PUBLIC Letter. Police Investigation of EMA, its CEO,Emer Cooke 28th June, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Coup by UK company called gov Ireland,

I already sent copies of my letters and replies from Emer Cooke, CEO of EMA and member of the Crowns Trinity College, in March 2020, per crimes by Drew Harris which she did NOT dispute, ref Anti Corruption unit NOT being allowed investigate police crimes carried out by MI5 British Secret Service to overthrow the 32 county Dail. I advised that the writer of WEF Young Leaders Programme, Charles, now King, had employed MI5 Agent Harris to recover the British Dominion 32 county that the Crown LOST in 1989, when it became new country called Ireland per my Repeal Act of 1989, obtained with Royal Assent.

I advised Emer of EMA, that the Crown employed as CEO the Young Leader Varadkar, after losing the election in 2019, to set up a political coup by forming with Alan Kelly a Crown WEF company called gov Ireland, owned by the Labour and FG parties. He was instructed to appoint field operative of MI5 British Secret Service, Drew Harris, to assist Crown company gov Ireland, to take political control of a national government, called the 33rd Dail, allowing 2 political parties to make huge profits from human trafficking by meddling with national laws.

Public records confirm that Varadkar, Haughey, Enda Kenny etc, first used MI5 Harris to RECAPTURE the 6 counties after I closed it down, along with his Royal Ulster Constabulary and Partition in 1989. It is public record that MI5 kept SECRET its crime of setting up the Crowns PSNI to replace the lawful jurisdiction of the Gardi over its new 6 counties in 1989 and, if successful, they would take back the 26 counties lost in 1989, this being primary reason for MI5 taking control of twitter Dublin HQ, to shadow ban the only Anti Treaty party in Ireland called the peoples party ireland, using twitter to mount MI5 spy network to interfere in National politics.

I advised the EMA that the Crowns company, gov Ireland placed MI5 operatives in positions of control, to allow them secretly ban the only Anti Treaty party, the peoples party ireland set up 1920 to repeal unlawful Crown Freestate by Peaceful negotiation with Crown, achieved in 1989. MI5 operatives based at twitter, Garda HQ and Leinster House removed the rights and laws guaranteed under 1916 Proclamation, ratified as Dail law in 1919, of the Party taking part in national politics, making every effort to conceal Certified documents released by said polical party.

I advised Emer of EMA that the WEF had appointed its Young Leader, Varadkar, as registered Principal of the Crowns gov Ireland and, per Irish and International law, he could NOT hold, like Kelly, leader labour Party hold ANY public office. Law REQUIRED that Varadkar and Kelly MUST resign from FG and Labour Parties and their parties give up ownership. Public records confirm the two parties FG and Labour are now deemed criminal organisations and will have to be outlawed for assisting manslaughter for Financial Gains.

Alan Kelly did NOT resign from Labour Party and Varadkar did Not resign from FG Party, both continued employ MI5 to take control of the 33rd Dail. Both offered contracts to some TDs to work for gov Ireland to overthrow the Dail and NOT carry out their contracts as TDs to protect the Dail from WEF gov Ireland. I advised Emer that Varadkar and Kelly asked the law firms called Attorney General and Chief State Solicitors Office and its gov Ireland staff McEntee, Ryan and Donnelly, to draw up 31A advise NOT law, all having NO medical qualifications. I also advised Emer that Varadkars company, gov Ireland, then BANNED 112 TDs from the government called Dail and, instructed 48 TDs it had selected in return for positions in gov Ireland, to declare the Dail as no longer the government and asking MI5 place nation under house arrest.

I advised Emer that employees of gov Ireland, a Crown company, did NOT vote on the final reading of March 2020 Covid Bill, forced Senate to sign this Bill in March, it NOT lawfully able to do so until 11 nominated seats were filled, as explained by 3 judges in High Court, when my Objection was challenged in High Court. I advised Emer that the Crown company, Oireachtas, with NO Freestate powers to approve ANY legislation since 1989, asked its CEO, President Higgins, to support TREASON by gov Ireland company owned by FG, Labour, against 33rd Dail. he happily agreed.

I advised Emer that the Crowns WEF company, gov Ireland carried out a coup against the Dail and the 112 TDs banned, media such as Wters, ODoherty, Manning etc concealed identity of gov Ireland, due to this silence by media, they now appointed MI5 Agent Harris and Young Leader Clavin to ban Garda oath and assist Young Leader Varadkar use his company to take over Dail to sell his medical products, many bought in 2018 for the coup.

