PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation Mullingar Police Assault on Public Anti corruption Unit Garda, 4th May, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts,

Further to my filing criminal charges against Chief Superintendent Fregus Healy, per my letters 26th and 31st March, 2023, I write to express Further concerns about Unlawful trafficking UNDOCUMENTED illegal migrants. Myself and members the peoples party ireland note that the illegal trafficking by men acting for Healy appears to have stopped but, NO arrests, prosecution of migrants breaking 2004 Immigration Act, or arrest of police assisting said crimes. Public records and law confirms that for over 6 weeks, Healy employed, encouraged, by their Own account, men to break Garda oath and statute laws, by human trafficking and assaulting ANYONE reporting Fraud as above.

As Irish Times told police and public, Dublin Airport Immigration Records confirm over 10,000 UNDOCUMENTED illegal immigrants were Helped by Mullingar police and others, to break 2004 Immigration Act, for bribes media stated. Another company of Daily Mail called Extra ie revealed details Garda National Immigration Bureau investigation. They exposed Senior Garda running cash for visas SCAM, with a Pakistani fixer gang.

It was found 800 Pakistanis entered Ireland since 2017, with Garda accepting BRIBES upwards of 10,000 euros to Falsely stamp visa of illegal migrants, in return NO questions asked, as seen at Mullingar. The Pakistani Fixer would arrange busloads Pakistan nationals to arrive at certain Garda stations for this illegal stamping, like Garda busloads arriving late nights Mullingar, having arrived as students on language visa, where similar sums paid. Further evidence revealed in 2015, Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald found an exodus of Pakistan males from UK, on RUN for committing crimes, often using stolen funds to bribe Garda help hide, perhaps same at Mullingar,

Public concern is that Chief Superintendent might possibly have done same at Mullingar. It seems instead of arrest, deportation, they have been moved into new housing built for Mullingar Irish Homeless. It seems also, that Many Mullingar applicants for this council housing have been either removed or placed to back of housing list for, as Irish Times explained, illegal immigrants, now being recruited as police on low wages. One old lady, called Alice, was told the protection she got from reporting crimes of Healy, in addition to police beating her, stealing, damaging her property, is that she also is now removed from housing list.

The council informed this 70 years old woman that after being on housing list for 17 years she is no longer a woman, her new status being a single person, she NOT consenting to council calling her a property company person. In addition council having NO property rights to claim a woman is now a single person company, NOT a woman, her landlord claims police will pay 50 per cent higher rent if he rents her home to police immigrants they imported.

I understand in due course, she will be making charges against landlord if he claims to intimidate her to either pay or move out, to assist police human trafficking to replace Irish, as part of Young Leaders Programme. I would be most grateful if you could confirm that the Breaking 2004 Immigration Act, by staff claiming instructed by Chief Superintendent F Healy does NOT inclide Pakistani migrants.

Can you please explain why Stolen goods of police Victim that reported brakeing of 2004 Immigration Act have NOT been returned, police having assaulted publicly and admitted said theft and assault, NO arrest of Garda still lose to re offend. Yours sincerely, g martin

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