PUBLIC Letter POLICE Investigation Criminal Charges against Coveney and O Gorman 2nd April, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Ref Charges Coveney and O Gorman,

The peoples party ireland have been contacted all over Ireland by many people caused Fear Apprehension to personal safety by 2 employees of WEF company, gov Ieland, set up in 2019 with Varadkar as registered PRINCIPAL. It is public record that Varadkar is member of WEF, Schwab praised Varadkar desire to implement WEF policy of mass UNLAWFUL, Undocumented immegration to make Irish a minority, to lose Proclamation rights. It is public record that Simon Coveney agreed assist 2020 political coup to replace Dail if Varadkar gave him a position as a Minister in his company, gov Ireland and insisted SAME wages as Taniste Varadkar in same company.

Coveney took this second contract despite his TD contract with Dail on further condition that Minister O Gorman, another TD employed in private company gov Ireland, assist him break immigration Act 2004. Public records confirm he quoted bringing in at least 5 million illegal immigrants to make Irish a minority and as such, remove 1916 Proclamation rights of Ireland to remain a Sovereign Free nation.

I have enclosed recent copy of Irish Times who investigated Unlawful immigration at request of Party, as Rte and all other media refused inform public, instead Concealing crimes of Coveney, O Gorman. Irish Times have done great job for nation by exposing police crime by some TDs working for the Secret MI5 UK police registration, 89000534, making financial gains for senior police, importing illegal immigrants, breaking 2004 Immigration Act.

As you can see from Irish Times, units of Drew Harris Secret UK police assisted over 4,200 people at immigration control in Dublin Airport last year with NO travel documentation, they claimed destroyed on plane to evade reveal crimes perhaps. The Times confirm majority claimed assylum, each one liable to 12 months jail or 3,ooo euro fine. Evidence suggests the police transported many to Mullingar for training as police recruits on lower salary.Figures suggest the new years figures added to 4,200 would indicate almost 10,000 fines of 3,000 euros each, about 3 million 110 thousand euros, will O Gorman and Coveney be paying this sum as they invented said crime.

I understand they face 1 year jail each illegal immigrant and 5 years under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. I understand Chief Superintendent Fergus Healey assisted crime by using Garda breaking oath. I understand Garda recruitment is also employing these illegals as cheap labour to replace Irish Garda with low wages and beat up Irish as NOT yet trained in Garda oath, passport and Proclamation rights. I note also that in Tuam, the Green party is hoping to elect Islammiyah Kadejo to replace an Irish candidate and she has informed undocumented illegal immigrants they can register in elections, to replace Irish voters and discriminate against Irish nationality.

Green Party insists immigrants regardless nationality, immigration status are eligible to register and help it seems, place Islammiyah Saudique Kadejo in position to help increase arrivals to vote out Irish nationals. As national papers confirm, the police and many political parties are breaking Immigration Act 2004, to claim big money from WEF funds, to employ said criminals breaking Immigration Act 2004, as cheap labour and election candidates.

National papers and Garda also confirm many arrests of Undocumented for crimes additional to Unlawful entry, of rape, stabbing, theft, fraud and multiple welfare claims at cost to Irish homeless. The Dail Foundation Proclamation rights clearly state Coveney, O Gorman, Greens etc CANNOT steal Irish taxes to fund illegal human trafficking and, serious crime gangs. The Proclamation, Garda oath, immigration legislation REQUIRE you to arrest and prosecute ANY TDs, seeking to obtain votes or assist destruction of Irish majority and church.

The assets of state, taxes, laws etc are to PROTECT Irish from private companies owned by Crown and WEF, like Varadkar company, gov Ireland and, also Oireachtas, to enrich Irish NOT non Irish. In accordance with law I press criminal charges against Coveney, O Gorman who publicly claim breaking Immigration Laws to assist police benefit from human trafficking, causing Fear, Apprehension. People all over Ireland have been sent copy of Irish Times and perhaps you should send copy to all Garda stations, especially Mullingar. Coveney claims NO lawful jurisdiction to transfer wealth to criminals and SECRET MI5 police units.

In similar fashion Coveney, O Gorman have NO lawful IMMUNITY of arrest for public crimes they admitted to. I press charges sect 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. Acts of Treason under 1990 Criminal Justice Act. In Dail and newspapers O Gorman has broken Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018, S9, in which it bans his creating and using false, Misleading instruments in which he said I SUPPOSE we have EU obligations, IN FACT NONE exist. EU law is clear, Ireland and Denmark have NO asylum seeker obligations and NO EU state allowed to import NO passport, NO documents deliberately destroyed, to obtain cheap labour and captive votes from human trafficking.

Further offences under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7 perjury, collusion to pervert justice at Immigration Control Dublin Airport and human trafficking for financial gains. Further offences under Criminal Justice Act, 1951, obtaining EU funding by false pretences with intent also to defraud Irish tax payers into assisti ng rental of TD, police properties, obtaining cheap recruits to attack Irish and remove Proclamation rights. Further offences under Criminal Law Act 1997, S81, assisting Crown MI5 Agent Harris to conceal Immigration offences and withholding public information, to obtain cheap labour for police and captive votes for parties engaged in mass immigration to replace Irish voting public majority.

Yours sincerely, G Martin.


  • Looking forward to the prosecution of them all

  • When will we see those people who are responsible, be prosecuted. Who’s going to do it well done Gabriel for all the information that most people in Ireland don’t know about

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