I advised Emer that Unknown to the Dail and the public, gov Ireland employed Donnelly to purchase in November 2020, some 9 million doses of mRNA BEFORE ANY license for general use was issued by the EMA, leaving it stuck with bad investment. I advised Emer that in December 2020 she, despite NO qualifications as working on mRNA, Misled the public by calling mRNA a vaccine, though NOT as is a medical device NOT yet having the minimum 2 year test to determine if safe. She has a long career Selling pharmaceutical products for makers of mRNA.

I explained to the EMA, that under the Helsinki Declaration, when a Crown company and its CEO Varadkar take political control of a government called the Dail. it CANNOT be given an Emergency license to sell its own products. I also advised Emer that following the coup, CEO Varadkar appointed member of Trinity and Queens University to ALL control positions and, members of Young Leaders, PSNI and UK courts, to SUBVERT the Dail. I advised Emer that the Crown Agent employed MI5 Agent Harris to appoint his CEO of Garda media to be CEO of twitter, the ONLY media NOT funded by company, gov Ireland and, who shadow banned the peoples party ireland to prevent vital public medical FACTS been presented to public, resulting Many deaths, injuries by twitter network, ALL carefully recorded.

I reminded Emer that she stated ONLY a government such as the Dail could claim Emergency use, NOT company gov Ireland selling own goods. As the word Emergency implied, ONLY if Emergency of dying, NOT for general use, as HSE etc, confirmed that if healthy, regardless age, you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery. I advised Emer that her explanation of License CONDITIONS on twitter EU Headquarters in Dublin, were REMOVED by MI5 in control of twitter, to assist employee of gov Ireland, Donnelly to sell 9 million doses he bought BEFORE not general use license issued to governments, NOT companies.

I advised Emer that HPRA Regulator confirmed in C851, C852 that mRNA does NOT work, is NOT safe but, its CEO called Nolan , also from Trinity College, like Varadkar also same, got Emers CONDITIONS removed from twitter to help Varadkar sales of his medical products he bought in 2018. I advised Emer that my twitter account was closed for stating HER conditions, that twitter said it is Misinformation quoting EMA conditions and, REPLACED with Nolans personal claim of NO risks, for general use etc, to help Varadkars sales of J and J etc withdrawn for many deaths.

I sent Emer a copy of Nolan colluding with twitter, MI5 and gov Ireland, in which Nolan said mRNA was NOT a 2 years experiment, had NO side effects other than a slight temperature, gone in hours, essential to life, despite her own company HPRA telling her in its C851,C852 that mRNA NOT works, NOT safe. I reminded Emer that the MAIN sales rep for GSK and Pfizer, having received 2 million, 2 hundred and seventy seven euros from these companies, was also from Trinity Colledge and using it as his base to sell his products, in addition to gov Ireland making him public health spokesman to sell its company products.

I sent Emer the copy where sales rep O Neill advised sales rep Pat Kenny on Radio Newstalk. that mRNA is NOT safe, his EXACT words were WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS despite his many years telling public on Fake news Rte that NO risks, essential life etc. I also sent Emer Rte video of Prof O Neill informing on RTE TV that he was launching a covid pandemic Model based on NO proof that covid exists, hence NOT possible to test, document C839 of the HSE said covid NOT found. The prof also agreed and ,explained this on Rte Tubridy show, that the HSE said in documents C846, C847, C848, C849 C850 AND C839 that lockdowns, masks, distancing are useless and dangerous and, gov Ireland agreed in Freedom Information Replies.

I advised Emer that Varadkars company, gov Ireland, accepted and agreed with Dail FOI replies of above position, that gov Ireland employee Donnelly, was ignoring medical Facts and laws, to sell his emploers medical products for gain. It is public record that MI5 used twitter to be Main advertiser and reason for the Irish NOT been given chance to read EMA CONDITIONS that Emer had listed on twitter and, each time I listed, account closed. It is public record that CEO , former Garda media CEO McSweeny placed opposite of what EMA and HPRA Regulator said, preventing public knowledge and interfering with national politics.

I also reminded Emer of the Belmont Principal, which EMA cannot break, and she did not dispute , I also advised ALL media including Waters, O Doherty, Manning etc, like Rte they also hid from public this information to prevent informed decisions. Belmont states CANNOT claim the 99.9 per cent immunity if healthy and NO risks, as NO drugs is GREATER risk than NOT taking mRNA. Donnelly, UNLIKE gov Ireland, claimed mRNA, with NO tests as to STOPPING transmission or safe if pregnant and 1,376 Known side effets, including death, perhaps More when Results 2 year experiment concludes and with NO 99.9 immunity, claimed per his own adverts and meetings media, that taking was less risk, he lied, as many dead found out the hard way.

