PUBLIC Letter POLICE Investigation RETIRED Garda Commissioner Clavin, 8th March, 2023

Dear Commissioner J Roberts, Anti Corruption Unit Ref Alledged crimes by Commissioner Clavin,

According to public records a SECRET City London corporation was set up by a member of WEF Young Leaders Political Group, called Varadkar in 2019 after losing election, to help WEF Political coup of Dail government, private company gov Ireland taking control of Dail. Despite being serious fraud and UNLAWFUL, the registered PRINCIPAL of WEF company gov Ireland, said name to trick people into thinking it is Dail, Varadkar, appointed his Young Leader Party member, Clavin to control any police attempt to stop corruption by MI5 Agent Harris, he being commissioner police.

Records state, like Varadkar, he also completed at Harvard the WEF Programme, also member Honourable Society Benchers, trained at UK Police College Ryton on Dunsmore and, like Varadkar also at Trinity College. Garda Foundation and its Rules state you CANNOT join Garda if you belong to WEF and Crown, or Honourable Benchers, as they are registered OWNER of new City London MI5 police registration 89000534, PRETENDING to be Garda. According to signed copy of CLavin Agreement Contract, it states his REQUIREMENT to speak UP, Reporting wrong doing, such as Holohan claim to take Astra Zeneca to STOP transmission despite NOT stop or as Pfizer said, NO test done to see if stop transmission, meaning he invented LIE to trick Irish into 2 year experiment concealing risk of death.

Important part of his contract says Protect Integrity Garda. He agrees, if I pay his wages to oppose unprofessional, unethical, corrupt behaviour such as imprisonment old by police for Holohan mRNA experiments, or claiming stop transmission when no test ever done to see if stop transmission. His contract states he MUST prevent units of MI5 Agent Harris from arresting, kidnapping, injuring public COMPLYING SI 296 OF 31A, that says must NOT wear mask if feel stress or risk explained in DISCLAIMER of 31A and Attorney General.

Clavin confirmed his undertanding that he CANNOT break sections 5A, 5B Garda Act, which says NO rank, including Commissioner can break Garda oath to uphold law or instruct another Garda assist cover up a crime. He also claimed he understood Parts 7C, E and F of Garda Act 2005 which says police, NOT Ombudsman can investigate police crime of local stations, NOT local police stations investigate OWN crimes. In view Clavin studied law at Trinity College, he WOULD be aware of his offences under Criminal Justice Act, 1999, section 41.1 and Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, sections 3.1.7, to attempt interfere arrest, prosecution Holohan is serious crime.

I reminded Clavin his law OBLIGATIONS under 53 commitments code ethics. Chapters 40.1, 40.2 and 40.5, with regard PROMPT investigation of crimes, particularly if old held for Holohan mRNA medical genetic altering experiments where known risks KNOWINGLY concealed from patient and family. Despite the above, Clavin BROKE ALL above and further offences under EU Parliamentary Resolutions 2361 and 2071, I helped write, particularly sections 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 EU Directives Public Health. I did much hard work to serve Notice upon Clavin that old people in care are by law REQUIRED obtain SECOND medical opinion BEFORE taking INVASIVE procedures like medical devices mRNA, NOT called vaccines per correct medical label given by inventor Mullin.

Clavin FULLY undertood BOTH police and relatives REQUIRED by law to obtain on behalf old, if guardians, to obtain SECOND opinion, which MUST list ALL side effects and obtain consent AFTER old have understood side effects that can kill. by implication Clavin allowing crime be committed, has played KEY role in death of many old. I explained to Clavin, Holohan, the Breaking section 12, Criminal Law Act 1976, causing me Fear, apprehension safety of my health and general public, by insisting public medical claim and diagnosis that Astra Zeneca is essential my life.

Manufacturer and EMA license state Astra Zeneca is NOT essential to my life, ONLY LAST resort if NOT healthy and dying of at least two other illnesses. If healthy, regardless of age, 99.9 per cent immune recovery with NO drugs or experimental risks such as death, destruction immune system ALL illness including covid NOT yet found says HSE C839. Clavin allowed for over one year, Holohan make OPPOSITE claims of Astra Zeneca, if I did NOT read HPRA Regulator warnings Holohan hid from public I could now be Victim A Zeneca, withdrawn for killing as Zeneca warned.

