PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation of FURTHER charges Senator M McDowell 16th June,2023

Dear Commissioner J Roberts, Garda Anti Corruption Unit, Phoenix Park

According public records, Rte etc reported Live the second stage Seanad debate, at which Senator McDowell claimed, per his comments, that he wished to help private company gov Ireland take control of Dail by silencing public debate. According public and Garda records I already had pressed charges of Treason, assisting coup by private company gov Ireland per public fraud McDowell took part in,similar to acts of Treason for Crown company, Oireachtas that he publicly carried out in 1989 when Oireachtas LOST its Freestate powers. I sent Commissioner Clavin the Reply the peoples party ireland representative obtained from President Higginsof Oireachtas, NOT President of Ireland, said title Ended in 1989 when I REMOVED Oireachtas Freestate powers, per Royal Assent, as Required under 1922 Constitution.

President of Crown Oireachtas did NOT dispute my claim that Varadkar WEF company, controlled by MI5, was set up in London,is subject UK company law, to assist MI5 Agent, Drew Harris to REMOVE Garda, as he did in 6 counties with PSNI City London police, NO jurisdiction operate in since 1989, the 32 county Ireland, also to assist take over of 32 county Dail. I advised Higgins that staff of gov Ireland UNLAWFULLY banned 112 TDs from covid Bill vote, said company selected TDs, of which Many were offered jobs in new company gov Ireland and, further bribe of election funding if they allowed said WEF company run the Dail as if private property of said company. The President was advised he could NOT sign legislation of WEF UK company and PRETEND it was Dail copyright as it stated, like 31a, that copyright was gov Ireland and, DISCLAIMER said NOT law, NOT safe, NO liability as OWN choice to ignore, as 2 High court Rulings stated in 2020.

President also advised that it was NOT voted on Final reading as TDs in hurry to NOT be found out on ACT of TREASON. Also I reminded that NO Bill could be signed by Seanad UNTIL 11 nominated seats filled, which took place in June,2020 NOT March. President did NOT dispute but said it is to late Reverse his act of Treason once he signed, aware that ANY Bill that seeks to Remove Proclamation rights is immediately null and void. Given also that he would be aware BEFORE signing, that Seanad and Oireachtas had NO power to sign since 1989 as private Crown company with NO Freestate powers, which I removed in 1989, by his OWN hand, he continued said act of Treason and ignored the law.

Public records confirm that he next asked McDowell and 9 senators to challenge my Lawful claim in High court. The panel of 3 judges told McDowell that UNTIL 11 nominated seats filled, Seanad CANNOT sign ANY Bill. If signed, this would render ANY further 31A additions null and void, as having commenced on INCURABLY void contract. In addition, said judges informed the 10 Senators that they should NOT waste court time asking what was OBVIOUS. From that point, McDowell and 9 Senators PRETENDED 31A was law, ENCOURAGED police to abuse and place under arrest the general public and decieve the Seanad. Many old people were beaten up, dragged off buses for NOT breaking 296 of 31A that said NOT wear mask if stress or Agree with DISCLAIMER stating NOT law, NOT safe, this additional to 3 judges telling him NOT law, yet he continued in Contempt of High court Ruling NOT law.

Public records confirm McDowell never Once told Seanad that it UNLAWFULLY signed covid Bill in March, 2020 as High court told him, instead he allowed Seanad and public THINK UK company gov Ireland was above the law and, could claim assault trespass and property rights over Dail assets such as HSE, justice department and 575 Assets SECRETLY stolen from 33rd Dail and transferred to WEF Crown company, registered Owner L Varadkar. McDowell did NOT inform Seanad that SECRETLY to assist Varadkar company, Garda had been SECRETLY replaced with 8900534City London police, registered OWNER being Bar Association courts service, having NO court license since 1924.

McDowell did NOT inform Seanad that Varadkar as CEO gov Ireland could NOT also hold public office and appoint MI5 Agent Harris and Young Leader member Clavin as Anti Corruption Garda Commissioner to Protect fraud by his company, gov Ireland. McDowell did NOT inform Seanad that Varadkar also appointed CEO of DPP to protect his company fraud and, with Enda Kenny set up and selected Police Authority mainly of Young Leaders members like himself and members of Unlicensed courts, Law society and Rte, to advertise and Protect his company products, concealing known death risks etc. McDowell also called in 1989 by Oireachtas when I forced the election after ENDING Freestate corporation and Partition. Haughey allowed McDowell and his PDs party to share power, for legal assistance to hide fraud and PRETEND Freestate still in power, when NOT.

