PUBLIC LETTER Police Investigation Drew Harris 9th Feb, 2023

Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Anti Corruption Garda Unit, Ref criminal charges against Drew Harris,

I have enclosed copy of the Sovereign Seal Harp Garda oath which was sent to your office in 2020 along with Rte video od Drew Harris swearing oath to uphold and, copy of his signed contract to defend 1916 Proclamation guaranteed rights from the criminal corporation registered in 2019 as gov Ireland to assist MI5 operative Drew Harris in the WEF political coup and overthrow of Dail in 2020 to re introduce Crown control , lost in 1989. I have also enclosed copy of SI NO 296 of 31A updated to June, 2021 which shows Fraudulent use of the Crown Harp Authority Seal, once claimed by Oireachtas Freestate as British Dominion, copyright LOST in 1989 when I removed its use.

According public records, Drew Harris claimed this document was given to him by an employee of Private corporation gov Ireland, set up in 2019 by Varadkar and WEF, to carry out far right subversion of 33rd Dail. He claimed that an employee of a corporation like McDonalds called gov Ireland, set up to sell medical experiments to 33rd Dail, gave him power to Break Garda oath, employ UK MI5 police of 89000534 to assault public. He claimed McEntee with NO property rights over man or woman, or 33rd Dail, Garda oath or 1916 Proclamation rights, instructed him to send UK MI5 mercenaries onto buses, trains, shops to FORCE public to Break 296 medical advice to NOT wear masks.

He also claimed that McEntee, a TD subject to 1916 Proclamation used her SECOND job, as employee of Varadkar company gov Ireland to FORCE him to ignore HPRA Regulator warnings, C848, C849 that masks useless and dangerous. He also claimed that McEntee instructed him to attack old people in shops, trains, buses and, kidnap them to Unlicensed courts since 1924, that show Crown Harp Copyright Seal, such use Harp Seal Repealed by Crown in 1989. Asyou can see from enclosed SI 296, he, judges and public read DISCLAIMER on page 1, which states McEntee did NOT give him power to use MI5 to replace Garda and, carry out far right subversion on public and Dail rights for Crown.

Part 5A, 5B of SI 296 inform Harris and public, Garda and judges that if a man feels stress or feel Risk from risk advice in DISCLAIMER page 1, they must NOT wear mask and, shops, buses etc MUST contact gov Ireland NOT police. DISCLAIMER goes on to state SI Instruments were prepared by a law firm called Attorney General, its MAIN client being company gov Ireland and prepared by a law firm called Attorney General assisted by Dept Health, a subsidiary of gov Ireland, having been SECRETLY and Unlawfully been transferred from Dail, which only held said asset in Trust.

The document also informs Harris and public that it is breaking 18 statutory laws by giving public medical claims and diagnosis, it says NOT guaranteed safe or accurate, NOT accept liability if injured, No undertakings or warranties as public can ignore as NO law can be law, that says you MUST injure yourself. The fraudulent document, NOT signed by man or woman as ONLY sales advert for gov Ireland company selling medical products, tells Harris he CANNOT PRETEND MI5 can duress old into court and ask police claim it is law to break rule of law. Public records confirm on 2.12. 2021 Taoiseach had to remind Harris and MI5 police units that it is NOT crime to insist on FOLLOWING advice of 296 that masks must NOT be worn if risk to health, as stated CLEARLY in DISCLAIMER of 31A.

Yet public records and court records confirm that members of new MI5 units of 89000534, filed affidavits in court that THEY attacked, broke arms etc, kidnapped, tortured and Forced into Unlicensed court, those COMPLYING with 296 and were assisted by judges using ENTRAPMENT, to conceal Garda assaults and obtain Unlawful fines for company profits. According to SECRET police Refusing Garda oath, hence NO jurisdiction, they indicate Harris broke Garda Act 2005, that states he CANNOT ask or Order police, judges to break Garda oath he signed contract to uphold. it is 10 years jail to attempt to coerce braking said oath.

According court records, the registered owner of UK police is courts service and it issued Crown Harp Summons and Private police, to injure, kidnap, force Void contract upon Victims police crime and police broke SI 296 for financil gains and to Force Unlawful medical experiments on old and young, no regard human health or life. In accordance with law, IREQUIRE you to arrest, suspend, pending prosecution, MI5 Agent, Drew Harris, who assisted criminal assault on public, to Force medical products sold by gov Ireland, its 31Aclaiming NOT safe, NOT law. According public records the peoples party ireland . com filed similar criminal charges as follows against Harris in 2020 following sworn affidavits from Victims of police subversion public rights, to Commissioner Clavin, a known member of WEF Young Leaders Tomorrow Group, its public stated aim being to Remove Dail Garda and 1916 Proclamation, as such his position in charge such Anti Corruption unit NOT lawful, as his vested interest is to NOT stop corruption Garda.

