PUBLIC Letter PART 1 Movie scripts Played by WEF Crown Puppets 2nd July, 2023

Many people have noticed that WEF puppets Mislead them about law. Recently they have worked hard to PRETEND a London company, set up in 2019 for the 2020 coup, named gov Ireland, can REPLACE the 32 county Dail I returned in 1989 per my Repeal of 1922 Freestate Act and Partition. You have heard them tell you that UK company gov Ireland, with NO more power than McDonalds, was set up in SECRET so you woulld NOT know, which is called TREASON, so must be kept SECRET to avoid many civil servants going to jail.

It was also kept SECRET from you that Another Crown WEF company called courts service, was closed DOWN in 1924 when my Grandfather REFUSED to break the law, by NOT granting them 1924 Court Enactment Order license as he had already opened the Yearly licensed court, called the Sovereign Dail Eireann courts and, still licensed in 2023. It was also kept SECRET from You that another Crown company set up in 1920 by the Government of Ireland Act, called Oireachtas, had to change its name in 1922 to a new company called Freestate corporation.

It was kept SECRET from You that my Grandfather set up in 1920 the peoples party ireland to obtain Royal Assent to REPEAL said Fraud Acts of 1920 and 1922, as the FIRST Dail began in January, 1919 to 1922 long before Freestate or F Fail captured it again for the Crown who engaged them to commit TREASON. It was kept SECRET that the FIRST Dail began with the result of 32 county election mandate, as WITHNESSED by Lord Lexden and verified for the Crown, which the Party S Fein that my Grandfather and Arthur Griffith set up in 1906, NOT the prsent S Fein set up by Crowns MI5, in which his party won majority vote won on promise of Ratification of 1916 Proclamation, which was Ratified as Dail Foundation law in 1919.

The 1918 election held in 32 counties, was called by the King and witnessed, verified by Lord Lexden. They set up the Dail, which had NOTHING to do with the Freestate corporation or F Fail, that I closed DOWN in 1989, per Royal Assent. As you have read in the CERTIFIED Crown documents, it was kept SECRET from YOU, that NO country called Ireland existed from 1922 until 1989, as it WAS a British Dominion colony. It was kept SECRET from You that until 1989 the position of Taioseach was ACTUALLY British Dominion Minister, his job to LOOT it for the Crown and his Share.

It was kept SECRET from You that UNTIL 1989 when I ENDED it, you were STILL paying English landlords ground rents for the land You THOUGHT landlords company, 1922 Freestate gave you for FREE. It was also kept SECRET from YOU that UNTIL 1989 you also paid the war debts for 2 German wars that were fought for the Crown, on money borrowed from Jewish bankers, Warburgs and Rothschild, like Irish bankers they will finance ANY crime.

It was also kept SECRET UNTIL 1989, that You were STILL paying SAME banks for the artillery, ammunition, uniforms and British Army recruits that Winston Churchill sent to his Agents Collins and Develera as they asked for in their letters to him, to help recover 32 counties for Crown, LOST in 1918 election. It was also kept SECRET that in 1972 the Crown entered its British Dominion colony as a PRETEND country called Ireland, kept SECRET from Irish as was their 200 nautical miles of Atlantic Ocean , internationally recognised BASE line, which USA and UK would like to take back after I got it back in 1989.

This makes the NEW country, that Freestate made a colony UNTIL I FREEDit in 1989, as my Grandfather did in 1918, the LARGEST country in the WEST and NOT a member of the EU, which was originally called EEC. Kept SECRET from the Irish was the fish and oil rightsSTOLEN by Collins and Develera from the Dail in 1922 for Crown use, were used to gain entry to the EEC by UK and its British Dominion colony to STEAL our wealth, UNTIL I recovered them in 1989, also kept SECRET from Irish. As Parliamentary documents confirm, Ireland did NOT LAWFULLY enter the EU, UN, WHO etc as it had No Lawful courts service and, was a British Dominion colony, NOT a country, these contracts are between Crown company Oireachtas and EU, it being Notified that since 1989 Oireachtas is NOT Dail, is private company like McDonalds, no jurisdiction transfer Assets ONLY held in Trust by Dail.

As Parliamentary records confirm, ALL Dail elections since 1922 were NOT 32 county elections and, since end of the 26 county Freestate in 1989, ALL elections are Void, including the UK elections in the 6 counties. It is also public records that ALL mRNA covid debts etc are NOTHING to do with the 33rd Dail, as they were entered into between chemical companies and private UK company, gov Ireland, set up in 2019 for the 2020 Dail coup to interfere and remove a Sovereign national government called Dail Eireann.

It is also public records that the courts service confirmed in 2018 that it has NO jurisdiction to hold ANY courts and records confirm it SECRETLY set up its OWN London police registered as 89000534 to PRETEND they were Garda to create and collect Fraudulent fines. According public records, in addition to NO license, courts service private police evidence is NOT admissable in its Fraud courts as it is VESTED interests to use its OWN staff to invent fines income from the public. RIGHTLY, the public DEMAND to know how the Victories against the Crown since 1920 to the present, by my Grandfather and I, are so SECRET that you have to look them up in dusty public archives.

In PART 2,I will begin to explain the different criminal organisations, which is correct to state if they broke statute and Proclamation laws, that the Freestate set up to HIDE my work. For 30 pieces of silver, MANY generations of IRISH, NOT the current CHARADE of blaming the poor Jews, happily committed TREASON for the Kings shilling as us old ones say. As I always say in my letters, I try NOT to give my personal opinions or make ANY claims for fame, I simply state the event and list the CERTIFIED evidence which is available to ALL in public archives. I might also point out that I have listed ONLY a SMALL sample of the results of my work, carried out at my OWN expense and, shadow banned, as UNSEEN, by FRIGHTENED career criminals UNAWARE I closed down their Freestate corporation 33 years ago. Bye for now letters to write. g martin

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