PUBLIC LETTERS. Young IRISH need to know this PART 1 21st March, 2023

During the last 3 years the YOUNG have been wrongly blamed with foreign people, for destruction of Ireland, when in FACT it was the generation before mine and to lesser extent, my generation. The generation before mie were given small farms for Free from the Crown corporation called 1922 Freestate following break up English landlord estates, which they had stolen from Irish. Like anything Free they did not place ral value upon these farms.

Public never told that it was my generation that PAID Crown in ground rents for said farms at 3 times the value, in our taxes until I stopped this robbery of Irish in 1989 Repeal and closure of 1922 Freestate corporation. To make Irish think Free from Crown, its Freestate corporation made them pay 3 times the value to Crown for something they thought to be free. The name Freestate was to replace 1920 Government Ireland Act.

Most Irish still UNAWARE of when Dail started, what it means and the difference between it and Freestate corporation that IMPRISONED Dail in 1922. Dail is government by people, Freestate was British Dominion colony until I ended it in 1989. In 1918 my Grandfather set up Dail and on your last election ballot you voted for 33rd Dail, NOT for Freestate 1922 corporation, Crown corporation Oireachtas or Varadkar 2019 company, called gov Ireland.

The first of the 33 Dails, Ratified in Jan, 1919 ALL your rights to free speech, property, self determination etc, in a simple one page document, 1916 Proclamation Grandfather wrote, ONLY GOD can change, this was in 1919, nineteen years before fraud 1937 Freestate corporation constitution, the Freestate company was NOT God so not possible change the guaranteed rights of 1916 Proclamation ratified as law in FIRST of the 33 Dail votings. Most Irish did not understand that in 1922 Crown Agents Collins, Develara STOLE their Dail Freedom and surrendered it to a Crown corporation called 1922 Freestate, they were British Dominion until 1989, when I set you Free using law.

Most Irish did NOT understand that SECRETLY in 1920, Collins, Develera set up for Crown the 1920 Government Ireland Partition Act, which I Repealed in 1999, following my success in 1989, forced Oireachtas Repeal same. Most Irish did NOT understand that in 1920, two years INTO 1918 FREE Dail, as verified by Lord Lexden for Crown , my Grandfather set up the peoples party ireland to seek Royal Assent to Repeal the 1920 Act, behalf of Dail. He filed his application and to save colony for Crown, Develera RENAMED this 1920 with a new name, the 1922 Freestate corporation and constitution written by Winston Churchill, Grandfather applied to Repeal this also.

I have delivered to most media and political parties the CERTIFIED Crown documents which detail these events, available in public archives, many times since 1989 when I ENDED the life of said Crown Acts. I also made public many times, the 5 Article constitution of Dail 1st April, 1919, this was additional to the 1916 Proclamation guaranteed rights, 4 years BEFORE ANY Freestate Crown corporation was imposed. The 1922 corporation Freestate and its 1922 constitution was FORCED upon Irish by Collins using Artillery and British gunners he ASKED his master, Winston Churchill supply him and, until 1989 Ireland was run by Crown.

Develera and Oireachtas civil servants ENYOYED robbing and running Ireland for Crown as a highly paid gang, PRETENDING Ireland was Free, when in FACT was a British Dominion of slaves, per Parliamentary documents. Until 1989, our people were STILL paying off the City London Jewish banking cartel, called THE NAMES LIST, that financed Freestate compensation to English landlords at 3 times value. Also paying the debts of both German wars, Develera agreed Irish pay UK public debt.

The ONLY Freestate constitution with Royal Assent was the 1922, other constitutions like 1937 were a paper charade as NO Royal Assent asked or possible, as Taioseach was British Dominion Prime minister until 1989 when I ended, hence snap election of 1989, as now 32 county Dail. In Dec 1936, the peoples party ireland made public that on 29th November, 1936, Sir Harry Batterbee visited Develera on behalf UK prime minister Baldwin to get Develera PERMISSION that King could abdicate. Written in Dept External Affairs is his visit to Freestate servant of Crown, Prime minister Develera of British Dominion, to explain importance of NO INTERVAL in delay to abdicate and succession of King. Abdication took place 10.12.1936 with Batterbee ringing Develera to give Permission. On next day business, 11.12.1936. succession took place THANKS to Oireachtas constitution of 1922 making Amendment NO 27, all Clearly recorded in public Archives of Dail etc.

