PUBLIC Letter. Police Investigation. Further charges Helen McEntee 15th June, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Acts of treason and Fraud

According to public records, as reported LIVE by Rte etc, the second stage Seanad debate, an employee of WEF Crown company gov Ireland, registered in City London, called H McEntee claimed to commit Treason. Media and she, confirmed she spoke as a Justice Minister, NOT as an elected TD, under oath to Protect 1916 Proclamation Guaranteed rights, Ratified as law in 1919 Dail, my Grandfather being Parliamentary Draughtsman. It is reasonable assumption that McEntee, like millions Irish witnessed Captain Doyle at GPO, Easter 2023 reading to police Commissioner, Taioseach etc, said rights guaranteed by law.

She would have heard such rights to freespeech, self determination are NOT property of Dail, they are ONLY held in Trust for next generation. No judge or City London company can remove said rights guaranteed by law. McEntee confirmed that having LOST FG election in 2019 she accepted a job in Varadkar company gov Ireland, he set up SECRETLY in 2019 in order that he could advance his role as WEF Young Leader member, to subvert the Dail and Garda. McEntee corrected McDowell who KNOWINGLY Mislead Seanad by stating hate speech legislation started in 2022. She stated she began said legislation in 2019, her job to Protect gov Ireland Fraud being exposed in media.

She said as Minister of gov Ireland that Most debate about private company, allowed trade ONLY in UK was based on Mis information from media. She said core purpose of legislation is to Protect and ENCOURAGE minority communities and vulnerable, she said NOBODY must be targeted for characteristics of their identity, to do so should result in Prosecution, so if a group was against their religion being censored or removed they would be Prosecuted.

So by her OWN words, if for example an old woman wants to travel on a bus or train and comply with section 296 of 31A, that insists she must NOT wear a mask if stress or agrees with DISCLAIMER NOT safe, she is right, as many such people jailed or fined for complying 296. Public records confirm McEntee ENCOURAGED police to beat up, kidnap old, prosecute them for Complying 296 and their Characteristics of identity that they wish to follow 296 DIRECTIONS, She asked them to follow. According to law, McEntee insisted in Seanad that ALL police, judges, companies like Attorney General, Varadkers company gov Ireland that assisted the crimes she Publicly described, MUST be prosecuted, I agree also.

She went on to state that the Bill does NOT seek to infringe on rights to say offensive things and said hate speech is already a crime in Ireland. She said NO one has a right NOT to be offended, Everyone MUST be offended, even if NOT, this would NOT be possible as Everyone has right to be offended by different things. According to her, if old woman is offended by assault trespass by policemen Forcing her break 296 advice to NOT wear mask, she has NO right to feel offended by assault but, policemen have right to decide what offends an old woman.

McEntee Mis lead public by saying hate speech is crime, as words are NOT physical trespass and McEntee has NO property rights of ANY woman, man speech, as stated in Proclamation law. McEntee Quoted these rights protected by 1919 Constitution and 1922 which Ratified 1916 Proclamation. She also quoted EU Convention Human Rights, also that she UNDERSTOOD these rights which she admitted she hoped to remove until I wrote in and refused CONSENT. She quoted you Have a right express your opinions no matter how unpopular they might be. You have right to be Divisive, argumentative, right to offend others. She said NO right incite hatred against opinions, such as wanting freespeech, so she confirmed she wished commit Treason, a life sentence.

She quoted incitement offences exist under Acts by Oireachtas in 1989 but FAILED point out that I had REPEALED ALL Oireachtas Freestate powers to legislate since 1989, per my Repeal Act of 1922 Freestate Act, per Royal Assent. She Mislead Seanad by NOT reminding that it, like Oireachtas since 1989 and since 1919, NO legislation is valid if it seeks Remove Proclamation rights, she said it would do. Like public, McEntee witnessed ALL seats in Seanad showing the 1922 Freestate Harp copyright of Crown. She concealed that I removed Crown copyright use in 1989. Only valid Seal is Sovereign Eire Harp my Grandfather designed, which can be seen all Irish passports and Garda oath to Validate.

She also failed remind Seanad that like 31A, she has presented legislation marked gov Ireland and Freestate Harp. The Seanad and Dail CANNOT claim copyright of gov Ireland or Crown Harp as would be Fraud. She also failed remind Seanad that the UNELECTED position she holds in Varadkar company gov Ireland, does NOT allow her use TD position to PRETEND UK, WEF company owns Dail. Company records confirm gov Ireland, set up under UK law in 2019 and, upon my inspection in London it is NOT registered to use Crown Harp or trade outside UK, she seeks engage Senators in Fraud. McEntee has NOT reminded Seanad that she was removed as Justice Minister and replaced by S Harris following earlier criminal charges by the peoples party ireland.

McEntee did NOT remind Seanad that she explained sect9 and I explained to her sec 10 of NOFATP Act, 1997, in media, it states offence to use coercive control to Force people to NOT express opinions. These Acts, including sec 39, Domestic Violence Act, CLEARLY state you CANNOT harass, intimidate, use entrapment such as court threats to Force man or woman to do something against their wish. McEntee has assisted Varadkar company to cause me Fear, Apprehension my personal safety, which is 5 years jail, under sec 12, Criminal Justice Act, 1976, I hereby press charges to those already made.

McEntee has concealed from Seanad her attempt to entrap Senators into colluding with MI5 to assist its employers, the Crown, to Replace the Sovereign 32 county Dail with WEF gov Ireland. I file further charges of Treason, neglect of duty and concealment against McEntee, under Criminal Justice Act, 1990. Further charges per her failure to prosecute police working for MI5. I would also point out McEntee provided 31A documents she got law firm , Attorney General prepare as sales adverts for its Main client, gov Ireland, she publicly PRETENDED these were law to ENTRAP Senators despite 31A DISCLAIMER stating NOT law. It is NOT known by public or police that her private company gov Ireland has SECRETLY Stolen 575 Assets, held in Trust by Dail, including Justice Department, HSE, so that they can PRETEND not Dail breaking Proclamation. Yours sincerely, g martin

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