In 1989 I sent McDowell copy of my Repeal of Oireachtas Freestate powers, closure of Seanad and copyright to use Crown Harp removed.Also copy of my Grandfathers Parliamentary DIRECTIONS to Freestate government, via Attorney General dated 1924 as Parliamentary draughtman. It CLEARLY stated in 1924 that WITHOUT 1924 Cort Enactment Order, the Freestate has NO valid courts service. The ONLY valid court being the 1919 Dail Eireann courts, license renewed 2023, per public records. In recent times I sent copy of work by A Holst showing Supreme court Transcripts of 2018, in which former chief justice Clarke confirms NO enactment order. Holst advised in 2018 ALL 160 TDs, Justice minister etc and again in 2023 confirmation that they have NO jurisdiction hold ANY court.

In hate speech Bill, public witnessed McDowell state that he once held position of Attorney General and as such, had PRETENDED courts service had a license, despite NO license since 1924, making ALL verdicts null and void. So by his OWN actions, he has shown himself to be guilty of serious crimes to help criminal gangs run Ireland for the Crown and send its taxes to Crown after deducting their share, as highest paid career criminals in the world. According public records, McDowell did NOT once advise Seanad that until 1989, Ireland was NOT Freestate, it was British Dominion colony, paying British German war debt and ground rents to English landlords.

He Concealed FACT that until 1989 our head of state was Queen, that Freestate corporation paid 3 times the value of Irish land stolen by English landlords, financed by loans from Jewish bankers, Warburgs, Rothschild. He Concealed FACT that courts service is owned by City London firm, Crown Temple and Revenue owned by Northern Trust, staling Dail taxes for Crown. Said court has NO license and employs UK police 89000534 for fraud braking of statute laws and Garda oath and Garda Act 2005. Having played MAJOR role in assisting Crown company Oireachtas to run Ireland as private company for Crown since 1989, allowed as Attorney General, the MI5 remove Garda jurisdiction of 6 counties using UK company, PSNI, so that Crown can have military bases on Irish soil.

Public records confirm I sent McDowell copy of Irish and EU laws that inform him police CANNOT detain old in care homes for genetic experiments and HPRA Regulator signed documents on covid. He refused present to Seanad C851, C852 stating mRNA NOT safe, NOT works or, C846, C847, C848, C849, C850, stating lockdowns, distancing, masks as useless, dangerous or c839, says NO covid found, this being certified position HSE, HPRA that gov Ireland products and advice are dangerous and NOT law. Records confirm it was I, NOT McDowell that presented to ALL 160 TDs, 60 Senators this certified position that gov Ireland adverts prepared by A General and McEntee were NOT safe or law, as 31A DISCLAIMER stated, this is the purpose of freespeech and listing side effects that Seanad Pretend can remove.

It would seem that guilt feelings for the Many old people that respected McDowell knowledge of law, trust in his advice, took mRNA etc his Seanators Pretended as safe etc, he could have helped me spread the truth, instead he BETRAYED us ALL, as they say, NO money in telling the truth. Having established his credentials with ABSOLUTE proof, I now move to the Charade he has took part in Seanad, perhaps he did deal with police to avoid arrest or perhaps not, yet I would say his position is now worse. McDowell told Seanad that as former Attorney General he is the man to TRUST but, public records confirm he kept another SECRET, the Fisheries Convention, London, 9th March, 1964, where our wealth was used as a bribe by Crown to French.

Unknown to Irish, Most of our territory is under the sea, 220 million acres, that is 880,000 sq km, internationally recognised, was owned by UK as British Dominion colony until 1989 when I got it back. IN 1964 it was given by UK to EEC under terms 1964 Convention, which terms allowed me to DENOUNCE said fraud, as you will read. The Deal was French allowed UK entry into EEC and two seats, one for its British Dominion colony which it PRETENDED was a country called Ireland, French got to keep this slice of Atlantic and its fish, under which its extensive oil riches etc belong to Ireland. The Crown ordered its British Dominion Minister, Irish title Taioseach Sean Lemass 1959 to 1966 to COMPLY with the charade that in 1972, British colony PRETENDED it was Not and entered EEC as Ireland despite NOT until 1989.

The Treaty of 1964 arranged by Crown, NOT Freestate corporation, PERISHED on 2nd July, 2017 when UK removed itself from Treaty, agreeing with me it was Fraud. Queen speech 21.6.2017 DENOUNCEDas Fraud, 1964 Fisheries Convention, that McDowell allowed to be PRETENDED as NOT DENOUNCED to cheat Irish fishermen. In accordance with law, the peoples party ireland Notifiedon 20.8.1989 Crown and its Agents Oireachtas of 32 county Dail voters DENOUNCMENT by Dail voters, of said Fisheries Convention, 2 years notice given in 1989.

