PUBLIC Letter. Police Investigation of Killian flood, BL 19th July, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Assisting fraud

In accordance with law I list later in this letter, criminal charges against killian flood BL of Law Society, pertaining to his Personal capacity, he having publicly described his offences in ILN editorial, for public domain. Under separate cover I will be listing similar charges against editor connor beaton, he being appointed 2020 to assist Dail coup 2020 by a UK WEF company, gov Ireland, by implication publishing Incorrect legal reports. I begin with ILN Incorrect legal report by killian flood BL, copy enclosed, in which he claimed an UNLICENSED judge, michael twomey had committed perjury and submitted instrument 2022 IECA 279.

He also claimed judge with NO license accused the former chief justice clarke, the Attorney General, 160 TDs in 2018 and justice minister, the Parliamentary Draughtsman of 1924 as ALL being liers and their documents as fraud, although he produced NO evidence, just his Personal opinion which was shown to be OPPOSITE of ACTUAL FACTS. He also, fraudulently claimed Unlicensed court outlined Courts Act 1924 as properly commenced in Iris Oifigiuil website publication, which it did NOT says public archives and statute law. He implied he was accusing Unlicensed court also of perjury. Unlicensed judge NOT court made this Personal claim Without showing ANY proof.

He also claimed sharon browne, david egan were ordered by judge to pay him costs for bringing Baseless claims, also costs of Taioseach defence although Chief State Solicitors Office claimed Taioseach NO role in mRNA so no role to defend. Unlicensed judge stated this was to PREVENT public right to make medical claims but, allow judge make public medical claims and diagnosis despite 18 statute laws that make it UNLAWFUL for ANY woman or man or company to make public medical claims, particularly if such claims CONCEAL death risks and injuries.

Killian flood fraudulently stated proceedings were to Halt implied Freestate vaccination programme for children which in his Personal medical diagnosis he claimed was to stop transmission etc of covid, DESPITE his awareness that HPRA Regulator stated in C839 signed by S Moore that NO evidence found to confirm covid found, this also stated on Rte in 2020 by covis public spokesman , prof O Neill. In addition he would be aware that Pfizer etc confirmed their products NEVER tested to STOP transmission, it was twomey OWN opinion despite he having NO medical qualifications. He would also be aware HSE, NHS etc confirmed if healthy NO risk of death due to 99.9 per cent immune recovery, regardless of age, hence EMA stated ONLY if Emergency of death, NOT to be found in healthy young childen, as EMA explained to me. He would also be aware NO medical authority can offer mRNA experiment which Regulator C851, C852 and 31A DISCLAIMER warned government etc cannot offer guarantee safe or Lawful, NO liability as OWN risk of death, injury, reason A Zeneca and J and J withdrawn. Clearly it would be UNLAWFUL to offer a death risk experiment judge wrongly described as to PREVENT such risk, it would be a charade to claim lawful to offer death risk.

Flood also claimed plaintiffs asserted covid 19 vaccine was bio weapon, part of bill gates depopulate world. He claims they said actions of Freestate compared to Nazis during W War 2, his OWN description. I understand the evidence submitted stated it was mRNA offered, NOT a vaccine, inventor of mRNA having explained publicly it is experimental genetic medical device NOT tested UNTIL 2 year trial completed, this could NOT be called a vaccine as flood would have read in submitted evidence.

It is public record that National TV etc reported MANY times gates and others 87 per cent population reduction, saying mRNA would help these figures, so public could Lawfully repeat said public media if desired, which is called freespeech not a DEFINITE FACT being quoted. If such large scale deaths ALREADY reported per medical board etc, Veers records etc from mRNA then would it NOT be similar to Nazis PROVEN record of injecting harmful experiments as treatment of mentally ill, sick, old etc, such criticism of evidence presented in alledged court as that made by flood could be found having taken place by the Nazis flood referred to, perhaps he should study FACTS more carefully.

My first cause of FEAR APPREHENSION to myself and others personal safety, 5 years jail under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, is statement by plaintiffs and k flood, BL of state vaccination programme and his assertion and plaintiffs that such medical matters can be deemed safe or NOT by an Unlicensed judge with NO medical qualifications, good job we have 18 statute laws to PREVENT judges etc making such public medical claims.

