PUBLIC Letter. Criminal charges against kelly, EXTENDED ALL Labour TDs, 22nd July, 2023.

Dear ivana bacik, Aungier Street, Dublin 2 Ref. Treason by Labour Party

I note from my records that, as representative the peoples party ireland and Public duty, I informed Labour Party Management, on 7.1.2021 of numerous crimes by Labour Party Leader, Alan Kelly, per City London Records.I advised you of my filing criminal charges with Anti Corruption Garda Unit on 6.1.2021, placed with WEF Young Leader, Commissioner Clavin, his Harvard 2019 WEF training Paid by kelly company, gov Ireland. I explained Public concerns that business partner of kelly, leo varadkar, the WEF Young Leader in charge of WEF gov Ireland, set up 2019 for Dail coup, 2020, had appointed Clavin to PROTECT Labour Party crimes, both of Treason and medical fraud.

I explained that Labour Party voters were NOT told that kelly was using Labour TD seats to assist kelly set up gov Ireland to REPLACE Labour voters with Non Irish voters, human trafficked by his gov Ireland, Simon Coveney, joint owner of the FG Party company gov Ireland having announced 5 million new voters on the way, despite NO jurisdiction to import such numbers that he Publicly advised. I brought to Your attention that kelly was trafficking UNDOCUMENTED migrants said Dublin airport figures, aware he and ALL Labour TDs liable to one years jail and heavy fines for breaking 2014 Immigration Act, recently described in Irish Times paper.

I sent you City London registration details confirming Leader Labour Party is Business Development Manager, Young Leader varadkar is Principle CEO, his firms solicitor is aisling finn and aideen murphy is Administrator. I sent evidence that kelly employed aisling finn, also it seems 2 law firms called Chief State Solicitors Office and Attorney General to start up gov Ireland in 2019, with initial revenue of 1.32 million. These law firms, UNKNOWN to Labour Party voters, UNLAWFULLY invented fraud documents to TRANSFER 575 Dail Assets, NOT owned but ONLY held in Trust by Dail, per 1919 Proclamation Dail law.

Public records confirm kelly and varadkar colluded with law firms to STEAL Assets from Dail, which it held in Trust, could NOT TRANSFER or sell to Labour Party company, gov Ireland, hence NOT told public said THEFT,Treason. Records confirm varadkar used kelly former Minister housing experience, to implement the SECRET 25 year plan to REMOVE Garda, Dail and make Irish a minority in country owned by WEF, having taken control in 2020 coup.

Unknown to public, Labour kelly is in charge of housing programme, urban planning, community development of Replacement Irish. Justice dept, public order, police, army, UNLAWFULLY owned by gov Ireland set up 2019 for the 2020 MI5 coup.I provided Labour Party copies HSE, HPRA Regulator CERTIFIED signature S Moore Management position, C851, C852 informing mRNA NOT works, NOT safe, gov Ireland said this was correct in January, 2021.

I provided Labour Party, copies of 31A medical advice and sections 296 and 31A DISCLAIMER of gov Ireland position that NOT law as NO guarantee safe or lawful, NO liability as OWN risk, to ignore or NOT. I sent gov Ireland claim that 31A was its copyright, ALL enquires to gov Ireland NOT to courts, police or Dail, as WEF gov Ireland property being sold to Dail and Labour etc. I sent registration 89000534 of SECRET replacement of Garda, this City London company owned by UNLICENSED courts service Bar Association, used by judges to serve UNLAWFUL summons to collect fines to make profits for courts service.

Public records confirmed I REQUIRED Labour Party to file criminal charges against kelly, to halt his human trafficking plans and, numerous acts of Treason against 33rd Dail and Labour voters. I also REQUIRED Labour Party to inform public that it wished to remove itself from human trafficking and, assisting kelly sell gov Ireland medical mRNA genetic experiments. According public records, you informed kelly on 2.3.2022 that he Lost collective confidence his colleagues and he resigned 24.3.2022. Meaning for 14 months YOU allowed Labour TDs support his crimes.

Public records confirm ivana bacik took over, CONCEALED Labour crimes since March , 2020, for over 3 years you have supported TD kelly to continue human trafficking and stating OPPOSITE HPRA Regulator mRNA warnings. Many people dead, injured from Labour TDs selling A Zeneca and J and J , which kelly said NO risks, essential etc, yet WITHDRAWN for deaths, injuries. Kelly committing gov Ireland fraud is STILL a TD selling vested interests Labour Party.

I will now press criminal charges against ivana bacik, rebecca moynihan, Seanad Leader and sean sherlock, Party Chairman, for continuing supporting kelly company, gov Ireland in its 2020 Dail coup, UNKNOWN to Labour voters. In view of deaths, injuries ALREADY caused by Labours SECRET company, gov Ireland, set up for alan kelly profits, I REQUIRE resignation of kelly, ALL Labour TDs ENDING medical fraud through its company, gov Ireland.

I WILL contact you soon to list the charges ALREADY placed with Garda Anti Corruption Unit, concerning kelly crimes his company gov Ireland and, the ATTACHMENT to these charges of bacik, moynihan and sherlock. You were advised kelly played key role in Rte 6.01 TV launch of gov Ireland and its sales adverts, the 31A advice and yellow adverts, NOT valid as NO signature and presented as being REPLACEMENT of Dail. Public records confirm Rte did NOT advise public that gov Ireland is private UK company, instead set up charade to PRETEND it was the Dail. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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