Proposed EXTENSION Dail Eireann Courts. 16th March, 2023

Criminal charges and police investigations ongoing last 3 years against Many judges, solicitors etc, employed by a company called Courts Service, which appears to be a criminal organisation assisting a new Secret company called gov Ireland, that has used its courts Secretly owned private police, registered 89000534 City London, to collect fraud fines, taxes on 31A advice which they Pretended was law, on instructions from Principal of company, Varadkar it seems, as his company confirmed in FOI replies that health advice from another employee, Stephen Donnelley is useless, dangerous, opposite of HPRA Regulator documents C851, C852.

It is public record that in 1923 we had 2 court service providers, the Lawful Dail Eireann court 1919 to present date and, the Crown court which closed in 1923 when my Grandfather refused License its 1924 Enactment Order. In 1989 I obtained Royal Assent to remove its Unlawful claim to Crown Harp Freestate authority, having closed the Freestate in 1989 by Royal Assent. In last 3 years, public records confirm that Varadkar used his TD position to increase profits for his shareholders of HIS registered City London company, gov. Ireland, forcing mRNA upon 33rd Dail.

Records show that MAIN client of Unlicensed since 1924 courts service, is gov Ireland. To assist Varadkar company and share profits, chief justice Clarke collected fines by colluding in medical fraud by implication. The Unlicensed court had SECRETLY registered a new police company 89000534, instructed its private police to Kidnap, assault, entrap into court, people COMPLYING SI 296 of 31A, advice CLEARLY not written as law.The SI 296 told people if they feel stress or feel risk from 31A DISCLAIMER warnings, that mask advice is NOT safe, NOT law, they must NOT wear mask, yet in addition to 2 High Court cases where Attorney General instructions to public ,judges, police etc, was 31A is only unqualified medical advice NOT law, NO obligation to follow, they were brutally attacked by courts private police and kidnapped to court, where as Victims of police, said police took great pleasure in fining, jailing public that followed Attorney Generals public DIRECTIONS.

This was just one example of Unlicensed court making law abiding taxpayers VICTIMS of courts brutal private police with profits of 907.05 million from crime against public says filed accounts. In these public paid buildings law is IGNORED and, replaced by fraudulent own private police claims to advance vested interests in profits. For 3 years, this criminal organisation protected the criminal actions of private company gov. Ireland to Force medical mRNA experiments, using coersive control. causing many deaths, injuries and Removal of law and Garda oath protect from such Secret companies set up by WEF to close Dail and its guaranteed public rights in 1916 Proclamation of Dail.

It has become CLEAR that the Lawful licensed court, Dail Eireann MUST be Extended and, as soon as possible, NO more contracts with criminal organisation called courts service. The peoples party ireland INVITES public views on our plans to Replace the above criminal organisation and, in due course, prosecution ANY judge, court clerk or police, that engaged in fraud hearings and assisted in manslaughter of people by using coercive duress take medical products. I would advise that it is NOT planned to close courts service but to place Dail contracts with the Extended, licensed yearly, existing Dail Eireann Courts, which offer statute law NOT personal law, as offered in courts service.

The past and present pension arrangements of courts service, its private police 89000534 will NOT be concern of Dail, it WILL be concern of Crown, the owner since 1920 of Oireachtas, set up subvert 1918 to 1922 Dail. In similar fashion, ALL debts, pension liabilities pertaining Oireachtas and Varadkar private company, gov Ireland will NOT be concern of Dail as NO contract since 1989 when I closed Freestate 1922 and its legislative powers. It is public record, we have company figures, that ALL courts service buildings were funded by taxes STOLEN from Dail by Oireachtas. In accordance with law, the 32 county Dail since 1989 WILL seize said assets for public protection to end ABUSE of public.

It is a planned transition which WILL take place in which the criminal corporation, Unlicensed since 1924 WILL be phased out and public courts of 1919 WILL return, elected ONLY BY PUBLIC not TDs. Public archives confirm that Crown Agent Develara agreed to his MASTER, Winston Churchills plan to set up judges selected by Crowns TDs, under oath to Crown Oireachtas, to RUN Ireland for the Crown. It is FACT that TDs and now employees of Varadkar City London company, gov Ireland, select solicitors KNOWN to support ciemes of gov Ireland company, to be judges paid highest salaries in the world to support TD crimes, per public records.

The Party has collected evidence from public records that courts service does NOT offer statute law, obey the 1916 Proclamation, Ratified as law in 1919 Dail. Instead it invents protections for gov Ireland crimes and its private police. We have learned the ONLY solution is that each county MUST hold local elections for local people of good reputation to be elected as judges for period of 5 years contract, NOT renewable. The election process WILL be by ballot slip, the voting boxes held at each county court, to NOT leave building, being counted on SITE by public of good reputation, selections based on Majority vote each vacancy, no transfer nonsence.

Each county WILL have committee to review cases if judge did NOT apply statute law, instead applying Personal directions from MI5 Agents or TDs, as seen last three years. Immediate jail if judge deliberately broke law to assist crime. It is public record that Present courts service is registered owner of new City London police corporation 89000534, pretending SECRET replacement of Garda, my Grandfather set up in 1921. At ONCE , this MI5 controlled police WILL cease to be owned by courts service, who usedit to arrest, kidnap, public VICTIMS of court police and, usingFalse affidavits, to entrap into court to be fined for NO crime, to create FEAR and profits for court judges.

