PUBLIC Letter PART 3 Movie Scripts played by WEF Crown puppets 13th July, 2023

In PART 2 of this story I began to list evidence of Fraud carried out on behalf Integrity Ireland Tribunal by its CEO, Manning. He claims that to file charges with police, insist on Correct law is Nonsense. Yet because I asked for correct law and brought in Public letter, to the attention of Chief Justice, the Framing of Manning and grounds for Appeal due to breaking court procedure, this resulted in the success of his Appeal. After my intervention, judge had NO choice but to allow video evidence which confirmed his accuser and police witness made Fraud claims as NO criminal assault physical trspass took place.

I again wrote after his jailing to REQUIRE his release based on court witness evidence that judge DELIBERATELY broke RULE 5 of constitutional Declaration, 2016, making his Ruling null and void. It is fortunate for Manning that UNLIKE him I believe in USING the law that allows you and I to ask for Correct law and refuse to allow some judges to ignore the law and, replace with Personal law to cover Fraud.

Public records confirm Manning made much money copying statute laws from internet and placing in books but NOT any Correct advice on how to use, resulting in many people going to jail. In his books he never explained WHAT an Appeal case MEANS.He implies it is chance to present new evidence to overturn verdict, examole new witness saw something relevant but, this CANNOT be used. The ONLY purpose of Appeal is to examine IF the rules of court procedure were broken, NOT to examine new witness evidence, it would be to late AFTER trial for such new witness.

In the trial of Manning BEFORE Appeal, the judge Broke rules procedure by refusing accused present video evidence, many statute laws call this perverting administration of justice. It was this mistake I pointed out to Chief Justice and REQUIRED his use of special powers of Directions to correct said mistake. This meant Appeal forced to agree video MUST be shown, it confirmed accuser and police witness Framed Manning, breaking many laws. Records confirm judge did NOT order arrest accuser and police.

Records confirm judge introduced a different charge, NOT part of Appeal. He referred to a civil matter, NOT a claim of assault trespass, NO physical trespass or property rights claimed by accuser. In addition to NOT making ANY claim that this WAS proof Appeal did Not show first hearing court rules broken, the judge aware event 6 years old is statute barred after 6 months. Judge made clear he broke RULE 5 Deliberately by introducing a verbal dispute between a man and a woman, where NO physical trespass, property rights claim took place and NOT, connected to Appeal case.

At once I advised Chief Justice of Mis carriage justice and judicial Mis conduct and grounds impeachment judge, for engaging in DEMONSTABLE criminal conduct, per rules court procedure and ststute laws. It is public record that Manning did NOT ask police, court clerks and public to Witness breaking of Appeal court rules and judicial oath and, REQUIRE arrest of judge, instead he accepted Fraud, damaged public confidence in justice. This is one more example of the 15 years of Integrity Ireland behaviour, where they actively encourage court Fraud by taking part in and, PRETENDING it is correct, complaining if people object said Fraud.

It would be good advice for Manning to Actually study the statute laws he copied into his books, instead of telling me that his books are nonsence and my quoting statute law is also nonsense, so he says. In his books he informs us per his comments, that he does NOT understand the difference between a company in relation to a man or woman. He implies companies have property rights over man, woman. He has also had hidden in his book that in 2013, on instructions of Vatican Governance, I served Notice on Integrity Ireland and courts service, the Motu Proprio, Highest Law Authority document in the world.

It explained in Principal to Agent to Mannning etc, that the OWNERS of birth certificate Trust companies is Vatican Governance, man or woman CANNOT enter Bar Courts to Pretend Owner said property rights. Like the Chief Justice, Manning understood the Motu is Higher authority than King, the Owner of courts service called Crown Temple also accepts this authority, yet he claimed bith cert Fraud cases, it being 35 year jail sentence says V Governance.

Manning Fully understood he UNLAWFULLY advised and represented men and women, to partake in Tusla child court cases, in which Tusla claimed birth cert property rights OWNED by Vatican Governance, this being Fraud and could be deemed child trafficking, under current laws. In PART 4, I will advise public of the Many SECRETS about Crwon fraud that Integrity Ireland and other companies kept, in order that they could be part of the criminal gangs still looting Eire as a colony.

We are lucky as a nation since 1989 because people like my Grandfather saw the new WEF Empire of Crown BEFORE it came and, prepared with great pieces of paper, like the 1916 Proclamation, ratified as Dail foundation law 1919, many died for this important piece of paper. You MUST awaken to the power of the laws written in 1916 Proclamation that Crown tried to HIDE but, the MAN from Ulster could NOT be bought, Freedom is for MEN, slavery is for Sheep.

ALL across Ireland we learn that policemen, judges, TDs etc are NOT born with ANY property rights over man , woman, we pay them to Protect us from UK Crown companies like gov Ireland, Oireachtas etc. For over 40 years I have stood Alone against the Crown, as a thousand years before my clansmen stood against the Vikings while Europe bowed in Fear. Use the documents I got you, to finish Crown and its Agent WEF. bye for now letters to write g martin

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