Under Article 15 of said 1964 Treaty, ANY contracting party, such as Dail voters like myself, after 20 years, may DENOUNCE Convention Treaty with 2 years written notice to Crown, which I did in 1989. In accordance with law, in 1991, my having sent copies above documents, maps of sea etc, in Principal to Agent to McDowell as Attorney General in 1999, also again in 2002 when he was Justice Minister. Public records confirm that since 1991, McDowell concealed said documents and my Repeal of 1920 Government Ireland and 1922 Freestate Act, allowing EU to plunder our fish and, PRETEND we are in EU when NOT, as entry in 1972 was based on INCURABLY void contract, as confirmed by Queen.

It is public record that McDowell publicly assistedControlled opposition, such as Gemma O Doherty, John Waters, Integrity Ireland Tribunal, council civil liberties to PRETEND with Law society, that Freestste exists and EU membership, when NOT. I should also point out that I served in 2013 upon McDowell as Principal to Agent of Seanad, a copy of 2013 Motu Proprio which I served upon Courts service, on instructions fro Vatican Governance. As a man of law, McDowell understood the Motu, highest legal document in world, superior to Crown. It DIRECTED courts service it could NOT force man or woman to accept a contract of a birth certificate company.

It explained ALL birth certificates are PROPERTY of Vatican Governance, these Companies CANNOT be traded as if owned by man or woman. To make fraud claim ownership is 35 years jail, yet as Attorney General, courts service has shown, they have made great profit using Entrapment to force man, woman, break this DIRECTION of law fro Highest Legal authority. Public record confirms, NOT my opinion being expressed, that McDowell HAS cheatedIrish for Crown, for 49 years since graduated Kings Inn 1974, knowing courts service had NO court Enactment order to Hold court.

This Treason would be additional to my filing today, criminal charges against him, per 1990 Criminal Justice Act, per PRETENDING Seanad, its Freestate powers EXTINGUISHED in 1989, could remove Proclamation rights freespeech ratified as Principal founding law guide in 1919 Dail, that my Grandfather wrote to Protect ALL from private companies. As a man of law, he Would understand that ANY statute, such as 1989 speech laws to keep SECRET my Repeal of Freestate is Null and Void, if seeks to remove the Proclamation rights my Grandfather wrote, I do NOT consent such fraud and Treason.

As a man of law, he would understand that I am Lawfully registered to trade and represent Myself as a FREEMAN, in accordance with law, my rightsNOT represented or subject to Dail as it does NOT trade on my behalf, I DECLINE ANY INVITATION to be subject to ANY statutes that seek remove Proclamation rights, as stated NOT owned by Dail or Varadkar Crown company, gov Ireland. McDowell told Seanad, such legislation WOULD createNO freespeech for FEAR of Prosecution. He also implied that police, judges etc, have MAGICAL powers to understand what a mind is thinking. He also Mis lead Seanad by claiming police have powers to arrest if they THINK your words are NOT to their liking. This is Mis information by McDowelll, police can ONLY arrest if DEFINITE proof you have broken law, NOT on mere speculation and, MUST comply with Garda oath and 2005 ACT and supply warrant card ID and, if not physical assault trespass cannot entrap victim on matter of civil dispute not physical assault trespass.

McDowell was sent copy of Garda oath my GRandfather wrote, it bears Sovereign Eire Seal, as on passport. They are NOT under oath to Freestate Harp, this copyright seen in Seanad belongs to Crown, I removed its jurisdiction in 1989. Wepay for Garda to Protect Dail Proclamation rights as stated in oath, they are NOT paid to Protect Crown fundec company of Varadkar, called gov Ireland or commit crime for Unlicensed courts service. McDowell was sent copy Rule 6, Constitutional Declaration,2016, it tells him members of public NOT obliged Comply with Unlawful, Unconstitutional or criminal directions, such as Breaking Proclamation, from Garda or courts.

McDowell also sent copy of my GrandfathersDIRECTIONS as Parliamentary Draughtsman, passed by Attorney General to Freestate corporation of Crown in 1924, it explains NO circuit or district courts exist. McDowell also sent copies of 104 licenses since 1919 to 2023 of the ONLY LAWFUL court, the 1919 to 2023 Sovereign DailEireann court. Also copies of 2018 Supreme court transcripts, stating NO license and, copy Attorney General to Integrity Ireland, June, 2021 letter, in which he also confirms NO license exists ONLY a fraud.