It is public record that 33rd Dail is NOT offering vaccination programme, as flood tried to Mis lead the public. It is a registered UK company OWNED by FG and Labour Parties, as indicated in company registration details available as public record to flood etc. The company is called gov Ireland, as such NOT allowed TRADE outside UK and, its employee Donnelly has NO valid lisence from EMA to sell the products he bought in November 2020 on specculation it would get general use license which it did NOT, in addition NO Emergency license given to company to sell its own products, good job we have HPRA Regulator who said in C851, C852 NOT safe, NOT works as results NOT available until 2 years time.

EMA also already confirmed in 2020 that it did NOT and could NOT issue an Emergency use ONLY license to a UK company gov Ireland, set up 2019 for its takeover of National government called Dail and Protected by 1916 Proclamation my Grandfather wrote and RATIFIED as Dail law and DUTY 160 TDs to Protect Dail Proclamation from UK companies such as gov Ireland. EMA also made Clear its obligations under Helsinki Declaration, CANNOT issue license to Donnelly, NO medical qualifications, he being employee in a company MEDDLING in National politics.

Killian flood, NO medical qualifications, publicly Diagnosed mRNA genetic 2 year medical device as a vaccine for covid 19, aware that HPRA Regulatorsaid in C851, C852 NOT safe, NOT works, by his OWN admission he led public to think he knows better than HPRA Regulator. As already said , flood would also be aware of HPRA Regulator C839 that NO proof exists of covid being found. Only HPRA Regulator determines if safe or NOT, flood has NO authority to over ride HPRA Regulator as he claimed he has in his article and, his fraud claim that Unlicensed judge also knows better than a man called twomey, it is cler he did NOT read with respect the solid evidence provided by egan, who was foolish to think the Honourable Society of Benchers are Honourable.

Killian flood and plaintiffs aware that if company gov Ireland seek to offer a medical product, they MUST have license as safe from HPRA Regulator. Provided they have a license, they can do so in Private, on person to person basis ONLY if ABSOLUTE proof safe which both manufacturer and Regulator said NOT safe as Experimental and, they MUST list ALL side effects including death risks and, ONLY after this , the FINAL choice to take risk is to be made by patient NOT by judge or flood etc.

The law is CLEAR to both plaintiffs, flood , court etc that if gov Ireland claim NOT mRNA, NO risks, essential etc, then it is serious crime to be reported to police to investigate, court is NOT police, has NO jurisdiction to over rule HPRA, it is clearly stated in gov Ireland 31A DISCLAIMER, ALL medical and law questions are to copyright holder gov Ireland, NOT to courts , police, media etc. It is a Grave public concern that plaintiffs, flood, alledged court PRETEND they can ask a judge to break 18 statute laws that ban public medical diagnosis and claims opposite of HPRA Regulator.

It is reasonable assumption that twomey and flood BL would have read Helsinki Declaration and CONDITIONS of EMA license, NOT given to Donnelly, which CLEARLY state following CONDITIONS. They said Emergency license, NOT general use. To be used in Emergency of death, HSE, CDC etc claiming if healthy, REGARDLESS of age, you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery, WITHOUT mRNA and known 1,376 risks including death, MOST hidden by gov Ireland to assist sale of its products.

Plaintiffs asked alledged judge break following laws, which flood confirms he also broke. I quote SI NO 5412007 Advertising Regulations. EU Directives 200183 transposed into Irish law. I quote EU Council Directives 200363, use Medical Products, also 200298, also 200424 and Mis use Drugs Act, 1977. These BAN public medical claims, diagnosis but ALLOW public listing of side effects, these laws protect public from companies like gov Ireland and, men like twomey and flood. Flood tells me in his written public report that court WITHOUT license and plaintiffs PRETENDED court Could make medical claims, break statutory laws and make much money by replacing public right to ask Garda, NOT UK police 89000534, to investigate crimes carried out by Unlicensed courts service to help company owned by FG and Labour Parties, in bid to SUBVERT 33rd Dail.

Plaintiffs were advised ALL above, that THEY WERE being used as puppets reading a script, also advised they Could submit ONE set of paperwork to judge as Principal to Agent, NOT to each party listed. Like most modern Irish they LAUGHED at the old fashioned way of the PIECE OF PAPER, that the founder of the FIRST Dail in 1919, my Grandfather taught me to learn and believe in, it is the PAPERTRAIL that makes a nation GREAT not vain personal opinions, that can be twisted by traitors skilled in language double meanings, return to old ways passed on by the generation that died at GPO in 1916 for those bits of paper, as we say SINN Fein, in English OURSELVES ALONE.