Public media sent to EMA showed private company , gov Ireland, owned by 2 political parties, registered in City of London and, subject to its company law to NOT trade outside the UK, took over the national government, the Dail, which my Grandfather set up in 1919 to free us from company rule, the coup took place March 2020 under MI5 control.

In collusion with Trinity College, MI5, twitter etc, the gov Ireland UK company set itself up as a national government to Force mRNA and break the Belmont Principle, which states benefit Must exceed the risk. As Emer understood, if healthy you have 99.9 per cent immune recovery with NONE of the 1,376 risks of mRNA including death and destruction if THIS NATURAL immunity, meaning Risk exceeds BENEFIT.

Emer was advised that the WEF Crowns UK company, in addition to Removing the national government of the Dail, SECRETLY employed a Crown company, courts service, with NO license since 1924. This Crown company had itself advised the public and the Dail in 2018 in Supreme court Transcripts, that it had NO license and, it also advised in paragraph 161 court Ruling that ALL 31A advice is NOT law.

Emer was advised that this UK Courts service, its registered City of London Owner, Crown Temple, had SECRETLY set up City of London police 89000534, to Replace the Garda, to assist gov Ireland and MI5 take over 2020 political coup. Emer was also advised that to make profits for its private police and Unlicensed courts service, it accepted funding from its MAIN customer, gov Ireland, to PRETEND they had a license to sell mRNA and, to issue fraud summons upon public wishing to enjoy their guaranteed 1919 Proclamation Dail rights. Emer was also advised that in return for 4.6 million dollars from Richard Hass, of Biden Foreign Relations, paid to main opposition, S Fein, they would also conceal coup by private company and assist sell mRNA etc.

The ONLY political party NOT registered as Oireachtas Crown Parties to assist its new company, gov Ireland, in return for election funding and MI5 protection from investigation, the peoples party ireland, REQUIRED in 2020 the EMA to revoke the Donnelly fraud, it seems it instead colluded in assisted manslaughter. According to the peoples party ireland records, EMA CEO Emer, did NOT dispute the Partys claims and, I undertand she advised gov Ireland that its employees, Donnelly etc had NO licence per national and international law.

Given that 3 years have passed and I sent you public evidence that, in addition to gov Ireland coup. it planned manslaughter, using A Zeneca and J and J, which both were withdrawn for causing the deaths , injuries I described to them BEFORE roll out in 2020, it is reasonable assumption that Emer colluded with Young Leaders WEF plan as described by them in public media, to take control national government of Dail.

I wish to press criminal charges against Emer Cooke whom,it would appear, has colluded with Trinity Colledge and MI5, funded by WEF company gov. Ireland, to use said company to sell its products. It is public recordd that for almost 3 years, the Young Leader Clavin and MI5 Agent Harris, HAVE supported a company coup by gov Ireland and used twitter to sell and assist cover up of crimes by Emer Kelly.

Under separate cover, I WILL be filing crriminal charges against EMA, CEO Emer Cooke, who assisted to conceal medical fraud carried out by twitter and gov Ireland, which included the mRNA experiment know likely to kill but described as essential with NO risks. Emer was also advised that gov Ireland used MI5 Harris and Young Leader Clavin to break EU Council Directives on public health, by DETAINING the elderly in care homes for mRNA genetic experiments, against wishes of victims and relatives, often using thrat of arrest against concerned relatives said elderly captives, it is lasting shame upon the nation what MI5 did to Irish nation along with Irish traitors that assisted them.

Emer fully understood that MI5 police 89000534 under Harris, refused LAWFUL REQUIREMENT for the elderly to obtain a second opinion, both medical and law BEFORE taking Invasive medical procedures. It is public record that Harris UNLAWFULLY forced relatives to NOT obtain this second opinion, aware HPRA Regulator C851,C852 stated mRNA NOT works, NOT safe, forcing relatives to break the law. It is public record that Emer understood that MI5 used twitter as a spy network, to advertise dangerous medical products and procedures, shadow banning political parties listing their known side effects, a REQUIREMENT of law for ALL political parties to list , it is called allowing constructive criticism. Yours sincerely, g martin

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