PUBLIC Letter from Alice Clack 1st April, 2023 Old lady BEATEN by police for reporting police crime

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Garda Anti Corruption Unit,

Ref Criminal assault and Robbery alledged orders Chief Superintendant Fergus Healy,

In accordance with law, many weeks ago I reported the breaking of the Immigration Act, 2004 by staff employed at Mullingar by Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy, it being a jailable offence and also a 3,000 euros fine to land in Ireland without a passport and security vetting and, the same jailable offence applies to ANY policeman, like Fergus Healy, assisting said crime. Myself and the Chief Superintendent understood that from this point, after reporting said crime, I was under police and court protection per Article 13 of the ECHR and, Article 47 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and, also protection from Article 8 of the UDHR and Article 2.3 of ICCPR, in addition protection Garda oath and passport rights as guaranteed by Minister Foreign Affairs.

You would agree the Chief Superintendents job was to Protect my right to report crime by men in Garda uniform, refusing oath and, insisting on Protecting UNDOCUMENTED ILLEGAL migrants engaged in breaking the Immigration Act, 2004 by attacking an old lady like me. Instead of the above protection for an old lady in poor health engaged in ASSISTING police in lawful arrest of Garda breaking their oath by engaging in fraud, I found as witnessed by over 50 people and video recordings, I was attacked, physically injured, my holiday home destroyed and, my Personal property stolen, deprived of potential daily rental from my holiday home at 100 euros per day and, caused Fear Apprehension to my personal safety and, removal of my protection and Garda oath to Protect and Assist my safety to travel and camp, hold discussions with friends on public property I own, as paying tax for, and denial of my right to accept offer of Minister of Foreign Affairs on page 1 of my passport, that his police Protect my right to travel and, use public property, insted having been brutaly Assaulted by said Garda uniforms.

Following the refusal of Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy to comply with his Garda oath to Halt his staff breaking their oath to NOT assist human trafficking of undocumented males of military age, in other areas Garda having arrested such people following rape, thefts, stabbings etc and, finding out passports destroyed to conceal criminal records, other concerned parents observed military barracks to obtain proof of immigration Act, 2004 being broken by police.

Being a concerned local resident but NOT too good at walking, yet interested in assisting public interests and Garda reporting of crime and, fond of camping, I decided to save my walking and pitch my mobile home, a large tent brought by transport, for a temporary period on public green grass which, according to the Proclamation is owned by myself and the public, as is the military barracks, neither being private property of police or illegal migrants or the WEF company set up in 2019 with Varadkar as PRINCIPAL, to replace the Irish majority with, according to Simon Coveney, upwards of 5 million Muslim males NOT born in Ireland, hence NO lawful rights to replace the Irish.

Public records confirm that I was sitting, chatting to friends outside my mobile home at midnight on Friday, 24th March, 2023 which does NOT constitute a riot or ANY threat to public safety. For NO Lawful reason, about 20 men dressed in military combat uniform and armed with offensive weapons, Trespassed upon the private property of my mobile home, without jurisdiction and, claimed property rights of my mobile home and private goods, with NO eviction notice served upon my private home, NO written authorisation to engage in criminal assault upon my person and home, causing me physical injury and destruction of my mobile home and the ability to earn daily rental of 100 euros and, NO warrant to steal my personal property and refusal directions of the Minister of Foreign Affairs passport and Garda oath.

Videos reveal they refused my entry to my home, proceeded to smash it up, steal my property, trespass upon my body by bashing me with woodwork when I tried to recover my property. They refused their Garda oath, refused to produce a warrant card, ANY name or written orders, ANY charge of me causing trespass or unlawfully claiming property rights. Many broke Anti Terrorist laws by wearing balaclavas like IRA terroists, many seemed foreign and unable to speak English or understand basic law or Garda oath, clearly acting as private citizens engaged in criminal assault and theft. In accordance with law, they had NO right to trespass and claim property rights to my holiday home. The ONLY rights to be present in my home was myself and my INVITED guests, whomthey beat up.