I file further charges per Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,26,27 and 29, in which McDowell in Seanad decieved, Mis lead by using false instrument by private company, gov Ireland. As witnessed in Seanad, McDowell broke Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, part 3.1.7 per his perjury, collusion and attempts to pervert justice for Vradkar company, gov Ireland, set up 2019 for 2020 Dail coup by owner said company, Varadkar. As already stated, concealing offences, with holding information, as listed since 1989,to gain reward or promotion from Haughey to Attorney General, Justice minister, is Serious offence per Criminal Law Act, 1997, sec 8.1.

McDowell also made ref to 1937 Constitution, I sent him Cerified documents from Crown that the ONLY Valid constitutions are the 5 Artile, 1919 constitution and Until 1989, the 1922 constitution. In 2023 the ONLY constitution is the 1919 which serves to protect 1919 Proclamation rights freespeech, etc. He is Fully aware that 1922 had Royal Assent as Ireland was CAPTIVE as a British Dominion colony until 1989. No uprising or Royal Assent occured in 1937. Churchill ORDERED his Minister, called Taioseach Pretend 1937 to assist neutral position.

Public archives confirm, Churchill could NOT provide naval protection for said colony in 1937, instead HE ordered it remain neutral. The 1937 charade of constitution was to ENCOURAGE Irish to fight for Crown, it worked well. I obtained Royal Assent Repeal of British Dominion Colony in 1989, as REQUIRED per 1922 constitution, the 1937 constitution did not have to be repealed as NOT in existence, per UK Parliamentary archives. I also sent McDowell copies of letters from Chief State Solicitors Office, which confirm they CANNOT represent Freestate as does NOT exist, yet each year, McDowell PRETENDS to cheer Easter Freestate at GPO, despite its END, 33 years ago.

As records confirm, McDowell has said hate speech as he started in 1989, is attempt to cause me Fear, Apprehension my personal safety in addition to his Pretence that we have no Proclamation, along with his claim that we are NOT ruled by Dail, instead ruled by private Crown company called gov Ireland, he claims can force medical experiments on old held captive in care homes. He implied that UK company owns property rights my freespeech and can cause criminal assault trespass upon my person if postponed and later passed despite Proclamation making it void. On this matter, I press charges under sect 12, Criminal Law Act, 1997, I understand 5 years jail. I could list 22 other charges but, the above will do for now as records confirm he appears to have played major role in assisting manslaughter.

I sent him copy my letter to chief justice and copy of 296 of 31A and DISCLAIMER. It states sections 5, must NOT wear mask if stress or agree with DISCLAIMER, which states, NOT safe, NOT law, NO liability as OWN choice. I made Lawful REQUIREMENT that McDowell also ask chief justice, per powers court directions, to prosecute ALL judges that used courts London police, 89000534 registration, to kidnap, prosecute old Complying 296 to NOT wear mask to protect personal haelth. Instead he seemed to enjoy and collude with chief justice to make court profits by fining old people that were assulted, kidnapped, given criminal records for protecting health by complying with 296, by the criminals that committed criminal assault trespass upon said victims.

In Seanad, McDowell aware justice ministers Harris, McEntee and owner of gov Ireland company in UK, Varadkar face chargesTreason against Dail Proclamation and, assisting PLANNED manslaughter, he tried to save them by twisting the law. He claimed speech legislation startedin 2022 when in FACT, McEntee started it in 2019, its aim to prevent discussion against crimes of the new 2019 company. in Seanad, McEntee did correct and advise McDowell of his error and listed statute laws that explain why NO Senad or judge can pass legislation he seems to extend, having best interests of gov Ireland need to conceal its crimes for shareholders profits. I shall await your prompt action of arrest of McDowell to save lives. Yours sincerely. g. martin


  • Thank you Gabriel for the wonderful information that most people of Ireland don’t know anything about it including myself till i started to read it. I’ve been telling my family and friends about this information about eire. They could not believe it especially when i told them that the government had no powers or the president neither. also how the media describe those individuals as if they are Gods like the office of the Taoiseach is null and void let’s hope they will be held accountable for their actions especially in the last few years

  • This vital information must be made public because most people in Ireland don’t know anything about it and they must be made aware of it and how it works our beautiful country is in a bad state of communism with our rights been slowly erased and its been done gradually over a period of time so the people don’t notice it

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