PUBLIC Letter Police Investigation PART 2 Former Chief Justice F Clarke, 28th March,2023

Dear Commissioner J Roberts, Ref reporting crimes,

Further to my letter 24.3.2023 concerning collusion with Varadkar company gov Ireland by implication of his public actions he took part in, I file further charges per framing Stephen Manning, which he implies can be done to anyone seeking to hold constructive criticism or insist upon public rights. I reported in registered letter RL827387024IE, dated 30.5.2021, a crime I witnessed at 4 courts on 11.5.2021 by judge Michael MacGrath and assisted by Bridewell Garda station, in Chief Justice name, agaginst Stephen Manning and Public interest.

I witnessed judge commence proceedings WITHOUT reading charge, failed claim ANY trespass, property rights or jurisdiction, he being subject to Proscription Notice, attempting Force Manning partake in fraud at tax payer cost. The court Notified in 2013 by Vatican Governance of Motu Proprio served by me, that it is fraud to ENTRAP Manning into PRETENDING to be owner of ALL CAPS birth cert company which he is NOT. I witnessed judge REFUSE Manning his lawful right to speak, also to list his Lawful FUNDAMENTAL DEFECTS, asking him despite his Appeal case, to sit down or be arrested for making ANY defence, he ignored Manning rights immediately voiding ANY ruling or further hearings.

I also Witnessed judge attempting to proceed using False Mis leading documents, offence under Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018, sect 9, judge Broke his judicial oath. I witnessed Manning claiming Trespass against DPP, courts service private police 89000534, barrister, judge for physical injury, unlawful imprisonment per hospital records, ALL REQUIRED accept summons but broke by NOT appearing in court charade. I advised C Justice Clarke I also witnessed Judge Michael MacGrath refused order warrant for arrest of DPP, police, barrister for NOT attending court summons for alledged criminal assault. I advised he instead Voided the hearing by running out of court and court clerk still recording. Police ordered myself and Manning to leave and, it became necessary for me to inform police of cout procedure, as witnessed by 7 independent witnesses.

I REQUIRED police to permit court recording of Manning reading Lawful Fundamental Defects, arrest of Judge MacGrath for contempt of court by proceeding on INCURABLY VOID contract. Bridewell police agreed comply with law and so Fundamental Defects were read and, in accordance with law we left but, Judge MacGrath NOT arrested, so I filed additional charges at Bridewell Garda station, they confirmed reciept and REQUIRED investigation crime. In my full report to Clarke I cautioned him his obligation as Principal to Agent, to NOT collude in Judge MacGrath fraud, such DELIBERATE, systemic obstructionism and framing being REVERSE law. To assist Judge MacGrath in this or further fraud is serious offence, under QTC Statutory Notice, Declaration, No 2, of 2019 Act, yet further case upon this INCURABLY VOID hearing contract UNLAWFULLY took place to FRAME Manning and Pervert justice.

Judge MacGrath having committed INCURABLY VOID hearing by Abandonment court, held Further UNLAWFUL hearing on May, 18th, 2021, WITHOUT notifying Manning whose case was to Appeal earlier Void contract it was. Records also confirm this UNLAWFUL VOID CONTRACT hearing took place in Unknown location, NOT in court, Irish Times reporter Mary Carolan published Mis leading report to conceal Fraud, alleged she was NOT present to write. Despite NO jurisdiction to break the law this UNLAWFUL VOID CONTRACT hearing took place in Unknown location, on May 18th, 2021, proceeding on INCURABLY VOID contract, Judge MacGrath ruled Manning must engage in Fraud hearing at Belmullet court to be silenced it would seem, statutory law says NOT obliged engage in fraud.

I REQUIRED C Justice Clarke that he must USE his special powers of court Directions to instruct Judge MacGrath that he CANNOT commit crime by replacing statute laws with his PERSONAL desire to NOT comply with law. I REQUIRED Clarke to remind both Manning and MacGrath that Supreme court Transcripts confirm Clarke, 160 TDs, Justice Minister accept since 11.12. 2018 that courts service is a VOLUNTARY court and can be DECLINED. They can ONLY invite Manning to take part in VOLUNTARY court, NOT PRETEND courts service have ANY jurisdiction since 1924, when my Grandfather closed this criminal organisation to Protct public from Crown fraud.

I sent Clarke copy of his OWN PRECEDENT of dismissal a case when UNABLE to present copy of 1924 Cort Enactment Order. Attorney General also confirms June, 2021 letter NO jurisdiction hold court. I sent other family Archives of my Grandfather who set up 1919 Dail Eireann Court, the yearly Sovereign Eire Harp Seal licenses to present 2023 licence, his NOT allowing 1924 fraud license and copy of my 1989 Repeal of Freestate and courts service right to use Crown Harp Seal as seen in courts service, making all its summons UNLAWFUL as NO Crown authority to issue since 1989 when I closed it down.

