PUBLIC Letter POLICE Investigation of Dr Tony Holohan 7th March,2023 Garda HQ

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Alledged Manslaughter against Public

I note in my letter to you dated 1st November, 2022, that I REQUIRED you to update me on progress by previous Commissioner Clavin, with regards the arrest of Dr Tony Holohan for public crimes, which Clavin appears to be hiding. At mt expense, I sent you copies of CERTIFIED Public information charges filed with evidence, given to WEF Young Leaders of Tomorrow Group member Clavin, also a member of the Honourable Society of Benchers.

I note having recieved wriyyen confirmation from Clavin per my letters dated 26. 12.2020 and as recent as 7th May, 2022, Reg Track NO RL528691168IE and, understood there was to be a prompt investigation. The evidence was supplied that in 2018 Varadkar bought millions of PCR kits, their instructions stating, UNABLE to detect ANY virus as NOT for DIAGNOSTIC testing and, much low grade masks etc, NOT to HSE standard.

Evidence was supplied that WEF funded its member, Varadkar, to set up City London Corporation called gov Ireland in 2019 after he lost election and, law firms CSSO and Attorney General helped set up the fraud. Records reveal that the law firms SECRETLY transferred Dail Assets, such as Education, Health, Justice, court service, libraries and Gardareplacement company 89000534, to new firm, gov Ireland. Public records were kept SECRET as above assets ONLY held in Trust by the Dail for next generation and, CANNOT Lawfully transfer to Varadkars company called gov Ireland, it NOT being the 33rd Dail voted for by public.

The UNLAWFUL transfer of Assets to the 2019 company was to assist WEF Young Leader Varadkar to sell WEF Transhuman gender change, mRNA gene therapy and, the replacement of Garda and Dail Proclamation rights. Records reveal Varadkar employed Attorney General to write 31A sales adverts with 3 TDs, to sell his products, Pretending gov Ireland companies could write their OWN laws to sell, as if they were the 33rd Dail. Records reveal Varadkars gov Ireland with 575 listed companies, set up new sales arm , called NPHET and, appointed Tony Holohan with NO work record on mRNA 2 year genetic experiments, to sell their product.

To assist the sale of Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, made by Varadkars partners the Crown, China C P, Leyen and GSK, he offered bribes to break laws to TDs Martin, Ryan, Donnelly and Harris with contracts in gov Ireland. In addition to ALL these people with NO knowledge of mRNA, he also employed ACCOUNTANT CEO Paul Reid and MI5 Agent Drew Harris with NO medical knowledge, to assist in medical crime by Tony Holohan, holding old for experiments.

Public records reveal Donnelly and Holohan broke 18 statute laws on 24.12.2020, when Holohan joined the Public Notice that on 28.12.2020 they would begin injecting the old and the sick with mRNA medical devices, NOT vaccine. Public records show that on 24.12.2020 the registered CEO of company gov Ireland Varadkar, appointed himself as Tanaiste and Enforcement Officer of EU Directives Public Health, to assist Holohan by NOT enforcing the law.

Records also show that Varadkar appointed WEF Young Leaders member Clavin to Anti Corruption Garda Unit to NOT stop corruption and allow Holohan to commit crime and, Senators like Byrne, also WEF member, to Silence Senate for gov Ireland. Public records confirm the peoples party ireland representative served on 25.12.2020, the following notices on Holohan, Donnelly, Clavin etc, the REQUIREMENT to COMPLY with EU Directives on Public health on experiments live upon public. I notified Holohan that he MUST allow a minimum of 3 months notice for the old and the sick to obtain a second opinion on whether mRNA, PCR, masks etc are safe and, if needed, a longer time to arrange moving out.

It is a REQUIREMENT of EU Directives and 18 statute laws to NOT detain the old and sick for 2 year genetic medical device experiment with 1,376 known side effects including death, without consent, a second opinion and, to list the risks. Public records confirm Holohan, Donnelly, Clavin etc were served Notice that EMA confirmed to the Party that it has NO license to meet the Belmont Principle or the Helsinki Declaration. The Belmont Principle REQUIRES that risk must NOT be greater than benefit receivedif mRNA taken. The Manufacturer said if healthy young or old, the immune recovery is 99.9 per cent with NO risk. If healthy and you take, ther are 1,376 KNOWN risks and NO 99.9 per cent immune recovery.

The Helsinki Declaration meant Varadkars company, gov Ireland, was FAKING a license to sell OWN products, it is called vested interest. I sent Holohan, Clavin etc the Fraudulent informed consent book gov Ireland reps printed but which was NOT signed, as it was OPPOSITE to HSE and HPRA Regulator position. The said book contained Fraudulent public medical claims and diagnosis, sole purpose to DECIEVE for financial gain shareholders gov Ireland. Holohan made public medical claims and diagnosis that mRNA STOPS transmission, is essential if pregnant and, protects babies. BEFORE rollout, I sent the Manufacturers data to Holohan, Clavin etc. The Manufacturer CLEARLY informed Holohan that NO tests were ever done to see if stops transmission, NO tests ever done on effects on baby as to dangerous to test. Holohan LIED and made claims OPPOSITE of the FACTS.