As flood reported, ALL parties, himself included, playing a charade, to give public FALSE hopes on a case that could NOT ask judge make a law to break MANY laws, it is for public to decide if they wish to be guinea pigs for a product gates claimed to fund production of, NO court can support fraud as twomey and flood shamed Irish nation in trying to so do. Flood by implication, took part in Fraud court SCAM to PRETEND judge Could break Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,26,27 and 29, by introducing many Fraud Instruments.

Flood also joined judge in Breaking Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, perjury, collusion to pervert justice. Also Criminal Justice Act, 1999, sect 41.1, interference criminal prosecutions by menacing, intimidation using costs for something NOT lawful. Flood, under ILN Rules conduct NUJ, is REQUIRED to NOT quote legal documents BEFORE doing research as to what they say. Instead he chose to shame himself by describing the noble deeds of 3 people NOT wise in law , listing side effects, which he described as Conspiracy theory by implication of his fraud Mis representation of what they actually said, aware he could be assisting manslaughter of young children by his implication mRNA safe that Regulator said NOT safe over 3 years ago, it is beyond belief that a man of learning would use his skills to MIS represent the law and medical FACTS, it is fortunate we have statutory laws to remove such people.

In his account he also implies he and judge without license did NOT read documents both had publicly quoted. Flood stated judge WITHOUT license called twomey, claimed 1924 Courts Ammendment Order Was correctly listed on website Iris Oifigiuil in 1924, without showing how so or ANY proof, he made it up, he would also be aware that it was ONLY after 1937 afraud claim was made that 1937 constitution, NOT lawful as NO Royal Assent obtained to change 1922 constitution, NO country existing called Ireland until 1989 repeal of 1922 constitution, contained words that in future all notices in Iris would be proof if copy of signed documents also provided, ANY papers lodged BEFOFRE 1937 would NOT have been proof, the alledged judge invented his own version of public documents that tell he lied, to decoeve 3 plaintiffs NOT wise in law.

If the two gentlemen, twomey and flood had studied said website they would find electronic website did NOT exist in 1924 along with mobile phones, Site shows NO document, just says order posted 4th June, 1924 by diarmuid oheEigceartuigh, Executive Council, NOT even a signature to validate. Yet in National Archives the Executive Council signature to VALIDATE with documents, ALSO not shown, would be NT Cosgrave, holder said office 1923 to 23rd June, 1927. They would also have found in National Archives the VALIDATED signature letter of Parliamentary Draughtsman, dated 3rd June , 1924, via Attorney General, enclosing draft PROPOSAL 1924 with shelf life 5 months to raise and vote in Dail, which authorities confirmed NEVER ttok place, it CLEARLY indicated NO courts proposed can exist until passed and offer will become null and void if not passed within 5 months.

They would also have found letter stated 3rd June, 1924 that enclosed Proposed order MUST be placed on agenda Executive Council for consideration ONLY. It would NOT be possible NEXT day to be passed in Dail, placed on website as still in Post and TDs would first have to travel to Dublin to vote, editor of Iris, it SECRETLY became property UNLAWFULLY in Nov 2019 of private company gov Ireland, in hi s haste to set up fraud entry it seems, did not consider the dates would not match.

Flood further made fool of himself by jioning judge with NO license in ref to Clohessy case, which CLEARLY neither party read. It is public record, the details of Clohessy case Supreme Court Transcripts of 2018. The former chief justice Clarke, recorded Supreme Court Transcripts, confirmed they had NO court Enactment Order 1924, hence NO jurisdiction to claim having said order, perhaps twomey has a SECET copy of the Order NEVER written which he can prsent in court as he was asked to so do. Man called twomey and flood also aware that in 2018, Holst Notified 160 TDs, justice minister Humphries of NO enactment order. National Archives Librarian also confirmed this, so they have also joined in 2018 SECRET of continued Fraud to obtain fraud fines etc.

National Archives confirm ONLY document on Public display is the Draft Proposal ONLY of order enclosed with the 3rd June, 1924 letter explaining Draft NOT possible start court with, good job my Grandfather kept ALL the bits of Paper he asked me pass on at the RIGHT time. Good job also that he asked me keep track of the 104 yearly Sovereign Harp Seal licences issued each year since he started the 1919 Sovereign Dail Eireann courts, ONLY court with LAWFUL license which the peoples party ireland intend to extend, at the RIGHT time.

