PUBLIC LETTER Police Investigation LAW SOCIETY PRESIDENT J Cahill 26th Feb, 2023

Dera Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Garda Anti Corruption Unit

I write to REQUIRE you to complete the investigation of public crime by Law Society President, James Cahill, which I reported to you on 15th March, 2022 with public evidence. BEFORE roll out mRNA, on 25th Dec, 2020, I advised James Cahill of Acts of Treason by L Varadkar, Simon Harris, President Higgins and MI5 Drew Harris, also Chief justice Clarke. As you will be aware, it is duty ALL political parties to inform Law Society if it might become involved in a WEF Corporation Fraud, involving WEF leader, writer of its plan, now King Charles.

It is public record Law Society first began in 1830 and reformed May, 1841, known as Honourable Benchers of Kings Inn it was granted rooms in 4 courts. Supplemental Charter 1888, named it Law Society, sadly STILL tool of Crown subversion of Dail. It moved to present building in 1978, the former Kings Hospital School. Its Fraudulent account of its history being written by Justice Hogan opposite of historical Fact, he being member Crown courts service with NO license since 1924 to hold ANY court. I supplied BEFORE roll out the CERTIFIED HPRA Regulator and HSE position, signed S Moore, Emer Kelly and under FOI accepted by CEO of Varadkar WEF company, called gov Ireland as being correct.

HPRA documents C846,C847, C848, C849, C850, C851, C852 advised Cahill that lockdowns, masks, distancing, mRNA are useless and dangerous, as indicated on DISCLAIMER by 31A. Having been made aware correct medical position, any public medical opinion by Cahill that stated OPPOSITE would be serious offence of assisting manslaughter particularly if he Concealed death risks and advised as essential to life and job condition ignore risks. I advised Cahill that when WEF Young Leader Group member Varadkar Lost election and abillity enforce WEF Removal Garda, Dail Proclamation, Crown and install MI5 control of 32 counties, I set Free in 1989, he set up following plan.

I sent his WEF company City London registration details, corporation named gov Ireland, its Administrator Aideen Murphy, its solicitor Aisling Finn, Alan Kelly being Business Development, the Principal is Varadkar. I brought to Cahill the Unlawful transfer to gov Ireland, set up 2019, of Dail Assets, health service and Justice depts, these Assets held in Trust by 1918 Dail my Grandfather set up to Protect from Crown theft. I understand it was kept SECRET as Chief State Solicitors Office and Attorney General prepared paperwork for UNLAWFUL transfer Assets, to assist its Main clients, gov Ireland and Crown to Pretend make its OWN laws to sell its products, Perfect sales pitch.

Public records confirm the peoples party ireland Forced law firm, Attorney General to issue DISCLAIMER that informed Law Society etc, that 31A is NOT guaranteed safe or lawful medical advice, NO obligation to follow. The private company, gov Ireland also advised ALL comments, enquiries, errors or ommissions MUST be referred to copyright owner, gov Ireland, NOT 33rd Dail, courts or police, which would be fraud. I also sent Cahill copy of SI 296 of 31A, that explain to him sections 5A, 5B that man, woman must NOT wear masks if stress or AGREE with risk warnings in 31A DISCLAIMER. I also sent 18 statute laws to Cahill that explain to him that it is jailable offence to make public medical claims or diagnosis, to assist Varadkar sell his products, like PCR he bought in 2018, FULLY aware UNABLE detect ANY virus, as written on instruction labels, hence reduced price for quick profit.

I also reminded him that employee of Justice dept, an Unlawful subsidiary of gov Ireland, called McEntee explained to him sections 9 and 10, NFATP Act, 1997 and Domestic Violence Acts. These Acts make it ailable offence to use coercive control, such as ordering solicitors, public etc to wear masks, take PCR, A Zeneca before entering Law Society building, threats job security, promotion etc. Public records confirm that, despite public evidence I provided PRIOR to his threats, he KNOWINGLY CONCEALED said risks, using psychological intimidation, as recorded newspapers, to FORCE use of medical 2 year experiments with results at END experiment, NOT before, sold to Dail by Varadkar company, gov Ireland.

I sent to Cahill, prior to his public diagnosis that Astra Zeneca etc was essential and MAIN reason to stop TRANSMISSION that Pfizer, A ZENECA data said NO test ever done to see if STOP transmission, he made false claim. I also sent the manufacturers directions description that, in addition does NOT STOP transmission, NO test ever done to see if guarantees safety pregnant women, as to dangerous to do such test, yet he made claim as safe, no risk. I also sent Cahill a copy EMA License CONDITIONS for Emergency use, NOT general use, if Emergency of dying, which HSE, NHS, CDC etc confirm if Healthy, old or young, you have 99.9 per cent immune recovery and avoid 1,376 Known risks if use 2 year experiment NO liabilities or warranties as might die, he CONCEALED as not in his medical diagnosis papers.

He also FULLY understood CONDITION of license was NO guarantees, warranties could be given, as stated in 31A advice not law, UNTIL completion test results in 2 years time of this experiment with a medical device, called mRNA not a vaccine as Never tried genetic engineering before on man, by implication per his description , he gave Personal guarantee if injured he will be liable not Law Society, it being piece of paper not man able to speak or make law. He also FULLY understood license condition that he must list the 1,376 known side effects, including death and often Permanent destruction immune system, itself removing 99.9 immune protection most illness, like common cold.

