PUBLIC LETTER Dun LAOGHAIRE Rathdown Council 4th March, 2023

Dear Frank Curran, Ref Public safety of CHILDREN, Main Street, Dundrum Dublin 14.

Many people have contacted the peoples party ireland listing their intention to file charges against You, Emer O Doherty, Conal , Bergan and Mary McCaughan, per section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976 and many other Acts to Protect children under library supervision. Parents are concerned about an attack on their childrens personal safety and health under the 1976 Act, with regards medical claims and diagnosis publicly made, known as dangerous and Unlawful to attempt injure children in such a harmful way, unknown to parents placing Trust in libraries.

Public video records confirm tha Senior Librarian, Mary McCaughan of Blackrock Library, admitted in public video that she was refusing Remove Medical claims, diagnosis on Anal sex as recommended good for children. She claimed she could break the law until YOU, as CEO of council, instruct her to remove her claims Anal sex etc, is good for young childrens health and her books instructing how to perform and essential to health. Public records confirm journalist Gemma O Doherty defended parents rights to NOT allow library to claim medical diagnosis to children, that Anal sex instructions to young children is good and lawful, when CLEARLY BANNED from young children.

Law CLEARLY allows EVERY parent, TD, police etc to object and seek removal of material to Entrap innocent young children into engaging in perverted material trials of pornography, as found in childrens library. Public records in video of public letter concern sent, claiming on your behalf by Emer O Doherty, Conal and Bergan, claims you and them assist public crime cover up, against young children. Before listing what letter said, I have advised public that you should be given oppertunity to confirm either Innocent of child abuse crimes by Mary McCaughan or, as she implies, Guilty of telling her commit said child crimes.

I note that Emer O Doherty broke section 9, Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018, by creating and Using false , Mis leading instrument, her letter threat of court action, if NOT help her CONCEAL public child crime. I note she also claimed she wrote behalf of Council, which is piece of paper with NO rights to write ANYTHING, law REQUIRES she state man or woman that claimed right to break law, so can be jailed for child abuse. She also CLEARLY undertood she wrote with NO signature which means NOT valid like library covid adverts, NOT valid as NOT signed by man or woman. She also did NOT state what law firm so they can be removed from Law Society List for aiding child abuse.

In her public letter she also said public must ONLY contact her on 01 2054729, NOT you or librarian engaged in crime, so it would seem she simply quotes her OWN personal favour of Anal sex for children, shameful indeed. I quote what Emer said she WITNESSED in her letter to Gemma, NOT my words, you, her and public WITNESSED following according Emer O Doherty OWN public account , of child abuse she should have reported to police, prevent damage. She confirmed Gemma read library material in childrens section to senior librarian which gave Graphic description and claim good for children health on much perverted Anal sex, Banned by law from children, jail offence to supply.

Gemma correctly, having identified health risk and law ref children asked librarian remove, in accordance with law, to Protect, it being librarian job protect Minors. Librarian INSISTED her job is NOT remove but encourage, by leaving on display, to break law and damage children. O Doherty rightly stated it IS your job to NOT encourage crime, to NOT remove would be assisting said crime. Both Bergan and Emer confirmed per above account, that Mary McCaughan assisted child abuse, refused stop when asked to stop said abuse, to protect children.

Instead of Emer having Same civic duty as every priest, parent, doctor, policeman, to Protect children from Senior librarian placing harmful medical claims to injure children, she covered up said crime though Banned law. In Emer letter to Gemma she Fraudulently claimed that law says Gemma Must assist her in encouraging library to damage child health, Pretend good for health and lawful and NEVER expose such crime again, she Ordered. Public records confirm justice minister recently explained to Emer, also council and public, sections 9 and 10, NFATP Act 1997, and sec 39 Domestic Violence Act, 2018, that her actions liable long jail for Emer.

These Acts explain to Emer that it is upwards 5 years jail, to use coercive control, like court threats, media and public medical claims, she made, to coerse Gemma into assisting her crimes. Emer would also have read on Gemma website the 1916 Proclamation rights my Grandfather wrote and, in 1919 Dail Ratified as law, NOT the Fraud 1937 constitution which both ladies seem to NOT understand. Proclamation of the 32 county Dail, I returned in 1989 after my Repeal Fraud 1922 Freestate corporation, Partition and 1922 and 1937 constitutions. Said Proclamation Guarantees following rights, held in Trust by 33rd Dail for next generation.

Proclamation, NOT Dail, Guarantees rights of Irish, NOT Dail, to Ownership, unfettered control Irish Destiny as Sovereign, Indefeasible, equal rights civil liberties to NOT force Anal sex etc, on children in public libraries. Emer made Unlawful claim that she can restrict Gemma right to make constructive critisism and insist on law protecting children from abuse, court has NO property rights over freespeech and child protections. Emer also understood she now faces, like librarian, many years in jail, having supported public medical claims, diagnosis of Anal sex as essential for young children and other items, to revolting to state, Emer has disgraced law profession her cover up child crime.

Emer also implies that YOU, like the 3 parties named, have broken SI 5412007 Medicinal Advertising Regulations. EU Council Directives 200298, also 200363, also 200424 which BAN support Anal sex for children. I have listed Small sample of criminal moves by some libraries SECRETLY, as Unlawful, transfer from Dail Trust to new 2019 company, gov Ireland, set up by Young Leader WEF member, Varadkar for medical crimes including child abuse for gains. It is under police investigation that Most party leaders hold second contract with Varadkar WEF company, gov Ireland to extend his taste for Anal sex to young children, through libraries, schools, this seems to be example.

I have Notified as a matter of law, members Varadkar company, such as O Gorman and Donnelly are using Unlawful transfer Dail Assets, to gov Ireland to use libraries to pervert, entrap children. I will give you short period of time to remove pornographic books causing Fear, Apprehension to parents of children worried about health and safety in libraries and Removal M McCaughan EMER, Bergin if they wish to avoid jail per abuse children. I would caution Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, part 3.1.7 which defines perjury, collusion and attempts pervert justice as planned by Emer as serious jail time for you, if her claims implicating you are valid, which may not be so depending reply. It is also serious offence to assist Emer to Conceal child pornograpy offences or withhold the above public information exposed by Gemma O Doherty, per criminal Law Act, 1997, section 8.1.

Yours sincerely, G Martin


  • Great to see this Happening every one of them are a disgrace let’s hope that they are all sacked despicable individuals

  • The only way to get justice in this country the people will have to set up independently run courts and judges free from the influence of the political parties it’s a total Disgrace at present hope you’re well and in good form these days Gabriel love your Great work and the forgotten history surrounding our beautiful country,

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