This and Executive Authority External Relations Bill 1936, gave Permission WITHOUT delay of INTERVAL occurence, by Crowns SERVANT Develera. Prior to this, Develera presented a charade to CONCEAL HIS SERVITUDE and protect his neck as TREASON was rope offence in 1922 to 1936 and beyond. Develera arranged a proposed Fraud 1937 constitution bt Jesuits Fr Edward Cahill and John McQuaid on 8th October, 1936 in SECRET from his Cabinet, WITHOUT Royal Assent, required per 1922 constitution the existing Freestate law in 1937 until 1989. Many Irish make fools of themselves seeking a return of Fraud Freestate constitution which they have NOT read and UNDERSTOOD, the ne government might see this as it is, an act of TREASON by traitors of IRISH men and women.

He presented this fraud 16th March, 1937 to High Court judge George Duffy and Supreme Court judge, James Geaghegan , both Crown judges, both subject to Same Royal Assent as Develera and NO license since 1924. ALL above information available public archive EXPOSED Develera as Prime minister of Crown, NOT as leader of a Freestate, to COVER up HIS EXPOSURE he invented 1937 charade as NOT Free until 1989 per my Repeal. In similar fashion in 1946 the Irish Ambassador was detained in Vatican for 3 weeks until Crown agrred sign his papers to repreent Ireland for Crown. In 1949, Chapter 41, UK Parliament stated Ireland NOT Free and NO 1937 constitution.

The above public records give ABSOLUTE proof that since 1922, the Crown Freestate corporation employed same Irish civil service traitors, to rob and enslave Irish for Crown as centuries before. In 1989 I ended Freestate corporation that CONCEALED it was criminal gang running British Dominion colony. It was assisted by courts service, NO license since 1924 when my Grandfather refused it. Courts service has like Oireachtas proudly concealed its many crimes against those it was supposed to protect. It has been IRISH, NOT foreign people that have robbed, enslaved Irish. Last 2 generations ALLOWED these 2 criminal gangs rob, enslave Irish because Irish had NO respect for PROCLAMATION rights, it seems simple English is not enough for Irish experts on everything except WRITTEN FACTS.

In PART 2 I will list some of the Irish that HAVE helped Protect crimes by Crown by PRETENDING not aware of the British Dominion colony and, writing a Fraud history, to Mis lead YOUNG Irish. It is important YOUNG Irish do NOT deny the fraud by Crown corporations and Irish taking the 30 pieces of silver. It is YOUR future these traitors seek to destroy, NOT an old one like me. Once you understand that since 1922 an ENTIRE crime infrastructure was built, you will then undertand how easy it was to sell Ireland to WEF and chemical lobby, using this crime syndicate.

I have during 3 years, listed the EXACT statutory Acts they broke and the evidence of their crimes per media reporting etc. It is YOUR mission to use said law to jail these criminal gangs and ALL that assisted them, or assisted a fraud that 1937 should be grounds for Crown to continue its crimes using Irish Agents. The 160 TDs, 60 Senators that took grat pleasure getting rich on YOUR sufferings MUST be jailed, monies returned. They will NOT punish themselves but, New TDs will per Manifesto jail them. Since 1922 the FACT is Ireland WAS Crown British Dominion colony until 1989, since then SECRETLY run by same Oireachtas civil servants NO elected power, so a 100 SECRET of corruption, now SECRETLY handed over to City London corporation registered in 2019 as gov Irelend, the PRINCIPAL this private company called Leo Varadkar.


  • Wonderful History of our beautiful country eire most people in Ireland don’t know anything about it or understand it this Important information must be made public so that the people can educate themselves surrounding the history since the Irish Holocaust 1840,/50s and beyond it seems that this information was never taught in the schools 🏫 so the young would learn it

    • You are right about the planned cull called famine potatoes. If you ask yourself simole question , what does potatoe famine mean. The answer would be the weather was very hot good for ALL other crops except potatoes, so every food in surplus except potatoes. Public records confirm this bumper harvest was exported by Crown, so no shortage food during potatoe blight. It was best interests Irish civil serice to conceal crime. In 1922 Crown paid Collins to remove FEE 1918 to 1922 Dail and replace with British Dominion colony called Freestate until I closed it down in 1989. Best interests of Oireachtas to Pretend it still has Freestate powers to rob Ireland for the Crown, hence why for 40 years Ihave been shadow banned.

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