PUBLIC Letter to Adaire Fox Martin, President, Google Ireland, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4

Dear adaire fox martin, ref Making Public medical claims and Diagnosis in Personal capacity as woman, 28th June, 2023

According to public record, you are passionate about Global social issues, as Enterprise Ambassador for the UK, a Main speaker at WEF 2020 Davos and,as graduate of Trinity College supporting Varadkars 2019 WEF gov Ireland company and, its plan to take over the 33rd Dail. Public record claims you are in the top 50 most powerful women and, at the Davos 2020 summit you Concealed WEF Young Leaders member, Varadkar plan to set up London firm, gov Ireland, for 2020 Dail coup and to sell medical products he bought in 2018 and sell mRNA made by Bio Orgenesis owned by husband of EU Commission President Von Leyen, she also using public office to sell her products, publicly concealing KNOWN side effects like death, destruction of immune system etc.

According to public records, your company is registered in Ireland as 368047 and is operating under Irish Laws, unlike Varadkar company, gov Ireland. You would agree, you CANNOT break statute and Proclamation Laws. You claim in your registration records that you represent Google Ireland operating services for You Tube, subject to Irish Law, to provide a platform for Original content providers to provide a forum for the public, as Opposed to providing platform for reps selling Mis information on matters such as mRNA.

You claim this is essential for the public REQUIREMENT to allow public to engage in Constructive Criticism and in sharing public knowledge and, to allow 18 statute laws that REQUIRE listing of Known side effects. Yet according to Your conditions, You state I Must agree to waive my rights Guaranteed under the Irish Proclamation and statute laws, to List Known side effects to enable the public to avoid such side effects. You state if I do NOT agree to resist stating said risks listed by the Regulator of Ireland called HPRA, NOT called the WHO as you claimed, to also resist stating same risks manufacturer warn of and, instead you INSIST I Must list Misinformation given by Your advertisers of medical products, then I CANNOT use the FORUM for the purpose of listing Known side effects. Per your public statements at the WEF in support of WEF London company set up in 2019 to sell medical products like PCR, bought by Varadkar in 2018, aware UNABLE to detect ANY virus, you use deception to advance YOUR Vested interests per profits.

By Your conditions seeking that I Must NOT list correct information, you WOULD be breaking Irish Law. I write to enquire before pressing criminal charges against you, if you order staff to break law, perhaps they lie. I have sent to viewers around the world 2 pages of the crimes You Yube imply you committed in its attempt to conceal attempted Manslaughter of staff employed by gov Ireland to sell medical fraud.Your letter, dated 28th June, 2023 informs d. delaney that our team has removed his content of 26th June, 2023 because we think it violates OUR medical Misinformation policy.

You Deliberately make Your claim void by NOT stating the name of the man or woman making claim that they CAN make Public medical claims and diagnosis, a word called Team is NOT a name. In said video that your staff imply that you Saw, it states that members of ANY company such as You Tube or HSE etc CANNOT make public medical claims or diagnosis, which You claim you can based on you having NO medical qualifications, which is a jailable offence in Ireland and ALL EU countries also.

You claim to note the video stated that Delaney Lawfully stated SI NO 541 2007 of the Advertising Regulations, EU Directives 200183 transposed into Irish Law and, EU Council Directives 20029363 on use Medical products. You also confirm EU Council Directives 200298, also 200424 and, video also quoting MISUSE of Drugs Act, 1977. You understood public at risk from Manslaughter etc, from manager Kehoe of HSE per Her own written directions, she having confirmed she broke the HSE above laws you read and seek to conceal for profit at risk public health.

In your letter, your staff confirm that You call this Correct information as MISINFORMATION and, You claim You Tube does NOT allow content that causes serious risk, such as YOU claiming above laws are MISINFORMATION. You go on to state You Tube does NOT allow content that spreads Misinformation about currently administered vaccines approved and confirmed safe and effective by local health authorities like the Who. You confirmed the video You removed stated that delaney informed police, HSE etc of local Regulator HPRA documents C851, C852, these confirmed by Dail Government FOI replies, that mRNA does NOT work and is NOT safe and, said information still current is available for period of 3 years, BEFORE Irish roll out began.

You confirmed delaney stated that Manufacturers etc, gave public warnings that Astra Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson mRNA medical device, its Correct description, as withdrawn for causing deaths and injuries. You confirmed delaney stated EMA license stated Emergency use, NOT general use. As the word Emergency MEANS, an Emergency is IF a healthy person is Likely to die but, NOT possible as 99.9 percent say HSE etc, have immune recovery NO drugs. You confirmed delaney listed ALL HSE documents, unlike your letter, CERTIFIED with signatures of S Moore and E Kelly which confirm masks, lockdowns, distancing etc as dangerous and useless, as stated on RTE TV. By Your OWN admission, delaney complied with EU Council Directives to list side effects ALLOWED to be made by public and. You Concealed said side effects and replaced with your Own public medical claims, which 18 statute laws ban you doing.By your public admission you have assisted Manslaughter by breaking laws delaney stated, per his desire to save lives.

For some strange reason, you have advised media around the world that You Tube BANS statute laws, EU Council Directives and, HSE and HPRA medical records as MISINFORMATION. You have publicly claimed that Astra Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson etc, pushed by Your colleagues at WEF and Trinity College, is safe and the public must use it, even though the manufacturer and the Who say you are lying, per your letter of support for your medical claims and diagnosis now being read around the world which may catch more VICTIMS your advice UNAWARE you lie to sell.

I would REQUIRE that you confirm within 12 hours as to , was it you or CEO Neal Mohan of You Tube that directed that the firm must support criminal assault trespass of Manslaughter against d delaney when he was Victim of coercive control by stated HSE managers. I REQUIRE this information on behalf of voters of the peoples party ireland in order to file charges against men and women guilty of Manslaughter and selling medical products for company, gov Ireland. I should caution you that we have collected from the public, over 200 You Tube videos in which your firm played a leading role in assisting planned Manslaughter by WEF company, gov Ireland.

It WILL be the intention of the Party to seek prosecution in licensed since 1919, the Dail Eireann Court and, seek extradition of You Tube staff who admitted similar to crimes above. To save lives, I REQUIRE re instatement of the video, it also being in your best interests as ANYONE now taking Your advice to take said WITHDRAWN items will make you Personally liable, as will ANYONE having already taken and NOT seeking immediate tests, observations based on your false claim as NOT withdrawn and safe per YOUR GUARANTEE. Yours sincerely, g martin.

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