PUBLIC Letter PART 2 WHO and WHAT is role of the peoples party ireland 25th April, 2023.

In PART 1 of this story, most people in Ireland learned for the FIRST time what your Party has defended since 1920, when YOUR territorial waters were STOLEN by the Crowns 1922 Free state Corporation. Up to now most Irish are UNAWARE that our territory has 220 million acres, that is 880,000 square km, INTERNATIONALLY recognised and, kept SECRET by the Crowns Oireachtas Corporation.

Most Irish are UNAWARE that UNTIL 1989, the 1920 Government of Ireland Act and 1922 Free state, Partition Act meant NO country called Ireland existed, as it was a British Dominion Colony up to 1989, when I ENDED its life. In 1964 MOST Irish and Europeans were UNAWARE that the Crown engaged with the French in the EEC Fraud. The Crowns MI5 set up the Provisional IRA to make the Northern Troubles to CONCEAL this Fraud.France agreed to let the UK join the 6 EEC states and have 2 seats, if it agreed to pay a bribe. The UK paid said Bribe in the Fisheries Convention in London, 9th, March, 1964 document.

I sent copy of this Treaty in PART 1 of this story, in which you read that the Crown gave away its British Dominion Colony Waters and, UNLAWFULLY called its colony a separate country called Ireland, this would be like for example the UK entering its Isle of Man as a separate country for an extra seat. With this letter I enclose copy of Crown Repeal and RETURN of 32 county British Dominion in 1989, when I obtained this freedom and a Return to the 1918 Dail that my Grandfather set up as FREE before traitor Collins STOLE it back again for Crown.

As you can see from my work, it was NOT possible in 1964 for the Crown to call its Colony a SEPARATE FREE country, as I made it FREE 35 years later, as my Grandfather did in 1918. As in 1936 when Taoiseach Develera was ORDERED by Prime minister Baldwin, to pass Dail legislation to give his permission, as a Prime minister of a British Dominion colony, for the King to abdicate.

Most Irish people are UNAWARE that in my Archives and in the public ones, the Crowns Agent, Sean F Lemass, writes his acceptance of surrender of colony waters to the EEC, arranged in London in 1964 and, given Crown Royal Assent as OWNER said colony. Most Irish UNAWARE that Lemass sided with Anti Treaty the peoples party ireland. He was captured as second in command of 180 IRA forces holding the 4 courts in 1922 for the FIRST Sovereign Dail Eireann against the Crowns Agent Collins. In Collins letters he asked his MASTER, Winston Churchill, to send the artillery and English gunners dressed in green, to blow up the 4 courts and capture the FIRST Dail for Crown colony.

The brother of Sean Lemass, Noel, was kidnapped by Collins Crown Agents and murdered for also being Anty Treaty. Sean was saved by JOINING the now corrupt Sinn Fein as a TD in 1924. In 1926, the Crowns Agent as leader of Sinn Fein called Develera, split Sinn Fein by leaving with Lemass to form the Crowns new gang called F Fail. Lemass was British Dominion Prime minister called Taoiseach from 1959 to 1966 to his great shame, traitor rewarded by Crown.

In the 1964 records, Lemass took 30 pieces of silver and took part in Pretending the British Colony was NOT a colony, so that the Crown could have EEC entry, with 2 seats, at the expense ot the Irish people. Most Irish people are UNAWARE that as ALL Known parties Served the Crown in exploiting its Irish slaves, the UNKNOWN Party played its trump card, the COLONY that gave the Crown 2 seats in the EEC by fraud as a bribe, ALL documented for the right time.

After many years of patient work making the Queen AWARE of F Fail and Sinn Fein fraud, I reminded her that if she STILL claimedour 32 counties After 1989, I would advise the EU of the Crown, French fraud, I also advised the French that they too would be liable pay damages to other members for fraud position of Crown colony. The result was that OUR Queen until 1989, gave me the Royal Assent Repeal of Free state powers and Partition which you can read in the enclosed documents, including my Repeal of the 1920 Partition Act, hence snap election in 1989.

Charlie Haughey could NOT be Taoiseach of 26 counties after the 1989 Repeal, hence the election of 32 county Dail, kept SECRET. As you have been told, for 33 years it was an Oireachtas WITHOUT Free state powers. In addition to 33 years of NO Oireachtas President of Ireland, ONLY President of a Crown Corporation, he KNOWINGLY has signed legislation as a private company, with NO more power than McDonalds.

In the SAME light, the Oireachtas had NO power in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement as ther was NO North since 1989 and, NO power to sign Lisbon Treaty, as NO valid EU membership since the 1972 EEC Fraud. Since 1972 entry to EEC was Fraud as a COLONY CANNOT be an independent colony or country and, since 1989 our Waters RETURNED to the Dail, where they are held in Trust, per the 1919 Ratification of the 1916 Proclamation.

Further ti this theft from the Irish by Oireachtas civil servants employed by the Crown, upon my advice to the Queen, in her speech of 21st June, 2017, she DENOUNCED as Fraud, the 1964 Fisheries Convention, as I explained. I would point out that the Treaty of 1964 arranged by the Crown in Lawful terms, PERISHED on 2nd, July, 2017 when the UK removed itself from said Treaty, agreeing with me as a Fraud. It is also UNKNOWN to Most Irish that on 20th August, 1989, the peoples party ireland NOTIFIED the Crown and its Agents Oireachtas, of 32 county Dails voters DENOUNCEMENT of the 1964 Treaty arranged by Crown as a Bribe to French.

Under Article 15 of the 1964 Treaty, ANY contracting party, such as Dail voters like myself, after 20 years, may DENOUNCE said 1964 Convention by giving 2 years Notice in writing to the Crown, which as listed , I did serve NOTICE. In accordance with law, since 1991, the Oireachtas and the EU have been involved in Fraudulent theft of Irish Territorial Waters and fish and, are liable to pay 32 years compensation. It would be the intention of the Party to prosecute ALL TDs, civil servants, Senators and Oireachtas members involved in a massive Fraud, under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act, which could be Life sentence. In PART , I shall list further crimes by Oireachtas. Yours sincerely, G Martin.

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