PUBLIC Letter POLICE Invetigation MULLINGAR UK Police assault on public 26th March, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref attack uopn Public Mullingar,

I have been asked by thousands of voters for the 33rd Dail to seek investigation into serious crime of criminal assault causing actual bodily injury, witnessed by the public and myself on 24th March, 2023 at Mullingar barracks. Public video records confirm Garda oath stating police duty REQUIRES Garda must NOT infringe on family inalienable rights, also impresriptible to travel safely on paths and roads, was broken when the public were attacked by police. The oath, which you and ALL Garda swear, written by my Grandfather and stamped with Eire Harp Seal he designed, also states duty with fairness and integrity, regards human rights, impartiality and to uphold the constitution and law.

The oath also states, as does statute laws, that if broken, a Garda faces prosecution in his or her private capacity, I have enclosed copy for you and general public. I REQUIRE you to confirm your awareness of this and, page 1 of your passport. The passport states Minister of Foreign Affairs requests you, ANY Garda, to allow bearer to pass freely, WITHOUT hindrance and, to afford bearer ALL necessary assistance and Protection to travel safely on roads, paths etc.

Can you please confirm that you are aware Parts 7C, E and F of Garda Act, 2005, CLEARLY states human rights of each INDIVIDUAL, prventing crime, bringing to justice is police, NOT Ombudsmans job. Can you confirm you understand section 5A of Garda Act, NO person such as Chief Superintendent or Commissioner can REQUIRE a Garda to DESIST from upholding oath, asking to assault the public or assist others to commit crime. Can you confirm you understand 5B, NO rank has a right to PREVENT a Victim of crime seeking damages and prosecution against a Garda in Personal capacity when NOT upholding oath and, causing Fear, Apprehension personal safety.

Can you confirm that you understand that if a Garda carries out a trespass in a Private capacity, such as entering or stealing a tent, by Refusing to accept Garda oath and statute laws, he has NO jurisdiction. Before moving to the crimes committed, you would agree that as said crimes broke ALL above laws, those involved could NOT claim to be Garda and, as such, have NO jurisdiction to even be there, on public property assaulting said public. You would agree the public path upon which the public are owners is NOT owned by police or a City of London police corporation 89000534, or company gov Ireland, its PRINCIPAL owner registered as Varadkar.

You would agree the public are Owner of 33rd Dail, NOT Owned by Varadkar WEF company, gov Ireland. The public are Protected by Garda my Grandfather set up, NOT by company 89000534 set up by MI5 and WEF. Public records confirm when Varadkar and M Martin LOST the election in 2019, Varadkar set up gov Ireland and, offered TDs Martin and Coveney positions in gov Ireland if they helped his Dail coup. In return , gov Ireland agreed to help Coveney start human trafficking 5 million Non passport, NON christian people to replace the dead from mRNA medical devices, he claims this number and claims vaccine is mRNA medical device when manufacturer says NOT.

Public records reveal MI5 Agent Harris SECRETLY replaced the brutal Royal Ulster Constabulary when I removed its jurisdiction in 1989, with his PSNI and 89000534 to replace Garda. Public records, videos and written affidavits and filing of charges being prepared, reveal this 89000534 is owned by Unlicensed Crown Courts Service Bar Association, to assist human trafficking with Garda assistance. It is public civic duty for concerned parents to observe and report illegal trafficking of the Undocumented, in light of thousands of criminals set free during covid scam and, proven crimes against the local community per Garda arrests.

As evidence shows, many men refusing oath and NO proper identity or warrant cards presented, with NO jurisdiction or threat from old people peacefully talking outside locked gates, attacked the public. Given that NO rank could Lawfully order Garda to break their oath, to Protect these old etc from dangers of human trafficking of unvetted people, it seems each Individual acted Independently. However, it is obvious that many wore Garda uniforms and I REQUIRE clarification from you as to why Garda would be providing private security to gov Ireland company involved in serious crime for its shareholders profits.

In order to file charges, myself and the public REQUIRE names of each Individual that assisted the Coveney trafficking and which company. Was it 89000534 or Garda and, who ordered the criminal assault. I have been asked to obtain details of the security staff, I assume Garda in private capacity, that trespassed upon a tent, stole cooking equipment, smashed up tent and, caused property loss and injury to public talking on public path.

I also REQUIRE details of the man in uniform that attacked a pregnant woman and caused her injury and, when her brother asked that she be left alone, he to was brutally attacked and his rights removed, causing me Fear, Apprehension my personal safety and others that we might also be treated in same inhuman manner, per section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, jail sentence of 5 years. Can you confirm also that this man was assaulted, kidnapped to police station, kept in a police cell with ALL clothing, even underwear, removed to degrade him, then entrapped to apper in court, as a VICTIM of police abuse.

You would be aware of S9 of the NFOATP Act, 1997 and S39 of the Domestic Violence Act, 2018, coercive control, under threat or, in this case ACTUAL violence against his sister, this man has defence of DURESS. In accordance with law, I WILL be pressing charges against this mans attacker for causing me Fear,and Apprehension for my safety and others, per section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976 and, other charges, when you advise the names. You will be aware that in this country it is NOT lawful expect a man to stand by and refuse ANY woman assaulted by police risking death of her child and, is his lawful right make citizens arrest to protect pregnant woman as ANY normal man would do.

My Grandfather made this country the safest country protected by the Garda oath. I do NOT consent to Varadkars company, gov Ireland, using private police of courts service to intimidate myself or public or introduce Drew Harris UK paramilitary police with NO Garda oath. The 1916 Proclamation my Grandfather wrote and RATIFIED as law in the 1919 Dail, CLEARLY states ALL Irish men and women have the right to self determination, NOT property of WEF gov Ireland or Drew Harris MI5.

NO private security or Garda have ANY right to remove my passport rights to stand on a public path or pitch a tent on a piece of green grass owned by myself and all the public, or attack me for their entertainment. Just like I forced Donnelly to dump his green passport 24 hours after I REQUIRED its removal, I REQUIRE YOU to instruct ALL Garda on their oath and passport obligations. In same use of law I removed the Crowns Freestate powers in 1989, its Partition and Royal Ulster Constabulary and, soon, its MI5 hold on the 33rd Dail any, collusion with trafficking will be the same.

I remind you of the Criminal Law Act, 1997, section 8.1, concealing offences or Withholding information, also the Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, part 3.1.7, perjury and collusion to Prevent justice. I remind YOU that Ireland and Denmark are NOT subject to ANY asylum or refugee EU legislation. I seek to know if the cost of the Mullingar ambush is from company 89000534 profits of 709.02 million from fraud fines etc. Can you explain alsowhy many men in Garda uniforms wore black balaclavas, as if to confirm paramillitary terrorists like the UVF or IRA and, with NO knowledge of the oath or law. Under the terrorist laws, balaclavas are banned by law.

Yours sincerely, G Martin.

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