Flood and the MAN called twomey also aware of Attorney General letter, dated 24th June, 2021, confirming NO 1924 Court Enactment Order exists, so according flood, Twomey MUST be Impeached for conducting a Mis trial and many Acts of Treason under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, particularly with regard medical experiments on young children. Flood and twomey also aware that the company gov Ireland, NOT 33rd Dail, twomey claimed represent, had received registered RL840829353IE, dated 3.2.2023, from holst. This Constrictive Notice REQUIRED gov Ireland and courts service to Produce Original Order document 1924, in Public place within 21 days statutory limit, 5 months later UNABLE produce, NO jurisdiction. It is for twomey to confirm did he set up charade to avoid admit NO license either on instructions from chief justice who publicly confirmed NOT exists or, as flood seems to implie, twomey invented the charade himself to obtain costs of his fraud from 3 plaintiffs NOT wise in law, as witnessed in said courtroom owned by Dail and it seems being used to subvert the Dail.

Flood and twomey made fraud claim this document published on website Oifigiuil which like courts service, is NOT able to show, its Hasty claim proven to be Fraud electronic entry by Owner assest, called UK company gov Ireland, registered owners being Labour and FG parties, using public office of TDs to sell their OWN company products. In addition to flood confirmation that judge twomey HID the above and similar evidence from Dail debates in 1959 that NO jurisdiction exists, it seems judge REFUSED correct documents to avoid TREASON charges against himself, I understand he also with flood ,HID this vital evidence from 3 plaintiffs, NOT wise in law.

By written admission of flood, despite HIS awareness of the above listed documents, he claimed judge DELIBERATELY dismissed said evidence and, by implication claims ONLY he has proof Supreme Court and Many institutions have committed perjury, he being perhaps the ACTUAL one guilty said Perjury. Unless flood and MAN called twomey can Prove Archives, Supreme Court, Attorney General, Parliamentary Draughtman lied, and they broke the laws, I provided their evidence of their claims, then he WILL have to be arrested along with twomey and prosecuted, in accordance with statute laws already listed above.

Further to the charges listed above against flood, I must, in accordance with law, file charges under the Criminal Justice Act, 1990, pertaining to his Support of Treason and medical fraud, that he HIMSELF described in ILN report. I am also most concerned that flood and plaintiffs did NOT report in court, insist REQUIREMENT that Rule 5, Constitutional Declaration 2016, be ENFORCED at once.

Flood would be aware per this Rule 5, if judge DELIBERATELY breaks the law, constitution, proclamation or judicial oath WHILE IN a courtroom, such hearing or ruling, being on INCURABLY VOID CONTRACT, is deemed void, invalid, especially if financial gain was intended, as both men said it was, per public witness. This case is similar charade to the john waters, gemma o doherty case, where NO case existed yet plaintiffs KNOWINGLY took part in Unlicensed court fraud, to cause Fear, Apprehension, false hopes, obtain celebrity status to obtain donations and other funding and assist company gov Ireland and MI5 REPLACE Dail and Garda.

According flood account, Unlicensed court took ADVANTAGE of 3 plaintiffs NOT wise in law, CLEARLY unaware of law or Function of police as SEPARATE from courts, used language to PRETEND court Had 1924 Enactment Order when NONE existed. It was explained to plaintiffs that since 2013, when the peoples party ireland served Motu Proprio on courts service and UK courts, it was Fraud for them to issue or accept fraud summons in ALL CAPS birth cert companies with 35 year jail sentence, these cert companies being property rights of the owners, Vatican Governance who instructed me to serve, the property rights do NOT belong to man, woman, police , courts etc, the Motu being higher law authority than Crown, is the registered Owner said property. The plaintiffs ignored the law and claimed property rights to Vatican Governance property.

It is also public records that I served upon them and courts service, the DIRECTIONS of 1924 Parliamentary Draughtsman and, 2018 and 2021 DIRECTIONS of chief justice and Attorney General Law firm that courts service have NO jurisdiction, once again ALL parties Ignored the statutory laws that determine justice. They were also advised of Rule 6, Constitutional Declaration, they must NOT engage in UNLAWFUL DIRECTIONS from courts service or its Private UK police, it being registered owner of 89000534, they Ignored and took part in court medical fraud.

I await your issue of pulse number in order that public can be protected from any more UNLAWFUL activities of courts service, gov Ireland and MI5 units operating as Replacement Garda. Yours sincerely, g martin

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