Records confirm that I sent Holohan, Clavin etc the HSE Records Management position as CERTIFIED by FOI of gov Ireland agreement and HPRA Regulator Ruling, signed by S Moore, Emer Kelly, BEFORE roll out. HPRA Ruling which Holohan and Clavin broke, has remained UNCHANGED for 3 years. HSE C839 states NO covid found and, C846, C847, C848, C849 and C850 state masks, lockdowns and distancing are useless and dangerous, in other words a SCAM. Varadkar and Holohan broke their OWN company FOI gov Ireland C851, C852 which say mRNA does NOT work and, is NOT safe. The DISCLAIMER of 31A states NOT law, NOT guaranteed safe or lawful, NO liabilities as NO warranties as OWN choice.

Millions of Irish people in 2021 heard Prof O Neill, MAIN sales rep of Pfizer, paid 26,277,000 euros, explain the mRNA safety that Holohan claimed, as recorded on Radio Newstalk for Pat Kenny. The professor explained, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, this sums up meaning of EVIL. Holohan and Clavin were sent copy of CONDITIONS of EMA license BEFORE rollout, by me, applicable many countries. It explained that Holahan LIES to sell. Emergency license was to use in Emergency of dying, NOT for general use, as HSE, NHS etc confirm if healthy old or young, you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery, HENCE NO Emergency of dying means no Emergency to USE.

Holohan fully understood the WHO report that ALL Irish covid tests give 97 per cent FALSE positives. IN 2020 HIQA reported 60 per cent deaths were Falsified by Holohan, to create FEAR, yet Clavin again assisted this crime. Public records confirm that I sent Holohan and Clavin the following statute laws, ALL of which they broke, to FORCE mRNA medical devices upon the old and sick, held in police detention for live experiments. I sent SI 5412007 Medicinal Advertising Regulations, EU Council Directives 200298, also 200363, also200424 and Misuse Drugs Act, 1977, which Protect public from Holohans experiments.

It is over 2 years since I filed with Young Leader member, Clavin of Anti Corruption Unit, the following criminal charges against Dr Tony Holohan, he having publicly admitted he supplied his OWN evidence of his crimes which by implication Clavin also committed bringing Garda into disrepute and shame. Instead of a long jail sentence for EACH offence and compensation to his Victims from HIS assets, he was given first early retirement and then a job offer at Trinity at public expense, to pervert the young with the SAME Mis information on death risks, fraud given to public.

After much work, the Party got the college offer removed and WEF NPHET sales company closed but, he still has NOT been punished for many crimes, including assisting manslaughter and, live human experiments he claimed as safe vaccine when NOT. In accordance with law, I REQUIRE his prosecution regarding his collusion with Unlicensed since 1924 courts service and its OWN private police 89000534 City London, selling for gov Ireland shareholders.

The sentence for causing Fear, Apprehension to personal safety and health, under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976 is 5 years jail, NOT EARLY RETIREMENT and, further charges under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act. It is a life sentence to CONCEAL the HSE, HPRA Regulator CERTIFIED position which he replaced with medical advice from Attorney General, Ryan, McEntee, Donnelly and Martin, a result of which many are now dead or injured due to his LIES and, many other charges under sections 9 and 10 of the NFOATP Act, 1997 and section 39, Domestic Violence Act, 2018, as Holohan ENCOURAGED doctors, shops, drivers, police, judges etc, to break the law and Force dangerous medical sales, procedures and PRETEND to be qualified doctors when NOT.

The company that LOST their Freestate powers in 1989 called Oireachtas, when I obtained Royal Assent and Repealed them, employed Holohan to CONCEAL swine flu vaccine risks for the Crowns GSK and, Encouraged Varadkar to set up criminal company gov Ireland in 2019 for the 2020 WEF coup and use of Holohan to again CONCEAL risks mRNA for profits of gov Ireland shareholders. It is also a REQUIREMENT of law that Holohan MUST be prosecuted in the ONLY lawful court bearing the SAME Sovereign Eire Seal as the Garda oath, the Dail Eireann court, per its 2023 license, NOT in criminal corporation called courts service NO license since 1924, not offering statute laws.

It is no longer acceptable to the public, that an employee of Varadkars company, gov Ireland, can be tried in a Crown company called courts service with no license and, it being a subsidiary company of Varadkar gov Ireland, using its OWN private police to assist in criminal activities of gov Ireland corporation, no jurisdiction over 33rd Dail. It is now CLEAR to the public that the WEF set up private company gov Ireland to bribe many TDs, police, judges, etc, to engage in selling mRNA drug experiments, regardless of loss of life. I shall be making separate criminal charges against WEF Young Leaders member Clavin, with regards his collusion in subversion of Anti Corruption Unit and, WEF Treason.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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