Clavin assisted Holohan and Teaoiseach Martin break Article 15 EU Council Constitution. This states must NOT place medical advertisement if NOT lists ALL side effects, Misleading, Encourages NOT get second opinion, Garda stopped patients, relatives doing this and assisted Manslaughter. The advertisements, claims by Holohan must NOT be public, MUST have validated signatures, MUST NOT claim mRNA experiment is BETTER than 99.9 per cent immune recovery if healthy, ALL above laws broken by Holohan and by his support also Clavin, assisting Manslaughter.

Clavin by implication, has allowed Holohan LIE to me and public, resulting in massive deaths, injuries. Allowed 18 statute laws to be broken and decided gov Ireland sales reps are above the law. Clavin by implication, assisted Holohan since 2020, to break section 8.1 of Criminal Law Act, 1997, having Concealed and withheld information, like FOI data of HSE, that would have PREVENTED many deaths injuries to old that trusted police oath to their cost.

Early in 2020, I advised Clavin of Rule 6, Constitutional Declaration 2016, it told Clavin members public NOT obliged COMPLY Unlawful, Unconstitutional or criminal directions Garda, yet police FORCED old take experiments likely to kill them as advised by manufacturers hence NO liability as patient warned. Law is quite clear that Clavin through negligence and refusal apply the law caused deaths, it was NOT manufacturer forced old take, it was Clavin agrrement to manslaughter per his actions in breaking his oath protect old and young alike.

Clavin assisted Holohan to ENTRAP old and sick into taking A Zeneca etc, knowing results come 2 years later NOT BEFORE experiment. Police helped Holohan break sections 9 and 10 NFOATP Act 1997 and also Domestic Violence Act, sec 39. Clavin by implication, broke above laws by NOT protecting old, general public from coercive control, using detention, intimidation, unlawful arrest, void court contracts, removing family from care homes. Clavin has committed further offences of neglect duty, collusion, concealment of death risks, to protect Holohan crimes against public health trust per 1990 Criminal Justice Act, which is life sentence in view so many deaths by malpractise.

The EU Commission President and EU Council President, Charles Michel HAVE, with EMA, been served papers impending prosecution for breaking above laws, which I trust you, yourself, will not ALSO break as Clavin did. It is public record that registered owner of corrupt UK police 89000534 set up by MI5 Agent Harris is Bar Association of courts service, the private Unlicensed since 1924 company, its OWN police force been used to commit crime to obtain victims for its Unlawful charade called a court.

In due course, the new Dail of 32 counties since 1989 WILL prosecute ALL members Crown police, court clerks that took part in Unlicensed courts service fraud during the 2020 WEF MI5 coup for Crown and WEF. I REQUIRE immediate, prompt investigation, if guilty, arrest prosecution of Clavin per listed charges. As with Holohan, Clavin has himself provided MUCH proof of his cover up of assisted manslaughter by Holohan and his utter contempt for Garda oath, Dail Proclamation, statute laws and guaranteed human rights defined in 1916 Proclamation Ratified in Dail 1919 as statute law only GOD can change.

Many lives , particularly old in care and police, medical staff etc, have been lost or permanently damaged due to Clavin protection of his fellow WEF Young Leaders members, his contempt for Garda tradition and oath to protect Proclamation and human rights, many old victims paid taxes not to be guinea pigs for MI5 takeover of Dail. Soon it will be public knowledge that Irelands greatest enemy, the Crown Secret Service MI5 Harris, infiltrated the 32 counties with his new MI5 UK police, Garda surrendered to MI5, as did 160 TDs , 60 Senators, soon the people will serve sentence on above traitors that took 30 pieces of silver to betray our nation.

Yours sincerely, G Martin


  • Lawrence Mcgartland

    The sooner these basterds are brought down the better. Thanks for your good honest work Mr Martin

    • Thank you very much, the people have the power to fix and can do so once the law is rxplained to them. Our grandparents wrote the law, much in 1916 Proclamation, ratified as law of Dail in 1919 for our protection but people must know about it before they can ask for it. You do not need to be a solicitor etc, you just need to know how to read, you do not need to pay solicitor to read your rights in Proclamation, as you can read them yourself.

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