PUBLIC LETTER PART 1 Irish civil SERVANTS ROBBING Irish 2nd April, 2023

All across the country people begin to understand how since 1922 until 1989 the Crowns FREESTATE corporation was like Canada, Australia, N Zealand, S Africa a British Dominion colony of tax slaves who THOUGHT they were FREE and refused to read the pieces of paper that told them Oireachtas was running slave trade for the Crown. The 33rd Dail began as 1st Dail in 1918 until 1922 then it was replaced WITHOUT 32 county election by FREESTATE corporation until I got Royal Assent to close it down in 1989 and we thought END British Dominion colony tax slavery to fund Crown.

Since 1989 until 2019 Oireachtas PRETENDED it had power when, NONE, like FREEstate corporation it held 33rd Dail as prisoner, to prepare for WEF gov Ireland corporation take over of 33rd Dail using Crowns MI5 Agent Harris. It almost got away, as with 1922 FREEstate corporation, which I closed down, with its NEW Crown WEF corporation gov Ireland but again the peoples party ireland CAME to expose it, like my Grandfather in 1922.

People might ask what is the prize Crown is keen to have and I think the map enclosed will explain about the 2 forms of gold, one is black gold and the other is Green gold. The Crown is worlds oldest corporation, it does NOT care about man or woman, it ONLY cares for the GOLD. It HAS robbed Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English in equal measure. It Robbed Scotland for the black GOLD under the North Sea called oil. In Wales the black GOLD was slate and coal, in Ireland the GOLD was Green grass, human slaves export to USA, oil and fish, hence the map which proves this.

In England the GOLD was the blood of Englishmen LOST in industrial revolution and foreign battlefields to ROB other nations, so his Lordship could live in the BIG house and English slaves serve him. In all these operations the GOLD was extracted by using each nations traitors called civil servants, these Agents get rich ROBBING you for the Crown from their 30 pieces of silver, their reward for making fools of you, the tax slaves.

The map enclosed shows YOU the MAIN part of Ireland MOST know NOTHING about, it is called National Territorial Water Base Line, ALL fishing within said line and oil is Irish property since 1989 when I repealed Crown corporation control and made Oireachtas a criminal corporation, for 33 years you were fools of Freestate Fraud. This large slice of Atlantic Ocean right over to USA is OUR property since I got it back in 1989 for Irish people NOT for criminal TDs. As map tells you, we are one of the largest countries in EU, larger than France, Germany, Spain put together, Most EU fish are stolen from Irish, all Arranged UNLAWFULLY by lavish EEC parties to get TDs drunk to think they signed away rights that I stopped from being LAWFUL.

The latest figures in public records state about 994,155 tonnes of fish worth 1.18 BILLION euros each year, our figures show more, Ireland gets 0.19 BILLION euros, so we lose 1 BILLION euros each year to EU criminal gangs. You do NOT need to be expert to understand what 1 BILLION shared amongst less than 5 million people would mean, bye bye to massive taxation and Over priced fish and empty Irish fishing boats, many fishermen leaving Ireland with skills.

Since 1989 when the Party ENDED British Dominion colony set up by 1920 Government Partition Act which we also Repealed with 1922 Freestate Act, we have studied fish Fraud closely, learning about brown envelopes. Many people were TRICKED by Oireachtas TDs in accession to EEC in 1972 by an Ammendment to 1937 Constitution which did NOT exist in 1972 as ONLY constitution was Dail 1919 constitution,NO Royal Assent obtained from owner of Base line called Crown, to join EEC as Ireland was still British Dominion colony until 1989.

The only other constitution that Crown claimed was lawful was the 1922 Freestate corporation constitution written by Winston Churchill for his British Dominion prime minister called Develara assisted by his Crown Agent Collins, this 1922 constitution remained in force with Queen as head of state until 1989 when I obtained Royal Assent and ended it, as described in Repeal Acts described and confirmed by Crown and Oireachtas, per 1920 and 1922 repeals in 1989, documents presented to public on twitter and other public media.

Like the fraud 1937 constitution, the 1972 Ammendment REQUIRED Royal Assent as British Dominion until 1989 when I ended it. Its aim was to hand over OUR territory to EEC control for its plunder and English owner would be rewarded by secretly having 2 EEC votes until 1989 as Ireland was British colony but EEC, UK PRETENDED not, its British Dominion prime minister being called Taioseach to make Irish think not two UK votes, the bribe to UK by EEC, our fish.

Under London Fisheries Convention 1964, Article 2 and Treaty of Rome 1957, the Irish Waters were STILL under British Dominion in 1972 until 1989, NO Royal Assent was obtained hand over Base line to EEC. Public should also note that at 1964 London Fisheries Convention stating Ireland is NOT aFREEstate owner as colony, NOT one member of the criminal organisations, FG, FF Oireachtas made ANY dispute to FACT that since 1922 they PRETENDED Ireland was free.

Of equal importance was the 1916 Proclamation my Grandfather wrote and WAS RATIFIED by Dail in 1919 as statute law which 1922 Freestate swore oath to uphold, until Freestate ENDED in 1989. I have enclosed copy of Dail law that tells you in 1972 and for as long as Irish people are NOT destroyed, by for example becoming a minority. It states these waters, lands etc owned by Irishmen, women, NOT TDs or EEC now called EU.

Proclamation Guarantees ownership of these Assets, Sovereign, indefeasible unfettered control Irish destinies, Assets fish etc, ALL rights civil, military, assets etc HELD IN TRUST NEXT GENERATION, not property TDs to give away for brown envelopes. It tells you that in 1972 the National Territorial Water Base Line was ONLY held in Trust for Irish by Dail, NOT owned by Dail, civil service or TDs, NOT possible give to EEC by either English or Irish. Since 1989 the many treaties such as EU membership Lisbon Treaty were made by Oireachtas Crown corporation Freestate 1922 powers void since 1989, claimed also 1937 void constitution vote for fraud ammendment, NOT possible as NO jurisdiction.

In accordance with law, the peoples party ireland served notice, as did Substitute Prrsident McGuire, that Sovereign Eire Seal CANNOT Ratify contract for Dail to surrender something held in Trust, as it being contract between Oireachtas and EU corporations, NOT Dail. I brought these matters to public attention Many times but in late seventies things were perhaps worse than last 3 years, as media shadow banned ALL my reports, NO Smart phones in those days.

Like last 3 years, I put out the CERTIFIED documents that told and PROVED the story but, like now, Irish seemed lazy to read simple documents, instead believed sales reps tell truth NOT sales propaganda to sell products. I put together the evidence, the names of brown envelopes from Spanish, French governments to tell Irish TDs to TRICK Irish out of their fish and get extra vote on EU Council for UK Crown. When elected we WILL use to prosecute these traitors in extended Sovereign Dail Eireann courts.

If you consider 1 BILLION theft over 53 years, that is 53 BILLION the EU has stolen from Irish, less commission to TDs, civil service, courts service and media. We have collected much evidence of EU plans to bankrupt our much smaller Irish fishermen by using FACTORY boats that destroy Irish fish stocks, eventually taking ALL Irish fish. In PART 2 I would like to list our plans for Dail measures to terminate EU claims upon our fish and membership forced upon us by Crown corporation, as EU contract is with Oireachtas Freestate I closed down in 1989.

It is also important to remind Irish that the GUARNTEED Proclamation rights on one piece of paper, to AVOID confusion, can NEVER be removed WITHOUT permission from GOD, not man or woman, so UNLESS GOD has arrived then you can rest assured your rights have NOT changed.

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