Can you confirm that it is reasonable for me to expect that the staff sent by Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy would, like him and You, understand my passport rights that REQUIRE them to assist my right to travel and rest when I wish, WITHOUT hindrance or being beaten up by them. Also that they understand Parts 7C, E and F of the Garda Act, 2005, which CLEARLY states protect human rights of each individual, preventing crime like importing illegal immigrants and, preventing corrupt Garda from beating up an old lady and stealing her private property.

Also plese confirm they are REQUIRED to undertand and comply with sections 5A, 5B of the Garda Act, 2005, that NO person such as Chief Supperintendent or Commissioner can REQUIRE a Garda to DESIST from upholding their oath, or asking them to assault the public and, assist in breaking the Immigration Act, 2004 and, providing private security to trafficking gangs, which they seem to claim Healy did to me. Can you confirm that you understand 5B of the Garda Act, NO rank has ANY right to PREVENT a victim of police crime seeking damages and prosecution, against a Garda in their personal capacity when they REFUSE their oath to DELIBERATELY cause Fear, Apprehension as they did to me, with many witnesses willing to testify.

Further crimes were committed by staff of Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy when I was kind enough to hire transport at my expense to collect from Mullingar police station the remaining personal property NOT damaged, unlike my mobile home, which they stole from me. Instead of returning my stolen property, apologising and, offering compensation, they instead refused to return my equipment which they confirmed as claiming property rights over, additional to stealing said property. This level of corruption has today been brought to the attention of your Anti Corruption Unit, I wish to file the following terms for return of my stolen property and, to press the following criminal charges concerning criminal assault, physical injury, unlawful trespass and property rights claimed by my attackers and criminal assault causing physical injury to myself and others.

Before stating charges, I REQUIRE your confirmation on a separate matter concerning the jurisdiction and employment status of thugs that attacked me. Public records indicate Garda employment adverts claim they now seek to employ NON passport, unvetted, illegal immigrants they imported against the law, breaking the Immigration Act, 2004, with a strong possibility that those same recruits destroyed their passports to avoid discovery of an existing criminal record, putting myself and public at personal risk our safety. Given that many of my attackers had NO identity, did NOT perform as Garda, wore paramilitary uniform and, freely engaged in criminal assault, can you confirm if they were recruits trained in Mullingar barracks to attack public reporting Garda collusion in crime.

Can you confirm if NOT illegal immigrant recruits, were they off duty Garda providing private security breaking oath, as seen on buses, trains and in shops, beating up old for COMPLYING with SI 296 of 31A, which states NOT wer masks if feeling stress or following DISCLAIMER warnings as NOT guaranteed safe, use own disgression NOT wear.

My property MUST be returned with NEW mobile home to replace the one UNLAWFULLY smashed up, with daily 100 euro rental earnings I have lost, backdated to 24th March, 2023, the date of its destruction and, suitable compensation for my bodily injuries, delivered at your expense. I wish to press the following charges against Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy and, in due course, in their personal capacity, his staff that assisted his crime to conceal Human Trafficking when you identify and inform me of their names.

Charges of Fear,Apprehension under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. Offences under sections 9 and 10 of the NFOATP Act, 1997 and section 39 of the Domestic Violence Act, I undertand EACH offence being 5 years jail and, charges under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act, pertaining to Acts of Treason, Neglect of duty and Concealment Human rights. Further charges under Article 13 of ECHR, Article 47 of EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Article 8 of UDHR and Article 2.3 of ICCPR.

Further charges involving refusal of Garda oath, passport rights, failure to produce warrant card, or ANY IDor, ANY written jurisdiction to break statutory laws, which carries a sentence of upwards 10 years jail. Further offences under the Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7 . The Criminal Law Act, 1997, sect5.81. Further offences under Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,26,27 and 29.

I would REQUIRE immediate suspension, pending investigation and prosecution of Chief Superintendent Healy and those that broke their oaths to assist him in breaking the Immigration Act, 2004 and other offences to PREVENT further damage to myself and the public. In closing, I would remind you of your obligations under the Garda Act, 2005 etc, to ensure a prompt investigation.

Yours sincerely Alice Clack.

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