PUBLIC Letter. Police Investigation of Murray and Carter, Beaumont Hospital 5th July, 2023

Dear Commissioner J Roberts, Ref Attempted Manslaughter

According Public records, I filed criminal charges with Commissioner Clavin, a Harvard 2019 trained member of WEF Young Leaders Programme, against Ian Carter, Chief of Beaumont Hospital and Director of Nursing, Murray. I sent detailed evidence that Carter and Murray used a company called courts service, it publicly advising in 2018 that it has NO license 1924 Court Enactment Order, to hold ANY court hearings or make public medical diagnosis or medical claims as NOT aware medical conditions of listener, hence banned by 18 statute laws.

I sent Clavin a copy of public video available on Gemma O Doherty website, in which the Director of Nursing, Murray, made public medical claims and diagnosis that Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson is essential and perfectly safe, it being withdrawn by maker for causing many deaths, injuries. I sent evidence that when O Doherty complied with EMA license conditions that state Beaumont Hospital, media etc, MUST, as law and license conditions state, advise the public and staff of risks, she was attacked by court.

On Monday 21st June, 2021, O Doherty took part in court Fraud INVITATION to a Civil matter, NOT being accused of criminal assault trespass or having claimed property rights over Beaumont staff. She was NOT advised of Rule 6 of the Constitutional Declaration 2016 that tells her she must NOT accept criminal Directions from courts service or its private police 89000534, to participate in medical Fraud etc. Millions of people on the internet WITNESSED O Doherty outside Beaumont Hospital, funded by taxpayers like O Doherty making it Public property, Lawfully describing HSE and HPRA C851 and C852. These documents, verified by signature of S Moore of HSE Records Management position, stated the HSE position on mRNA and covid, which stated the OPPOSITE of the position Murray claimed she and Carter Forced on staff by using coercive control, banned by law.

The court Without a license, heard Murray and Carter ask it to PRETEND it could issue an INJUNCTION and public medical diagnosis to STOP myself and the public from hearing hoe Beaumont was concealing dangerous medical fraud. I noted that Murray and Carter claimed property rights over O Doherty free speech and my rights to hear Certified HSE position, placing myself, the public and hospital staff at grave risk of death or injury. I noted that Murray and Carter did NOT turn up to answer charges arising from their fraud claims to property rights and trespass and, their physical assault trespass of manslaughter by mRNA.

According to my records, Prior to this Unlawful hearing, I had written to Beaumont and advised that mRNA products were being administered WITHOUT an EMA license, as its license was to gov Ireland Donnelly, a man of NO medical qualifications and, a UK registered company bound by UK company law to NOT trade outside UK. The EMA had NOT disputed my claim that it could NOT, under the Helsinki Declaration, issue a license to Donnelly, a TD with NO medical qualifications, to his UK company gov Ireland that in 2020 coup, controls National government for chemical firms to carry out genetic 2 years experiments with consent based on explaining death risks.

I also advised them that the EMA confirmed they did NOT and could NOT issue a general use license for mRNA medical device until the 2 year trial experiment is done, ie could ONLY issue for Emergency use if an Emergency of death. They could NOT issue ANY license to UK company, gov Ireland, as it was Meddling in politics and National laws of the Dail on behalf of WEF Young Leaders Programme, to Remove said National laws. I had also sent copies of HSE position in C846, C847, C848, C849, C850, C839, C851, C852 which state masks, distancing and lockdowns are useless and danderous and, mRNA is NOT safe, NOT works and NO proof exists of covid being found.

I also sent copies of major side effects stated by manufacturer BEFORE roll out of mRNA, Astra Zeneca, J and J and, so DANGEROUS that CANNOT sell Unless given NO liability of deathd, injuries from experiments. I also sent copies BEFORE the hearing by judge Allen of ALL above DIRECTIONS to ALL parties including the Unlicensed courts. These included over 18 statute laws that Murray and Carter broke for financial GAIN.

They read SI NO 541 2007 Advertising Regulations, EU Directives 200183, transposed into Irish law. EU Council Directives 200363 use of Medical Products, also 200298, also 200424 and Mis use of Drugs Act, 1977. These statutes make it clear that neither Murray or Carter can make public medical claims or diagnosis, or employ solicitors or judges to make SAME claims. They do allow O Doherty to publicly list side effects which she was accused of doing.

The newspapers, Rte etc confirmed that the judge UNLAWFULLY made property claims over my right to HEAR side effects by O Doherty and, made physical trespass upon bodily safety by concealing death risks of J and J. Newspapers, videos etc confirmed that the judge, Murray and Carter claimed SAME property rights and, confirmed forcing by threat coercive control J and J and A Zeneca, withdrawn for causing deaths and injuries.

Public records confirm that Norway and the UK for some time have been paying compensation for deaths, injuries from J and J , A Zeneca that Murrays voice and face was seen to insist as safe, NO risks and NO job if Not be guinea pig. According to my records, I filed charges against Murray and Carter for Forcing medical sales on behalf of WEF Young Leaders company, gov Ireland, its registered OWNER being Varadkar, NOT allowed hold public office. I note it is almost 2 years since I submitted these charges and offences under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, causing me Fear, Apprehension to my personal safety and others, 5 year jail term. Also charges relating to Neglect public duty and Concealment of death risks, which is a life sentence, particularly the deaths, injuries caused that resulted its withdrawal, the reason why public medical diagnosis was not allowed per statute laws.

I have not received confirmation of my separate charges against Adaire Fox Martin, President of GOOGLE, who insisted on 28th June, 2023 that You Tube insists the public MUST consider J and J safe, despite deaths causing withdrawal of dangerous product that Murray also claimed safe, NO risks. It is public record that You Tube representative, Adaire Fox is like Commissioner Clavin, a member of WEF and, she publicly advised people like Murray and Carter to break statute laws and Mis inform as to death risks.

It is also understood that Beaumont has NOT called in the MANY staff and the public it injected with A Zeneca, and J and J 2 years later, for quarantine and tests to determine if they might also be dying. I REQUIRE an explanation as to why 2 years later, the Young Leader Clavin has allowed Carter and Murray to CONTINUE breaking laws they publicly confirmed in court to have done with FULL knowledge.

It is a simple matter of law. Did they make, like judge Allen, public medical claims, diagnosis and, claims likely to cause Fear, Apprehension and, as J and J etc confirm, death and injuries. According to the court, they DID make such claims and, it seems, continue to do so according to withdrawn for deaths, injuries, assisting manslaughter for financial Gains from criminal company, gov Ireland. I would be most grateful if, for public safety, you comply with the Garda Act, 2005 and, arrest Carter and Murray for their public confession of assisting Donnelly to break gov Ireland 31A DISCLAIMER. Yours sincerely, g martin

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  • to get those individuals to court won’t be easy because most of the courts and judges are put in place by politicians we need independent courts and judges otherwise it’ll be impossible

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