PUBLIC LETTER Part 1 Who and What is role of the peoples party ireland. 24th April,2023

Many people in Ireland are UNAWARE of its OLDEST and ONLY Anty Treaty Party and its role to Protect the first and future Dail that started in January, 1919, after the 1918 election called by the King, was won by Sinn Fein. I have chosen the date above, 24th April, as on 24.04.1916 my Grandfather read the 1916 Proclamation he wrote, gun in hand, at the GPO. He later with his clansmen won the 1918 election landslide with guaranteed rights of Proclamation. He and Arthur Griffith set up in 1906 Sinn Fein, in English it means Ourselves Alone. The role of his Sinn Fein, NOT Adams and Drew Harris 1980s Sinn Fein, was to obtain a 32 County Dail by peaceful means, UNLIKE elements like IRB, whose purpose was to provoke a Rising so leaders could be killed in time for Irish to be sent to fight German war.

He and the Ulster Command understood Collins and Develera to be S Fein Agents of the Crown and, the purpose of the 1918 election was to implement the Long Report on the Partition of Ireland, for the Crown, so he offered the Proclamation Rights as ONLY held in Trust, NOT owned by Dail so not possible surrender said rights. The MAIN purpose of Collins and Develera was to Pursue war with the Crown to expose the Sinn Fein leaders by calling the 1916 Rising, best described as a trap. That way the Leaders would be executed, NOT Collins or Develera so they would be able to keep Ireland as a British Dominion colony and, there would be manpower for the German war.

Those men, instead of fighting against the Crown, were to be sent to die for Crown in the German war. Those returning were to be British Army trained recruits for Collins and Develera for the Crowns Free state corporation. In an age of NO phones, TV etc, it was easy to replace the 1918 to 1922 Sovereign FREE Dail with a Crown Corporation, which for the laugh, the King called the FREE state when, in FACT it was a British Dominion colony. In public records of the UK and Irish Parliaments, you can read the 1920 Government of Ireland Act that Collins and Develera kept SECRET from the 1918 to 1922 FIRST Dail. I have put this document out many times for you to read.

The Act CLEARLY told the Irish what Collins did NOT want you to hear, hence his assasination. It declared Ireland as a British Dominion COLONY, NOT a country, Partitioned into 2, united under the Crown. It was kept SECRET because in the Dail in 1919 my Grandfather got RATIFIED as Law, his 1916 Proclamation which GUARANTEES your rights as held in TRUST for the next generation by the Dail, NOT owned by Dail so NOT negotionable. In doing so, he Protected you from ALL future crimes, especially the BRIBE the French demanded in 1972 from the UK for its entry into the EEC, now called EU.

Most Irish people are UNAWARE that the Party has, since 1920, defended the REAL Ireland that the Crown traded for its EEC entry and its 2 seats in the EEC, to secure its best interests, like for example entering Isle of Man as a separate country when NOT, to secure EXTRA seat. SECRET Ireland is the largest country in the EU. It has 220 million acres, that is 880,000KM squared, most of it being under the sea, internationally recognised, many times larger than land area, containing most of EU fish catch, unknown to Irish. Brown envelopes and fancy hotel parties for TDs made this plunder of the Irish assets easy to do, unseen crime for decades, all covered up by media gangs paid to LIE.

In later Parts of the story, I will again put out the maps I have put out for the last 40 years, my maps developed to modern standards by the Marine Institute, Geological Survey Ireland, our Marine Institute for marine research and technological development. This Institute is one of many Great Institutions that the NEW government sees our future in its good hands if given proper support to make people aware of SECRET assets being Grabbed by City London. In due course, I intend to describe our plans for the NEW fish nation. I have had discussions with Many nations, such as Norway, Iceland and Russia, as to the best way to handle over 1 BILLION euros of fish income STOLEN by the EU and the Crown from Ireland, each year since 1991.

I have had Many discussions with Irish fishermen as to financing and the operation of a NEW fishing fleet of SMALL environmentally friendly boats, also processing on Irish land, said fish. It would be our intention to finance NEW ship building in Belfast of new small boats, starting first with the purchase and repair in Belfast of second hand ships for sale from Norway, Russia etc. The new boats will be leased to Irishmen at low interest rates in return for their landing their catch on Irish soil, for processing. We also own, additional to the fish, the Seabed and the sub soil rights and Oil etc and, have received favourable terms to develop.

By International law, our Sovereign Rights extend 200 nautical miles for the purpose of exploring and exploiting, per Article 76, of UNCLOS, United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Unlawfully since 1972, the UK offered this to the EEC on the basis that it OWNED Ireland as a British Dominion colony but, PRETENDED it was NOT a colony but, PRETENDED it was a country called Ireland to get 2 seats, like entering its Isle of Man as a separate country.

Most of the Irish are UNAWARE that in 1920 my Grandfather set up the peoples party ireland to Repeal the 1920 Government of Ireland Act that claimed OWNERSHIP of the sea territory. He applied for Royal Assent in 1920 to Repeal and I completed his mission in 1989. In a panic the Crown instructed Collins and Develera, with British ex army mercenaries and artillery that Collins asked Winston Churchill to send, to impose the NEW Act, the 1922 Free state Act but, Void, due to the 1920 Act already being in existence.

Once again, Grandfather applied for Royal Assent to Repeal said 1922 Freestate Act. It took many years because the Crowns Free stateTDs liked the power to rule the Colony for the Crown. In time I completed his task for nation. Many times I have put out my Repeal in 1989, of the 1922 Act and the 1920 Act, ending Partition and Freestate powers of the Crowns Oireachtas about 33 years ago. since 1989, the Dail is ALL 32 counties hence my closure of Royal Ulster Constabulary, the PSNI being an UNLAWFUL UK force with NO jurisdiction in Ireland.

I will in later Parts place these again for the public to see but, they ARE also available in public archives of both Parliaments. Our SECRET territory extends across the North Atlantic Ocean and, parts of the Irish Sea. As I move on I will present ABSOLUTE evidence of the new 2019 WEF company, gov Ireland efforts to secure these sea resources for a bankrupt USA and the Crown, after the destruction of EU nations, like they did in Middle East and Africa. Media FORGET to tell you that my Grandfather set up the FIRST Dail. You last elected the 33rd Dail. The FIRST Dail was held in January, 1919 and, had NOTHING to do with the 1922 Free state Crown corporation that Collins, Develera set up for Crown in 1922, until 1989 the Dail was PRISONER of criminal corporation called Oireachtas.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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