PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation Charges against Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy, 31st March, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref. Criminal assault by Garda Mullingar,

Further to my letter to you dated 26th March, 2023, new evidence has been obtained concerning serious crime against the public, it seems upon the orders of Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy. It has become public record that MI5 Agent Drew Harris has set up SECRET UK police registered as 89000534, to replace Garda and assist WEF company gov Ireland in human trafficking. This new City of London company set up in 2019 with Varadkar registered as PRINCIPAL, after he and M Martin LOST the election, to carry WEF plan of Coveney to replace the Irish with 5 million Muslims etc, his figure given to media.

It seems Harris recruited Fergus Healy to organise the breaking of the 2004 Immigration Act, which carries a one year jail sentence and 3,000 euro fine, to assist adults land in Ireland with NO passport or vetting. Public records confirm that Fergus Healy has been paid for 37 years to Protect Garda oath and Paaport travel rights, 22 years 8 months as Inspector at Store Street and, duties at Garda HQ. At tax payer expense, he studied at Smurfit Business School in WEF Global Strategy and law, Corporate Finance, cultural management and, human resource management, using Fear as method to obtain coercive control of elderly people.

You would agree that after 37 years a Chief Superintendent would have learned the Garda oath and Passport rights my Grandfather wrote, also the 2005 Garda Act, which he swore oath to uphold. In the week just passed, we witnessed Undocumented illegal immigrants that Harris smuggled in, Breaking the 2004 Immigration Act, riot in Court Town, stabbing many and ONLY 2 police sent to calm them. Yet in Mullingar we witnessed men of Chief Superintendent in Mullingar refusing to arrest illigal immigrants in Mullingar, instead assaulting, causing injury and theft to tax payers reporting crime. New footage shows over 20 thugs, some in balaclavas as seen used by IRA, beating up a pregnant woman chatting outside a tent, which some claim to be Garda breaking oath and Passport rights of the woman on a public path, NOT breaking law by talking to friends.

They claim that their Superintendent ordered them to beat up a pregnant woman named Middleton, then arrest her brother, Alan Kevin, when the brother LAWFULLY asked them to stop injuring his sister and, also an elderly lady named Alice Clack, it being his LAWFUL right to make citizens arrest of unidentified thug engaging criminal assault. Evidence shows the baby was placed at risk by thugs calling themselves Garda, beating up the mother on a public path. Next they trespassed on the holiday home of Alice Clack, on public land she pays taxes for right to use.

Evidence shows she asked them to uphold their oath and passport rights described by Minister of Foreign Affairs on page 1. She asked to see the written order and eviction notice to terminate her holiday home. Instead they surrounded her home, it being private property as there was NO eviction notice. They next smashed up her home and used timber from it to beat her up, she being 70 years of age and, stopped her from collecting her goods. Witnesses confirm they then stole her camping equipment and private possessions, fully aware they had NO jurisdiction to evict her from her home, removing her passport protection to use public grass.

Evidence confirmed by media and court is that after the assault on the pregnant woman they assaulted her brother who was arrested on a charge of asking them NOT to hurt his sister, his LAWFUL right. The law is quite clear, that a GardaNOT protecting his sister per his oath, has NO jurisdiction as a Garda and ANY member of the public CAN use reasonable force to arrest said Garda. The Chief Superintendent would be aware that the brother CANNOT LAWFULLY be kidnapped to a police station, then Forced into Unlicensed court as he HAS defence of acting under duress to protect his sister from bodily injury called criminal assault by NO jurisdiction thug.

While in UNLAWFUL custody of Fergus Healy place of business, Mullingar police station, the VICTIM of NON oath police was tortured and degraded, with ALL clothing including underwear removed, Superintendent liable further charges if not correct crime committed his behalf by his men. The VICTIM of police abuse was then kept naked in a cell, cold air turned on and, for amusement, beaten up by 3 BRAVE police thugs breaking their oath, committing criminal assault, breaking all human rights of man they Unlawfully kidnapped.

Although the thugs claimed orders from CEO, it being Fergus Healy, this creature would be aware that he CANNOT order ANY Garda to break their oath, as stated in 5A of the Garda Act, 2005. Healy would also be aware that his men are, like him, subject to Part 7C, E and F of the Garda Act, 2005, to protect human rights, NOT remove, also PREVENT the 2004 Immigration Act been broken and, arrest Garda breaking oath to protect public use of path etc.

These men have informed the public that Chief Superintendent Healy insists the Garda can trespass upon, smash up and steal private property of an elderly lady, despite NOT Garda property, just to INTIMIDATE public. It seems also that Healy thinks his Garda oath allows himto support breaking of the Immigration Act, 2004, by breaking the NFOATP Act, 1997 and S 39 of the Domestic Violence Act, 2018, which bans use coercive control. The Garda my Grandfather set up is NOT the SECRET UK police of Harris, registered as 89000534. This outfit set up by Healy is a disgrace to Ireland, I have NOT seen this in 3rd world countries I have visited.

It is essential to public safety that Healy is suspended pending prosecution and, new management placed in Mullingar, as we appear to have NO properly trained police at said location. This brave old lady visited Mullingar police station to ask for the return of her personal property and, an explanation for UNLAWFUL trespass by men refusing warrant card or oath. Instead of return of her goods and an investigation, she was refused her property and, received NO apology or explanation for serious assault upon herself and property. I understand she is now filing charges with you.

In accordance with law, I hereby file charges against Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy for inciting his men to break the Immigration Act, 2004 and removing public passport protection to use public space. He has allowed for many weeks his men to cause Fear, Apprehension to the publics safety and mine, to camp in a tent or speak with friends in public spaces, which rights the Garda oath protect. He has allowed his men to protect crimes already committed by Unvetted illegals, by attacking elderly and pregnant women, breaking section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, sentence which is 5 years jail.

He has allowed his men to assault an innocent man, torture him and, trick this victim of police abuse into an Unlicensed court, with NO jurisdiction to hear cases since 1924, to intimidate human rights. I file further charges against Healy under sections 9 and 10 of the NFOATP Act, 1997, which the Justice Minister explained to him. He CANNOT use Garda to harass, intimidate, or use threats to remove passport rights. I file further charges against Healy, per the 1990 Criminal Justice Act, pertaining to Acts of Treason against obligations to the GardaAct, 2005, the Garda oath, the 1916 Proclamation and the 33rd Dail. Further charges against INDIVIDUAL Garda refusing oath, warrant card and, statute laws, when you supply names I REQUIRED in my letter to you, dated 26th March, 2023.

Yours sincerely, G Martin.

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