguaranteed medical advice.

Both yourself and clavin confirmed you Understood the DIRECTIONS given by chief justice clarke, in Supreme court Transcripts, as would ALL judges, police and public interested in reading FACTS. Clarke confirmed courts service have NO court Enactment Order, 1924, having engaged in criminal activities of making fraud trespass upon property rights and, obtaining income by fraud fines.In court, the EXACT words of chief justice being, I appreciate if NOT commenced then 1924 Act is NOT enforced, the case was dismissed as NO license to proceed.

This ABSOLUTE proof along with 1924 state papers confirming NO courts service, were kept by my Grandfather, who set up Licensed 1919 Dail Eireann Courts, latest license 2023 already presented. Public records confirm copies sent to Anti Corruption Garda, clarke, waters,o doherty who in livestream INVITATION ignored said documents, broke Criminal Justice Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,26,27 and 29. Public records confirm on 20.1.2021 the INVITED guests for AMBUSH were attacked by units court police 89000534 while Garda laughed at dee wall receiving broken arm for Accepting court INVITATION as advertised in o doherty livestream.

I reported said AMBUSH by clarke private security from UK MI5 controlled company, he having arranged for waters an UNLICENSED hearing for 31A medical advice adverts, prpared for gov Ireland sales reps, its DISCLAIMER stating NOT safe, NOT law. I Correctly stated both clarke, waters, o doherty made false claim they had 1924 Court Enactment Order which clarke said NOT exists, also made fraud claim that a UK company called gov Ireland, could legislate for the national government called 33rd Dail.

Public records confirm that dee wall filed criminal charges with Anti Corruption clavin against men of the courts private UK police, NO jurisdiction to attack Irish to assist MI5 Agent Harris. Public records confirm the court with NO license DECEIVED dee wall into thinking the company set up by varadkar Young Leader, called Ombudsman can investigate personal crimes by private court police, they can ONLY investigate a Garda using Garda warrant and beaking his Garda oath rules, a separate matter from using own personal desire to break someones arm.

Public records confirm the CEO of Ombudsman is UNLICENSED judge rory mc Cabe, appointed by gov Ireland employee McEntee. As chairman and Owner, as Bar Association member courts police 89000534. His Vested interest as Owner courts police was to Protect attackers of dee wall. Number 2 in Ombudsman is hugh hume, graduate Harvard 2017 WEF Young Leaders plan, 31 years in PSNI, appointed protect criminal activities of courts service private police, its main management being MI5 and Young Leaders plan to remove Garda and Proclamation rights.

Also Young Leader member varadkar appointed emily logan from Queens UniversityBelfast like clavin as Number 3 and from Queens Belfast, catherine pierse head DPP to assist Belfast MI5 A gent Harris and assist Ombudsman protect court private police from being prosecuted by UNLICENSED court. The fraud case clarke, o doherty, waters set up on 20.1.2021, was 2020271J1, dee wall and others INVITED to planned AMBUSH. Garda refused access, told public await court verdict on public path owned by public, NOT owned by Crowns MI5 Agent Harris.

On UNLICENSED court instructions, public brutally attacked, dee wall arm broken by Secret police, publicly refusing Minister Travel DIRECTIONS printed upon her passport to allow, along with Garda oath, her right walk on path she owns. Public records confirm her supporting waters, o doherty , accepting their INVITATION to AMBUSH , was seen as entertainment by those setting AMBUSH, neither waters, o derherty filed criminal assault charges for public they got AMBUSHED, instead they colluded with courts private police.

For over 3 years, clarke charade court AMBUSH to frighten people from meeting on public paths, asking Garda oath to protect them from units MI5 and Secret court police 89000534, caused Fear, Apprehension, waters O doherty assisted manning etc Conceal identity of 89000534, Pretending they could be Garda. Given that it is nearly 3 years sinceI filed with Anti Corruption Unit, which ALL members public can also file, charges against clarke, who publicly advised he was committing above crimes against dee wall by his actions and, usingWEF staffed Ombudsman protect her attackers. I now REQUIRE you arrest clarke for setting up with o doherty a fraud charade hearing to cause Fear, Apprehension by breaking an old ladies arm while LAWFULLY walking on public path following DIRECTIONS of Minister Travel, Attorney General and HIS DISCLAIMER 31A.

It is reasonable assumption that, like Unlicensed judge McCabe, appointed by an employee of gov Ireland, McEntee, to use Ombudsman protect gov Ireland crimes, you also Protect clarke public crimes as clavin did. I would serve Notice and Caution that this evidence and your Future actions WILL be used by new Dail to prosecute you in the Extended Sovereign Dail Eireann courts, if you CONTINUE to Protect clarke and clavin, particularly as many injured by their actions and, according certified autopsies many dead.

Under separate Notice, I WILL be filing criminal charges as ALL public can so do, against UNLICENSED court judge mc Cabe of Ombusman, per his public domain documents, in which he employed shaun reilly to cover up assault on dee and general public, placing ALL public at Grave risk of MI5 British Secret service operations, assisted by SECRET court police 89000534. I await your proposals as to pulse number, intended arrest of Forign Agents that pose risk national security of public including myself. Yours sincerely, g martin

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