PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation of Simon Harris and Leo Varadkar, 8th May, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Hate speech Fraud

I have enclosed a copy of general media Rte photograph of Captain Doyle reading the 1916 Proclamation, Ratified as Dail law in 1919. He read this outside the GPO on Easter Sunday, to remind you of your Guaranteed rights. Millions of Irish and others saw Commissioner Harris and President Higgins of Crown corporation Oireachtas, NOT President of Ireland, as said title EXPIRED with Freestate in 1989, salute allegiance to it. Media claim many employees of Varadkar company set up in 2019 to sell mRNA and medical products and, WEF Young Leaders of Tomorrow Group, such as Simon Harris and Leo Varadkar also witnessed it.

You would agree that millions of Irish Witnessed Higgins, Commissioner Harris, Varadkar and Simon Harris confirm that they heard the law is that the Dail Guarantees religious, civil liberty and, equal rights to all Natural humans. Captain Doyle went on to read that the people of Ireland OWN its assets and control UNFETTERED, SOVEREIGN and INDEFEASIBLE, their right to self determination and their OWN destiny, the Dail holding in Trust, NOT OWNING, their GOD given rights.

Public records confirm the peoples party ireland staff advised Simon Harris in February 2021 and, Varadkar and Commissioner Harris and Clavin, of USA Supreme Court Ruling, Myriad Genetics, 569, USA 576. Under Patent law, Simon Harris and Varadkar claimed to be the property of Pfizer, having its mRNA genetic code transplanted into them. Law states both are Transhumans, with NO INALIENABLE rights to sit in the Dail to sell mRNA products.

In accordance with law, Simon Harris and Varadkar CANNOT pursue WEF Pfizer promotion of its vested interests to REMOVE my and others INALIENABLE rights, such as Freespeech and, self determination of thoughts. It is over 3 years since the Party staff REQUIRED the Anti Corruption Unit to arrest the man registered as CEO of the UK company gov Ireland, set up in 2019 to stage a 2020 coup for WEF and Pfizer.

The CEO of gov Ireland, Varadkar, is bound by his company registration, gov Ireland CANNOT promote the sale of his medical products through his TD position. Irish law BANS Varadkar from holding public office as he is member of WEF Young Leaders, whose Agenda is to Remove Garda and Dail Proclamation and, as a Trans Human, he has NO rights to remove the rights of Normal genetic God dna men, women. As Captain Doyle read, Simon Harris and Varadkar have NO jurisdiction to remove my right to think or say what I wish, as the Proclamation BANS a private UK company claiming said property rights.

Irish law also bans Simon Harris from holding TD position as Justice Minister. He claims to be Trans Human intent on Subverting the 33rd Dail and removing INALIENABLE rights of Natural Humans, called Treason. Irish law bans Simon Harris claiming that UK company gov Ireland, registered to sell medical products in the UK if license guarantees safe, from drafting Hate speech and PRETENDING it is law to Protect his dangerous products, he CANNOT PRETEND gov Ireland is 33rd Dail when NOT. Simon Harris and Varadkar cannot hold public office since 2020 as Party staff filed criminal charges for medical fraud at Garda HQ Ant Corruption, as gov Ireland has LESS power than McDonalds.

The documents 31A etc, CLEARLY state they are copyright of gov Ireland, a UK company, ALL enquiries to said firm it says, NOT to the Dail, courts, or police etc. They include a DISCLAIMER stating NOT law, NOT guaranteed safe and NO liability given as OWN choice to ignore.

Public records confirm that Government Dail Eireann FOI replies from HPRA Regulator, HSE and gov Ireland confirm Varadkars company gov Ireland ACCEPTED C839,C851 and C852. In these Public documents, they confirm that Simon Harris, Varadkar read NO covid found yet, mRNA NOT works, NOT safe, yet they PRETENDED the opposite to sell to the Dail, gov Irelands UK products, which they are NOT allowed to trade in Ireland.

Public records confirm that Simon Harris FORGOT to explain to the 33rd Dail that he FORGED hate speech legislation, PRETENDING gov Ireland can ban ANY complaints from the public about its criminal activities. He seems to think he lives in the UK that has No Proclamation and, for example, he thinks McDonalds could tomorrow pass Dail law saying you must buy a burger every day and, if you complain, be sent to jail. He also claims gov Ireland has got most Dail Government TDs to vote for replacing the Proclamation NOT owned by the Dail, with hate speech and Oireachtas and Seanad asked to vote on PRETEND law, which would be treason.

Public records confirm the Party staff served Lawful Notice on Houses Oireachtas in 1989, that I Repealed with Royal Assent, the 1922 Freestate powers of Both Houses, the Seanad EXPIRED in 1989. Both the President Higgins of the Oireactas Crown company, NOT Dail, as said position EXPIRED in 1989 and, the 33rd Dail were Notified in April 2020 that the 90 day limit to form a coalition had EXPIRED, before the JUNE 2020 Coalition.

It was further explained that in addition to Lawful New election in April 2020 being ignored, the Present Unlawful June 2020 Coalition produced Bill No 2, Act 2021, NO 46, on 21.12.2021. This Fraudulent Bill was called law by Higgins, President of a corporation Oireachtas, with NO jurisdiction, NO power since 1989 to sign ANYTHING. It stated that 159 TDs transferred the Dail to a gov Ireland employee called Donnelly, this being TREASON as No jurisdiction to do so.

Higgins WITHOUT jurisdiction, claimed Donnelly can make legislation for his private company WITHOUT telling 159 TDs and 60 Senators or even asking them to vote, so that his company can sell gov Ireland products and FORCE upon Dail the WEF Crown agenda, despite NO election contract to do so. In addition to the above laws stated, this Bill means 159 Unelected TDs as NO valid election, Resigned their power to vote on hate speech etc, in addition to committing TREASON under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, in surrendering Dail to WEF WITHOUT jurisdiction.

I REQUIRE Commissioners Harris and Roberts to enforce the law that they confirmed by their oath to the Proclamation Dail at the GPO on Easter Sunday 2023 and, make immediate arrest of Simon Harris and Leo Varadkar. In addition to these new charges against Trans Humans S. Harris, L Varadkar relating to hate speech, they PRETENDE UK company gov Ireland could Force upon since 1989, the 32 county Sovereign Dail to conceal many crimes.

I file charges under sects 9 and 10 of the NFOATP Act, 1997 and sec 39 Domestic Violence Act, much of which Justice Minister McEntee recently explained to Harris and Varadkar. She explained as Unlawful, the harassing, stalking, surveilance, intimidation, menacing, imprisonment and, court threats, to Force a man or woman into NOT insisting on freespeech, thoughts, or expressing an opinion, as per Harris hate speech.

He has informed the public that, despite NO jurisdiction or ownership of such property rights by WEF company gov Ireland, involved in PLANNED manslaughter, he pland to break the above laws, banned by Proclamation and statute laws, to cause Fear, Apprehension. By implication he HAS caused Fear, Apprehension to personal safety of ALL, claiming a private company owns the Dail and its people are his slaves, he admitted causing Trespass. I file charges on this matter per sect 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, minimum 5 years jail and, charges under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act. I served Notice that myself and Party members refuse consent for hate speech fraud.

I would advise you serve Notice in Principal to Agent, upon CEO of UK company, that he MUST instruct ALL TDs and Senators to cancel their UNLAWFUL TREASON per hate speech, to avoid their arrest. Yours sincerely, g martin

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