Public Letter POLICE Investigation PART 1 Former Chief Justice F Clarke, 24th March, 2023

Dear Commissioner J Roberts, ref Fraud by Former Chief Justice

Public records confirm that I first contacted Garda Commissioner Clavin, a member of WEF Young Leaders Programme and Honourable Society of Benchers, on January 3rd, 2021, filing charges against Chief Justice Clarke. I had already brought to the attention of Clarke the UNLAWFUL practice of his judges of assisting private company, gov Ireland, to sell medical products, pretending its adverts for 31A as law when NOT. I furnished the evidence obtained from my personal visit to CITY of London Corporations Listings, in which I discovered that WEF funded Varadkars company gov Ireland, it registered in 2019 with Varadkar as Principal after lost election and chance implement WEF plans to subvert Dail. The Administrator is Aideen Murphy, Main solicitor is Aisling Finn and, Alan Kelly is Business Development. I advised Clarke that the group has 575 companies, many selling medical products.

I sent C Justice Clarke details of many Dail Assets, only held in Trust, NOT owned, SECRETLY transferred to Varadkars company gov Ireland, such as health, education and justice departments, to provide charade to control and assist sales of his products. I advised of concerns that law firms, Attorney General and Law Society, were asked by Varadkar to prepare fraud 31A to assist his sales, his company being MAIN customer of said law firms, vested interest. I reminded him that the 31A DISCLAIMER meant NOT law, and Attorney General confirmed this in His High Court. I pointed out that HIS courts service is registered owner of 89000534 UK police, replacing Garda, making police evidence unacceptable as vested interest of its owner, courts service.

I sent copies of these letters to Clavin as proof that Clarke could, by implication,by assisting shareholders of gov Ireland if he refused my REQUIREMENT that he apply Practice Directions upon judges breaking statute laws. I sent to Clavin a copy of my letter to Clarke dated 30.5.2021,by registered RL827387024IE, concerning my REQUIREMENT that he uses his special powers called PRACTICE DIRECTIONS to Protect the Public from crime. I included details of my objections to Bantry District Court case, in which Judge Roberts claimed property rights over ALL public and, jurisdiction, to order Everyone to break SI 296 of 31A, which says to NOT wear mask if you feel stress.

As media reported in court, Judge Roberts KNOWINGLY broke sections 5A, 5B and DISCLAIMER of SI 296 OF 31A, which state I must NOT wear mask if I or public feel stress or risk from DISCLAIMER Warnings as NOT guaranteed safe. The judge first fined old Granny for NOT breaking SI296 when she followed its and Attorney Generals DISCLAIMER to NOT wear mask. In next case he jailed her for NO mask in a shop, she was NOT required wear. To the DISGRACE of courts service, he also jailed for the New crime he made, called SMILING in court and, declared that ALL public must wear masks Everywhere and in ALL courts, as Law Society President also ordered, said public medical diagnosis.

Chief Justice Clarke refused to declare Roberts Ruling void, in which he declared by IMPLICATION that courts service REFUSE Rules of court procedure and statute laws and, claim to make public medical diagnosis and support crime. I listed many crimes to Chief Justice, that his position was to NOT allow continue, to be committed by his judges, which made profits from using unsigned, void 31A sales adverts for gov Ireland shareholders profits. Following continued Clarke position of Accessory to serious crimes, including public medical claims, diagnosis likely to cause death, injuries and Fear, Apprehension to personal safety, I reported to Garda Commissioner to save lives.

I listed in detail the many statute Acts broken by Clarke and, by implication his support for WEF Young Leaders Programme of WEF member Varadkar and his WEF company, gov Ireland. It is public record that the Dail has NOT advised it broke the law by transferral of health, justice etc to Varadkar in 2019 after he lost the election, in order that he could control health to sell his company products and abuse Trust of his TD position protect Dail from gov Ireland.

In accordance with law, the statutes I listed which were broken by Clarke, shoild mean from 5 years to life in jail and many public records confirm he got punished with Early retirement and, shortly afterwards, the Law Society President, under police investigation for similar crimes, broke rules and allowed Clarke to return as a Barrister. It is reasonable to say that if as a Barrister, Clarke represented a criminal, the judge would likely be a Friend and perhaps side with Clarke against a Victim, a serious conflict of interest. A short time after this, I disclosed new position by Clarke as senior judge in Arab country with bad human rights record, he resigned promptly. Shortly after, came his latest promotion for it seems, assisting crime against public.

Irish Legal News confirmed Frank Clarke is now President of Law Reform Commission for the next 5 years. Given the ongoing investigation by Clavin, it is reasonable to ask WHAT Law REFORM is possible. In accordance with law, by implication his support of WEF Young Leaders Group, Clarke caused me Fear, Apprehension to my health and safety, per section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, which is 5 years jail, NOT early retirement as transpired. Many old were put in jail or fined, or health damaged by Judge Roberts medical public diagnosis on masks which HSE and HPRA Regulator said in C848, C849 are useless and dangerous and, SI 296 advised NOT to wear and A General said own choice.

