PUBLIC Letter PART1 Dail Returns from Capture of Crowns Fianna Fail, 4th July, 2023

From reading the Public letters many people now undertand that my Grandfather set up the First Dail and set us Free from 1918 to 1922. Also that Devalera and Collins set us up as a British Dominion colony from 1922 to 1989. So for 67 years you were an Unfree British Dominion colony UNTIL my bits of paper set you FREE in 1989 by using the law like my Grandfather did, NOT using bullets like the Servants of the Crown like the IRB Collins and Develera did in 1916.

You have learned each year since Easter 1989, the President of the Oireachtas who LOST the title of President Ireland in 1989 and the Taoiseach, who LOST the title of British Dominion Minister, each year celebrate at the GPO the Freestate which HAS been dead for 33 years since I closed it down in 1989, a Fraud to impress public. So now you ask Who and Why were these SECRETS kept from You, like gov Ireland coup in March 2020 and, removal of the Garda oath and the Proclamation, by UK registered police 89000534 OWNED by courts service NO license since 1924 to hold courts, it is called TREASON.

You learn how Johnson and Johnson made mRNA and told gov Ireland, NOT 33rd Dail, that it is so dangerous they will NOT sell it UNLESS gov Ireland guaranteed NO liability if withdrawn due to deaths and injuries, which HAS happened and, in countries like Norway etc compensation paid to VICTIMS. You learn how J and J was so dangerous that gov Ireland ALSO gave itself NO liability in the 31A DISCLAIMER that You FAILED to understand, it WARNED NO guarantee as safe or law, so NO liability as you CHOSE to take at OWN risk as YOU IGNORED said WARNING.

You learn now that gov Ireland encouraged You Tube to break the law and CONTINUE to advertise the WITHDRAWN J and J, Astra Zeneca, stating NO risk and essential to life, even though HPRA Regulator C851, C852 said it is dangerous and NOT works in 2020 BEFORE roll out began. Many people begin to understand that WEF Crown company called gov Ireland, its registered OWNER Varadkar, have traded OUTSIDE the UK breaking UK and Irish company law and, CAPTURED the 33rd Dail for WEF sale of mRNA, making EMA license null and void, under Helsinki Declaration, this Fraud is called TREASON, life jail per 1990 Criminal Justice Act.

Many people now undertand how LUCKY they are that in 1919 my Grandfather got Ratified as Dail law the Proclamation that says Varadkars 2020 coup is called TREASON, jail for him and ANYONE that assisted said coup. It is also LUCKY that in 1989 I got BACK our Dail that my Grandfather set up in 1919, BACK from F Fail Crown Agents, per Royal Assent, so we CAN use it to CLOSE the Crowns WEF gov Ireland private company NO more power than McDonalds, like the Unlawful company, courts service and its private police, 89000534.

It is also LUCKY that I recorded the TREASON by Enda Kenny and others when they REPLACED Royal Ulster Constabulary whose jurisdiction I Removed in 1989, with the Crowns PSNI in a coup in 6 counties, which if successful would be extended into the 26 counties in 2020 coup and, Replacement of Garda with UK police 89000534. It is also LUCKY that I recorded EVIDENCE, that because the 1989 coup went Unnoticed by MI5 Agent Harris, he was instructed in 2020 carry out SAME coup for WEF company, gov Ireland.

It is also LUCKY that I recorded Evidence of Crown Agents Waters, O Doherty and Integrity Ireland Tribunal that colluded with Unlicensed courts service to assist Harris of MI5 and said WEF company, gov Ireland. As Biden celebrates 4th July, His Agents, S Fein contolled by MI5 celebrates their success in spending the 4.6 million dollars Bidens Foreign Relations Richard Hass gave them, to support the MI5 gov Ireland coup, all nicely recorded in USA tax records all fund raisers have to declare. Bye for now, Yours sincerely g martin


  • Lawrence Mcgartland

    Your a GOOD MAN G.MARTIN .the sooner these people are brought to task. The better for Eire an it people.

  • This is very important information about our country that most people have never heard of this Great information needs to be made public as soon as possible and those who have lied and lied to the people of Ireland to be held accountable for their actions 🎬 and the treasonous carry on by them

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