He FULLY understood 18 statute laws and Belmont Principal meant he could NOT state mRNA experiment, its Known risks is better than the 99.9 per cent immune recovery with NO risks if healthy at ANY age. It is public record that despite the obvious breaking of laws, he used employment prospects threats to Force many solicitors and, they in turn Forced public, to engage risk to life, permanent destruction immune system Unaware risks he CONCEALED. Public records confirm I made every reasonable effort to SAVE lives, injury of solicitors etc, by supplying, at MY expense, vital public data to Cahill, who refused inform his employees of, seems total contempt human rights.

I again sent registered letter, RL822490020IE dated 12.11.2021, to Cahill with ALL above medical documents, REQUIRED him to cease assisting medical fraud, gov Ireland WEF company of Varadkar. I also sentCity London registration 89000534 of police company OWNED by courts service, its intention to PRETEND new company was Garda NOT operating under Garda oath written by my Grandfather. I sent Cahill the fraud sample copies of Unlicensed courts private police summons bearing Crown Harp Authority, which Harp use became Unlawful when I Repealed it in 1989, per Royal Assent, ONLY lawful Harp being Dail Eireann Court Eire Seal designed by my Grandfather protect from Crown.

I also sent samples of fraud cort police summons upon Victims of police assault for COMPLYING with 296 direction to NOT wear mask if risk to health, as HSE C848, C849 claim like 31A DISCLAIMER that use is dangerous and useless. I also sent public data that units of MI5 new court police 89000534 had refused Proclamation Guaranteed rights and Garda oath, to instead obtain Unlawful fines for judges, solicitors salaries and assist crime. I served Lawful notice that if Cahill continued endanger lives of solicitors and public, in support of WEF Young Leader Group one world government and medical experiments, I would file police charges with You. In accordance with law, I filed following charges with you 15th March, 2022, with public evidence said crimes, which Cahill PROUDLY boasted of . I indicated YOUR liability if NOT PROMPT action as lives at risk due to dangerous public diagnosis of Cahill.

Records confirm that it is almost one year since I REQUIRED you to investigate, per Garda Act, 2005, the Unlawful support by Law Society President, of the WEF Young Leaders Programme as written by King Charles. Given that ALL public media WITNESSED and described the public medical claims and diagnosis Cahill Forced per coercive control upon solicitors, I supplied to you, it would appear you HAVE assisted Cahill cover up and allowed further crimes. The law questions are simple, did Cahill make public medical claims, diagnosis banned by statute laws. Did Cahill CONCEAL HPRA Regulator warnings, the public evidence sent says he did commit said crimes. Did he list known side effects, newspapers etc tell you NO listing so guilty of crime assisting medical experiments says public evidence.

Did Cahill give medical diagnosis that A Zeneca, withdrawn for deaths, injuries, was BETTER than 99.9 per cent immune recovery, in order to obtain business contracts from WEF gov Ireland 2019 company, public evidence says very likely. Did Cahill comply with MI5 Agent Drew Harris directions, Rte claim Harris instructed DPP PRETEND 31A is law and, CCJ judge claims DPP ordered courts service PRETEND 31A is law, public evidence says he did do all stated. Is it correct to state that Cahill caused Fear, Apprehension to solicitors, public, claiming if NO mask or mRNA experiment, death will occur from covid that HSEC839 warns NO proof covid exists, newspapers etc again claim he broke the law and placed lives at risk by giving fraudulent medical claims, diagnosis OPPOSITE CERTIFIED HSE position.

I must REQUIRE you to complete your investigation PROMPTLY of Cahill, if he made above medical diagnosis, Forcing healthy to now worry if next Victim per CSO figures, he must be prosecuted. It is reasonable assumption that as direct result of Cahill breaking SI 5412007 Medicinal Advertising Regulations. EU Council Directives 200298, also 200363, also200424 and Mis use Drugs Act, 1997 many led into life danger position. As his actions confirm, he has caused me Fear, Apprehension my personal safety, per HIS directions that solicitors MUST ignore the above laws that Protect me from medical experiments WEF, gov Ireland.

In accordance with law, I again file charges previously made, under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, jail sentence 5 years. Further charges under 1990 Criminal Justice Act concerning Treason, Neglect public duty, Concealment vital public data. Further charges under sections 9 and 10 NFOATP Act, 1997 and section 39, Domestic Violence Act, 2018, section 9. Offences under Criminal Justice Act, 1999, section 41.1, No improper interference with legitimate criminal prosecutions by menacing, intimidation. He allowed solicitors prosecute Victims of 296 stating NOT wear masks, solicitors made financial gains upon those COMPLYING 296 to their shame.

This is SMALL sample of offences which imply Law Society of Honourable society is in FACT society of DIS honourable members, engaged in breaking laws to assist its MAIN client, gov Ireland registered to L Varadkar. It is reasonable assumption that Law Society President has played KEY role in destruction public confidence in law and, been of great assistance to WEF plans of King Charles capture Dail, removal Crown and Proclamation rights.

It is also public record that I also advised Law Society management in 1989 that I obtained CLOSURE of 1922 Freestate powers and fraud 1922 and 1937 constitutions, returning 1916 Proclamation rights guaranteed by law. My grandfather also advised Law Society in 1924 that he had refused courts service 1924 Enactment order, since then Unlicensed court, unlike his LICENSED Sovereign Dail Eireann courts. I notified Law Society that the 1924 Fraud is recognised as FACT by former chief justice Clarke, in Supreme court Transcipts and Attorney General confirmed this in his letter dated June, 2021. I also Notified and supplied copies of the 104 yearly court licenses of Sovereign Dail Eireann Courts, ALL like 2023 license, bear Sovereign Eire Seal, as found on passports and Garda oath , ALL designed by my Grandfather. The present courts service Harp Seal is a Fraud since 1989 when I made it so.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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