PUBLIC Letter POLICE Investigation FURTHER Charges against Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy, 1st April, 2023

Dear Commissioner J Roberts, Ref Alledged Human Trafficking by Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy,

In my letter to you, dated 31st March, 2023, I addressed public concern that Alice Clack, in accordance with law, reported many weeks ago that staff of Chief Superintendent were breaking the Immigration Act, 2004. Both Alice and Chief Superintendent understood she was from that point, unde police protection for reporting crime, per Article 13 of ECHR and Article 47 of EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and, Article 8 of UDHR and Article 2.3 of ICCPR. Both parties understood the Chief Superintendents duty was to PROTECT her right to report crime by men in Garda uniform, NOT to be assaulted by Garda seeking to intimidate her into silence, refusing their oath and, insisting on breaking laws to Protect UNDOCUMENTED illegal migrants.

As already stated in detail, the elderly lady in poor health, was NOT given protection of above laws by Chief Superintendent, instead she was attacked, holiday home destroyed and, property stolen by Garda uniform men. Thousands of people have contacted the Party to enquire if her attackers were the new Garda recruits of UNDOCUMENTED military age men, many found to destroy passports to conceal criminal records. Many of the public have studied with Fear the new recruitment adverts by the new courts service private police, 89000534UK registration, set up by MI5 Harris and WEF 2019 company WEF called gov Ireland, NOT to be confused with elected Government, called 33rd Dail Eireann per election ballet papers.

Several of the public received confirmation from Naas police station that the new written recruitment policy does indeed invite NON passport Muslim offenders of the Immigration Act, 2004, which carries one year jail sentence and a 3,000 euros fine for arriving in Ireland without passport and documentation, are accepted. The SAME terms apply to a TD or policeman assisting said immigration. Given that amongst the attackers, many of the 20 had NO ID, had military combat weapons, refused to speak English, produce warrant cards, written orders, or look like Irish, it seems they are new illegal immigrant staff NOT accepting Irish national laws and Proclamation rights.

Can you confirm if the attackers of the old lady that reported their crimes were, in FACT, new recruits of Chief Superintendent Healy, being trained at Mullingar to REPLACE Garda force with cheap labour and NO respect Irish laws. Can you please explain what force will these new, UNDOCUMENTED,illegal immigrants will be, either the Secret Unlawful UK force 89000534 owned by courts service, or the Lawful Garda force my Grandfather set up protect Irish per Garda oath.

Can you explain what jurisdiction the Crown MI5 Agent Harris is acting on. As holder of the Queens medal and a member of MI5 under HM Secret Service Act, CANNOT hold ANY Garda post or replace Garda with his UK police 8900534, it being called subversion 33rd Dail, act of Treason per 1990 Criminal Justice Act, life sentence in jail. Can you explain the purpose of recruiting Muslim men, with NO documents as reported by Irish Times, possible assault records per existing Garda arrests,, into the Garda force to behave as in Mullingar, to shame the Garda, destroy its integrity and, remove Irish jobs to cheap imported labour of questionable social activities contrary Irish behaviour.

The Garda Act 2005 is CLEAR, that Harris CANNOT break the law and recruit UNDOCUMENTED illigal immigrants to attack and rob Alice, as described per public witnessed assault in Mullingar by thugs in Garda uniform. Many members of the public are concerned that MI5 Harris assisted employees of WEF Varadkars company, set up in 2019 for the 2020 coup by his gov Ireland company, to BAN 112 TDs from March 9th, 2020 Dail vote to hand over Dail to private WEF company called gov Ireland, such action called TREASON.

It is strange that he has NOT been arrested for his part in the 2020 political coup and, now his inner circle of Superintendents recruiting illegal immigrants to support private WEF company, gov Ireland take over 33rd Dail for WEF , appear also to be allowed commit acts of Treason and break statute laws.

I would be most grateful if you can confirm promptly that the attackers of Alice were either new illegal immigrants, or off duty Garda breaking their oath, to provide Healy private security. I would caution that Garda at Mullingar station have still NOT returned the personal property of Alice, which they confirm to be holding UNLAWFULLY after obtaining it by theft and, NO compensation or arrests.

If you confirm that in addition to Chief Superintendent Healy engaging in theft, assault, kidnapping, Unlawful court cases, breaking the 2004 Immigration Act through orders to HIS staff and Recruitment of illegals, then NEW charges WILL follow. WEF publicly state their plan is to destroy confidence in the Garda, subvert the 33rd Dail, remove 1916 Proclamation rights, so making way for Harris MI5 paramilitary force, PSNI. , like his Royal Ulster Constabulary I closed down in 1989, Mullingar Healy operation being good example of his new 89000534 City London corporation being used to replace Garda.

Yours sincerely, G Martin.


  • When can we expect prosecutions against these individuals. why i ask this question because most of the judges are put in place by politicians including the courts unless we have independent judges that is not influenced by politicians in the courts it’ll be very difficult to get those who have practicality destroyed our country prosecuted thanks for all the Great information that most people in Ireland don’t know about ot understand. well done Gabriel

    • You are right about TDs not public selecting judges to support TD crimes which is why Manifesto describes new court system where each county selects judges by public election similar to voting TDs and appointment only for 5 years.

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