PUBLIC Letter PART 2 Movie scripts played by WEF Crown puppets 8th July, 2023

In PART 1 many people read the script played from 1922 to 1989 by the Crowns Freestate corporations, Oireachtas and courts service and role each Taioseach played as British Dominion Minister, looting our wealth for Crown. You read of theft in 1964 London Fisheries Convention of our 200 nautical miles BASE line of Atlantic, when Dominion colony Minister Taioseach Lemass was ORDERED PRETEND colony was a country called Ireland. You read how UK PRETENDED with Oireachtas that its British Dominion colony was a country called Ireland so UK could enter with its colony the EEC, now EU and get 2 seats.

You read that in 1989 I obtained Royal Assent and Repealed Oireachtas Freestate powers and Partition, also Partition and Royal Ulster Constabulary. That the country Ireland that ENDED in 1922 RETURNED in 1989 as Ireland. You read since 1989, the Crown criminal company OireachtasPRETENDED to still have Freestate powers and ran colony for Crown, WEF Young Leaders Programme as a private gang. You read how they Looted Ireland since 1989 by using UNLICENSED since 1924 courts service, allowing court to set up private London police, reg 89000354, which 709.02 million profits the court Owners share, UNKNOWN to public.

You read that Oireachtas exposed by me set up in 2019 London company gov Ireland, registered Owner Varadkar, Alan Kelly Business Manager, to stage 2020 coup for WEF Young Leaders Programme backed by Crowns MI5 security services. Like most people you would ask the question how since 1922, the criminal companies Oireachtas and courts service got away with running Crown colony in Total Secrecy. One of the reasons, particularly since 1989 when Oireachtas LOST Freestate powers, was the network of under cover journalists and Tribunals it set up to HIDE these SECRETS and give Fraud information.

I hasten to point out their are 2 types of Crown puppets, the ones paid or blackmailed to betray the people and, the ones so stupid that they do NOT understand fraud they spread, you get to decide which. It has been major help to Oireachtas the damage these groups cause, by giving people False hopes by tricking them into incorrect court cases that have NO prospect of success. These people twist small law details to fool people into NOT reporting crimes to Garda, instead reporting crimes to courts, whoose job is NOT to investigate crimes, as it is Garda job. In many cases, crimes that could be fixed at once are NOT reported to police, for Profit these UNLICENSED courts PRETEND to accept and, in due course refuse as NOT their job investigate crime.

ALL these solicitors and advisors etc, use this charade to collect donations, fees for something they know WILL go no where. It also makes people think NO justice exists, so NO point seeking said justice, this is Hidden Plan. With this in mind, I would submit on twitter some pages of what CEO of great asset of courts service, Integrity Ireland Tribunal wrote to me on Integrity website and you Will note NO INTEGRITY to be seen. I might also point out that CEO Manning placed me on Integrity website and chat show WITHOUT even asking me and, at HIS invitation I placed some of the Public letters, for Public information.

The Public letters are NOT my personal opinion, they simply state what a man or woman might claim in public and I list the statute laws that state what was said was or was not, correct law. As you read the Refusal of Manning to answer a simple question of law, you will find he changes the subject to telling me how great the work he has done but NO papers of ANY work done, he makes every insult possible against my work, all of which is Proven with Crown papers validated Crown Seals. I for my part made NO insult, just asked a law question he was Unable to answer. On his website he will have read and seen the Many Crown Parliamentary Acts I Repealed, Many while he was still in short pants.

He will also have read in Public letters that people asked to be informed, the various criminal charges filed with Garda Anti Corruption Unit, listing evidence and statutes ACTUALLY broken. I have NOT seen ANY public filing of criminal charges by Manning, ONLY his Personal complaints to courts service, which they CAN ignore, as NOT police and NOT required to investigate crime. In public letters you will note I did NOT make ANY claim to fame, did NOT seek donations UNLIKE Manning that DID ALL these things and, did NOT make ANY insults to Manning.

From HIS disclosure we have ALL learned much from how CEOs think they know everything and we know nothing. When challenged with FACTS, they claim right to ignore and insult, what Manning accuses judges of is in Fact his behaviour to ALL people. It is public record that whilst I was working hard for over 40 years with Buckingham Palace negotiations per Repeal of 1920 and 1922 Acts, he was playing golf with his police friends until he fell out with them. It is public record that Integrity Ireland website KNOWINGLY concealed the fraud courts service and ENDING of Freestate in 1989, taking MAIN role in shadow banning my Certified documents.

Shortly before his recent jailing, his court masters asked him to assist groups like John Waters in PRETENDING hate speech passed and no Proclamation and, to Ban me publishing Public letters on Integrity website. I simply responded to his website information, in which he advised public to search website of Law Society, it being under police investigation, for information on new hate speech legislation. I simply corrected himthat hate speech NOT passed as NOT approved by Senead and, correctly added the 1916 Proclamation, Ratified as Foundation law of Dail in 1919 BANS Any interference with Freespeech, ANY hate speech Bill would be null, void per law.

At once he understood that once people understand they can write into Dail, as I did and REQUIRE Dail guarantee Freespeech, self determination per Proclamation and choose follow Directions of Proclamation. I advised Seanator McDowell that I do NOT consent, hence hate speech bill stopped, unlike Manning that did nothing except PRETEND passed. Like the courts service, he understands men , women do NOT need pay services of Integrity Ireland or solicitors to tell them what is GUARANTEED in Proclamation, he and solicitors lose job, all about the money.

At once he sent me many pages telling me how stupid I am for quoting Certified documents whose purpose is to inform. He went on to say how smart he was in saying something is passed, despite NOT and banned by Proclamation law. He also told me of his great work in Exposing court fraud, his toatal contempt for law, police etc despite his Willingness to Partake and support this UNLICENSED court fraud and its UK police, its evidence not admissable in court. He, as you can read his Own words, claims that it is stupid to believe in statute laws, police, courts etc if CEOs appointed bt Young Leaders are in charge, we must accept slavery as he proudly does,

He claims it is stupid to file criminal charges against CEOs and make police aware of laws he hid from police. He claims if police NOT told of crimes, it means ALL are bad, how so if not told of crimes. For over 40 years much of my work was easy to keep SECRET as my ONLY tool was the postage stamp. Each time I sent documents to journalists, Times, Independent etc, I was told thanks NOT yet doing story. In modern times, websites like Integrity Ireland, O Doherty, Waters etc, ALL refused like 40 years ago, to publish my Crown documents, so public could learn and NOT need solicitors think for them.

After telling me he is selling law books that he thinks contain useless information and giving people false hopes, I asked him confirm so I could pass on to his customers, so they could save their money. At Once he removed me from websites of Integrity, said I must NOT Look or write on Integrity websites. So his site is like You Tube, if you state correct law you are banned. In his writing he claims my stating correct law, filing police charges is Proof I am pedantic, detail obsessed individual, obseesed with own peculiar version of law, obsessive nonsence.

He goes on to say this letter writing, it ACTUALLY being account of police charges made is noise echoing in empty chamber. He says face reality, stop wallowing in pointless confidence in law, he claims law is joke, despite his making money on coping said laws from internet and calling it his Own work. He goes on to claim that CEOs could not give a, uses bad language, turn your talents to something that WILL produce results such as he has done past 15 years. ALL above is his Own words, nonsense which he has given to judges and made fool himself and gone to jail for insulting nonsense.

In PART 3 I will list the documents that prove Manning 15 years have achieved his losing every case, obtaining criminal records and jail and, MANY people led to jail for following his incorrect law advice. Bye for now.

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