I also sent the report by National Archives Historian confirming courts service Fraud charade by public display of a PROPOSED Draft of 1924 Enactment Order, NOT ENACTED, to FOOL public. I also sent copy with LAWFUL signatures, dated 3.6.1924 from Attorney General Executive Council describing the PROPOSAL Draft by Parliamentary Draftman as NOT establishing Distrct or Circuit courts, confirming fraud since 1924 at taxpayers expense. As you can read, copy enclosed for yourself and Public, the Executive Council asked it to be considered, my Grandfather deemed NOT possible as ALREADY satisfactory Sovereign Dail Eireann Court, same SEAL as Garda oath of office to protect public.

So you would agree that C Justice Clarke told public that he KNOWINGLY assisted judge MacGrath to take advantage of Manning innocense of common and contract maritime law, which I specialise in, abused his Trust. Having allowed MacGrath FRAME Manning into VOLUNTARY Belmullet court of NO jurisdiction using courts OWN private police 8900534 to serve fraud summons, threats, they ruled he must NOT speak in public to avoid exposure secret police hired to protect FACT that courts service is fraud corporation exploiting Irish for the Crown. Having CONCEALED from Manning that ONLY he has EU Licence to hold court Integrity Tribunals and FACT that since 1924, courts service is criminal Crown corporation UNLAWFULLY Pretending jurisdiction LOST in 1924.

I REQUIRED Clarke to impeach MacGrath on grounds DEMONSTRABLE Mis behavior, his responce was to assist crime of MacGrath and to HIDE in early retirement, NOT acceptable to public. Following said early retirement, I referred said crimes to his replacement, Chief Justice O Donnel in my registered letter dated 30.11.2021, tracking RL834194523, per FRAMING of Manning. I note O Donnell was subject of Dail impeachment by former Justice minister for SAME offence as MacGrath, DEMONSTRABLE Mis behaviour, he also has ignored REQUIREMENT comply rules law. As demonstrated in court, having FRAMED and ruled on INCURABLY VOID contract that Manning must NOT offer his EU Licence Qualified advice to public, O Donnell continues said fraud and other alledged crimes per police investigations.

In my letter to Justice minister, dated 21.10.2022 I advised of O Donnell public letter to Manning. It said I have cancelled your ticket to 21.10.2022 PUBLIC presentation of law advice. Bearing in mind that O Donnell has outstanding CCJ summons he ignored for alledged crimes, his former impeachment attempt, his collusion with Judge MacGrath to FRAME and silence Manning, this is good example of corrupt Unlicenced court. I assume as O Donnell has no licence but Manning does have EU Licence, he DELIBERATELY PREVENTED contructive criticism, to conceal courts service supporting its own private police who refuse Garda oath and statute laws. It is public record that courts service is using its MI5 police registered as 89000534 to break Immigration Act 2004, an offence of 12 months jail for trafficking adults WITHOUT passports and vetting, as men in Garda uniforms have done in Mullingar for personal gain.

It is public records that even Irish Times has published this jailable offence and 3,000 euro fine for each police at Mullingar taking part in this human trafficking for employee of Varadkar WEF company, gov Ireland called S Coveney. Despite my REQUIREMENT that McEntee seek impeachment of O Donnell and prosecution of Clarke, she also has RETIRED early and, innocent CEO Integrity Ireland remains FRAMED by a criminal gang. It is my concern and public that Clarke, O Donnell with NO court jurisdiction, are working with employee of gov Ireland WEF Varadkar company, called McEntee to help mRNA sales and human trafficking, using private court police pretending to be under Garda oath.

Public records confirm she is under investigation for assisting Varadkar company gov Ireland to undermine 33rd Dail, by PRETENDING its 31A adverts are law, despite they stating NOT law in DISCLAIMER. I have been caused Fear Apprehension my safety and public by Clarke, O Donnell PRETENDING their company, NO more power than McDonalds, can FRAME public speakers to protect their crimes. I press charges under sect 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. Also 1990 Criminal Justice Act against Clarke, O Donnell. Also Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, perjury, collusion to pervert justice. Prosecution to be in Licenced Sovereign Dail Eireann Court, NOT criminal organisation called courts service, Unlicenced since 1924.

Further offences under Criminal Justice Act, 1999, S41.1, NO improper interference with legitimate criminal prosecutions by menacing or intimidation of persons involved. Further offences under Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,26,27 and 29, deceiving, forging, defrauding, creating and Using false instruments, to make gains for court. Clarke and O Donnell have advised public that despite NO jurisdiction, they can break NFATP Act 1997 to FRAME Manning or others, by intimidating, harrassing, coercive control, fraud hearings. I was invited as an observer for oldest political party in 32 county Ireland and, with 7 other witnesses learned why my Grandfather refused licence to this criminal company, called courts service. I will await your reply as to your criminal investigation and would ask that O Donnell be suspended pending result said investigation.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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