The Extended, licensed since 1919 Dail Eireann Court, will NOT be owner of the Garda force, that WILL be rebuilt from those in 89000534 that can PROVE they did NOT break Garda oath. The Extended Dail Eireann court will NOT accept ANY solicitor registered with the Royal 1888 Society of Benchers, renamed Law Society, it under police investigation for medical fraud public medical claims, diagnosis, likely to have caused deaths, injuries. The Extended Dail Eireann court WILL insist on the DIFFERENCE between civil law and criminal assault law. At present, courts service have invented civil disputes like masks as being criminal assault cases. In similar fashion courts service PRETENDED arguments on choice of words were like criminal assault and, arguments between people insisting o Complying SI 296, which says NOT wear mask meant it was ok for police to beat them up and claim not criminal assault.

We have been shocked to see judges signing warrants for court police to go out and kidnap old people, injure them for following Attorney General and SI 296 good advice, to NOT wear mask, as VICTIMS of brutal police they were fined and sometimes jailed by judges who refused Victims right to speak. This criminal organisation was supported by members of Law Society who happily joined court police in assisting judges to collect profits from kidnapping old from buses, trains, shops, for fraud fines and to create Fear in old entitled to retirement in peace. With NO regard for human life, these organisations made great profits from the SECRET transfer od Dail Assets, like justice, education, health departments to Varadkar 2019 company gov Ireland so he could use to make PRETEND laws to sell mRNA.

The courts service was Fully aware that Dail is NOT owner of Assets, being Trustee of Assets held for next generation. That gov Ireland has NO power to give 31A medical ADVICE or Pretend to be 33rd Dail. The crimes against our people were MAINLY because courts service is NOT accountable to local community. It helped private WEF company, gov Ireland CLOSE 33rd Dail, to sell its mRNA experiments concealing death risks. In court the MAIN function of judicial oath is to PROTECT the Constitutional Declaration Rights of man, woman from Fraudulent affidavits of police, often seeking to hide assault on public.

For 3 years to our SHAME we have seen old people beaten upon buses, shops, trains etc, by police and TRICKED into void contract hearings set up for judges by court clerks, to create profits and Fear. I would briefly point out that on instuctions from Vatican Governance in 2013, the peoples party ireland served Motu Proprio upon courts service chief justice as Principal to Agent. In simple language, this is Highest Law document in world. It advised courts service that BLOCK CAPITAL Birth Certificates are NOT property of man , woman, it being fraud to claim ownership.

Despite this Notification, Tusla since 2015 used private police to serve court service summons upon children, parents Pretending they were cert companies, when NOT, being man, woman NOT subject to being property of courts. In due course, ALL judges, police, court clerks involved in this company fraud WILL be prosecuted, the sentence being 35 years jail. It is likely many public damage claims WIIL follow against staff in their personal capacity. The new court service will NOT entertain the fraud of police and court clerks bringing men, women into court on pretence they are companies. Companies have NO property claims on man or woman, slave trade not lawful.

The new system WILL encourage public to make their claims in OWN legible paperwork, to be submitted and objections etc, to be made in written letter in Advance of intended hearing. In the public interest, we would encourage public to provide their OWN personal defence, using written documents of proof, rather than depend on solicitors, their desire being to please judge not protect your best interests. It is time public took interest in the SIMPLE language of law, it is job of solicitor in present system to TWIST this simple language into something complicated to CONFUSE and help judge, in order he will give further contracts to solicitor.

The system we prepose is NOT something new, our ststutue laws are best in the world, it is sad FACT that those in charge refuse these laws, choosing instead to intimidate public for financial gain. Having observed courts across the country it is CLEAR that judges now refuse to hear public, accept lies from their staff, the private police and, if you speak you are arrested contempt of court, despite NOT property of court. I can see NO purpose in attending Unlicensed court, where judges see quoting statute laws or rights as contempt of court. It seems you are expected to be Happy for being Victim of courts private police, judges do not even learn statute laws just ignore.

We have collected much evidence of crime by court clerks assisting police crime for court profits. Many public Lawfully DECLINE clerk INVITATIONS, stating statute laws protections, yet clerks ignore and issue fraud instruments. It is public record that Varadkar as registered PRINCIPAL of 2019 gov Ireland, kept SECRET from public, funded courts private police to collect fines, force sales gov Ireland, judges helped subvert Dail by assisting private company. Many Irish now dead or injured, economy destroyed, Assets SECRETLY pledged to Varadkar gov Ireland WEF company, MAINLY due to judges breaking law, for highest wages in world to protect its private police.

I shall be listing more details to reflect any new ideas from general public. It would be encouraged that non solicitors stand for election, as ordinary people are best placed to understand ordinary issues. I might also point out that court clerks are Trustees of court cases, they only get paid if one company accepts contract from another company, company cannot claim rights over man, woman. By law, you can inform clerk you are NOT a cert company, will NOT pretend to be company and DECLINE invitation to fraud. It is jail for clerk if they TRICK you into Pretending you Own birth cert company but, you have to send letter, by law they must confirm acceptance if not, void contract.

Public records confirm MOST solicitors brak law for judge in order to get new cases from judge and if break enough laws for judge, definite promotion prospects. courts service is NOT about justice, it is vehicle for crime profits. The new court system WILL have local judges in local peoples courts. There will be NO special courts in Dublin or titles like Presidents or chief justice etc, one salary for ALL. Their WILL be maximum term 5 years and moderate salary, no more 279,000 euros salaries. TDs will have NO control over courts. No culture of lifelong, protected twisting of statute laws.

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