I REQUIRE you to complete the crimes by WEF Young Leader Group members that Clarke by implication assisted, as following my charges against Clavin also being WEF member assisting crime, led to his early retirement also. I also advised yourself, Clarke and Clavin of Varadkar and Enda Kenny appointments to control positions by WEF members, in courts, accountants and, RTE, they being MAIN customers of gov Ireland. Varadkar selected Police Authority comprising his OWN clients, to select police like Clavin, and members of his Own group, to protect gov Ireland by using courts private police, registered City London as 89000534.

I listed the following members of Police Authority, DR Elaine A Byrne, barrister of Unlicenced since 1924 Dublin courts. She also claims to be consultant EU Commission, President Leyen, main owner Leyen Biotech mRNA gene experiments. She also claims to be consultant for UN and World Bank, Schwab being MAIN investor of these firms and, Varadkar a member. She claims she works in Seanad I closed in 1989, per Royal Assent.

Another of Police Authority is Dr Deborah Donnelly, under Crown oath as Northern Police Authority and Commissioner Equality Northern Ireland, NO jurisdiction since 1989, when I removed Crown from North. Another member is Dr Moling Ryan, Queens University, served as Chief Legal Aid and Queens Oireachtas Finance, courts service. Bar of Benchers in 1979 and member Honourable Society of Benchers involved Unlicensed court. Another member is Shalom Binchy, solicitor, member and former Chairwoman of Law Society Benchers. The Law Society used duress to force solicitors to takr mRNA medical devices which documents C851, C852 said are dangerous, useless.

The list includes the Chairman of Police Authority, the former RTE Director General, ALL represent business interests of companies whose MAIN client is Varadkars gov Ireland group, ALL benefit from covid scam, as HPRA Regulator C839 states since 2020 to present, NO proof covid found. I would REQUIRE some confirmation as to what progress you have made as it is over 2 years since the first filed charges that the accused admitted in court, as most media and Rte reported, such written reports videos from media sent to you as absolute proof said crimes.

I filed charges against Clarke under QTC Statutory Notice and Declaration NO 2 of 2019, which outlines how DELIBERATE systemic obstructionism and framing the innocent is REVERSE law. Charges under Fear Apprehension, sect 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, in which Clarke allowed his judges to subject me to risk, using their private police 89000534 to perhaps kidnap, duress to court for complying with SI 296 of 31A to Not wear mask. Further charges under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, in which Clarke appears to have CONCEALED the HSE and HPRA Regulator Rulings and SI296 OF 31A which I sent him many times, hidden from judges to make court profits and 709.02 profits private police.

Further charges under SI NO 5412007 Medical Advertising Products. EU Directives 200183, transposed into Irish law. Also EU Council Directives 200363 also 200298, also 200421, also Mis use Drugs Act, 1977. ALL these Mandatory Acts and Article 15 of EU Council Constitution Clarke broke, both by his public medical claims, diagnosis and, by implication his allowing his courts to break, to obtain financial gain for courts and police. Above laws BAN courts, police, gov Ireland etc, from placing public medical adverts, Concealment of side effects and, claiming NO choice to DECLINE taking medical experiments like masks, PCR, mRNA and fraud court cases.

Clarke also understood gov Ireland adverts in addition to DISCLAIMER stating NOT law, were NOT validated by man or woman signature, as they said NOT safe, NO warranty and NO liability as Personal choice ignore or not. Clarke also confirmed in Supreme court Transcripts that his firm have NO 1924 Court Enactment Order, Attorney General also confirmed in his letter of June, 2021. The old were jailed for complying with SI 296 of 31A by company NO more power than McDonalds, lives ruined by court fraud and court medical diagnosis known to be dangerous.

It is public record that a man of good reputation and sound intellect called Aindriu Holst on 11.12.2018, advised ALL TDs, Justice minister and Chief Justice of NO 1924 Enactment Order. My Grandfather refused authority to implement, as he had already set up 1919 Dail Eireann Courts licenced by Soverign Eire Harp Seal each year to present 2023.I sent him a copy. Holst correctly explained that to fool the public, as confirmed by National Archives Historian, the Freestate corporation I closed in 1989 has displayed a Proposed draft, which has NO force of law and NEVER started, as seen in my Grandfathers family archives, which will be used in International courts.

In the light of many criminal acts by judges Unlicensed, upon the old Complying with SI 296 of 31A to NOT wear mask, Holst sent on 3.2.2023 registered Notice, per RL840829353IE, to TD Varadkar, Principal of WEF company, gov Ireland. The Notice advised Varadkar that he would be liable for ALL deaths, injuries from courts forcing his company, gov Irelands medical products, it said in FOI replies to be useless and dangerous, if he Cannot produce 1924 authority, which Clarke said he does NOT have as does the original 1924 records in my family archive.

As statutory 21 days passed WITHOUT producing said document and FOI C851 and C852 from gov Ireland confirm mRNA NOT works, NOT safe, then courts now assisting Varadkar his Personal claims sell his products. In due course I will be writing to obtain update on criminal charges against other TDs emploed in private capacity contract with gov Ireland, McEntee, Ryan and Donnelly, engaged in breaking gov Ireland FOI replied position. Many old were fined and jailed due to negligence and compliance with fraud by former Chief Justice Clarke according to his personal public actions, by allowing court he knew had NO jurisdiction since 1924 and medical diagnosis OPPOSITE of HPRA Regulator.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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