It would appear that Harris KNOWINGLY broke the law by allowing appointment of Clavin, graduate criminal organisation Young Leaders, WEF programme at Harvard in 2019, funded by gov Ireland company of Varadkar, its aims remove Garda and PROTECT Harris while he removes Garda and replaces with MI5 UK police to remove 1916 Proclamation rights, guaranteed by Dail 1919 as law not possible to change by ANYONE, rights held in TRUST. Clavin is now liable to Victims of Harris 3 years of crime, assisted by Unlicensed court service judges, who fined, jailed Victims of Harris right wing subversive actions against their Dail rights guarnnteed by law, I stated Many times.

IMUST REQUIRE you to complete the 3 year old investigation, CANCEL ALL mask and 31A offences they being based on INCURABLY VOID contracts, return fraud fines and arrest judges police that colluded with criminal activities of Drew Harris and Varadkar private company to sell goods he bought in 2018, also collusion and TREASON with Crowns MI5 WEF announced publicly, plans to subvert Dail and Proclamation rights. As stated 3 years ago, Harris caused myself and public Fear Apprehension to our health and public safety, which is 5 years jail under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, additional 5 years per oath broken.

As ALL media quoted, he ordered that I could be beaten up on bus, train, shop, kidnapped to Unlicensed court and be charged for COMPLYING SI 296 to NOT wear mask to protect my supply of oxygen and NOT allowed Protection court rules to NOT be assaulted by MI5 thugs forcing sale Crown medical products. As courts private police confirmed, he Refused the DIRECTIONS given to him by McEntee and INVENTED his OWN personal law, hence charges under Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018, section 9.

Further offences under Criminal Justice Act, 1999, section 41.1, NO improper interference with legitimate ciminal prosecutions by menacing or intimidation. Further offences under Garda Act, 2005. I wish to press further charges under sections 9 and 10 of NFOATP Act, 1997 and sec 39, Domestic Violence Act, 2018, which McEntee explained to Harris and public. He CANNOT use psychological pressure, threats court to make wear masks or ignore DISCLAIMER rights. Further charges under EU Directives Public Health. He ordered police to Detain old and sick for Astra Zeneca experiments KNOWN to Him to cause death, injuries. Law REQUIRES minimum 3 months notice obtain 2nd medical opinion which he Refused, to assist profits corporation gov Ireland force upon 33rd Dail, called GOVERNMENT OF IRELAND which was elected per ballet paper, to PROTECT me from company gov Ireland.

Many old now dead because Harris Refused Lawful right for family access to obtain second opinion as HPRA Regulatorin C851, C852 and 31A said NOT safe, NOT works. Harris claimed property rights over FREE men women, this being TREASON under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, assisted manslaughter is SERIOUS crime by Harris, likely LIFE jail. Harris must also be charged under said 1990 Act for planning Manslaughter of old for Varadkar company gov Ireland and its share holders, his plan to ENTRAP old for Experiments, to charge 33rd Dail government for the costs of his using Garda to assist WEF Varadkar and EU Commission President Leyen, her family company, Biotec Orgenesis being main producer of mRNA and beneficiary of 75 billion euros in sales using Public office to Force.

According to over 800 pieces public evidence, Harris Neglected inform and CONCEALED HPRA Regulator warnings NOT safe, NOT law. Instead he replaced HPRA CERTIFIED position and gov Ireland company adverts with his OWN lies he knew likely to cause death injury. He made public medical claims that a 9 euro meal gives 115 minutes immunity. That virus NOT yet found per HSE C839 , only attacks in Southern churches. Only attacks Catholics NOT Muslims worship places, seems virus will not cross into Ulster he claims.

He also stated that virus, NOT yet found, ONLY atacks in restaurants etc after 11pm like Dracular. He said virus Does attack before 11pm in small shops but NOT in big shops. That virus will disappear if Ukraine people move in. He claimed that shops must NOT sell items like clothing, ONLY selected groceries as virus is attracted to items of clothing. He claims Rte, judges etc have SPECIAL immunity at Golf clubs but NOT ordinary taxpayers, a most selective virus indeed, it is little wonder that HSE C839 claims NOT yet found, seems NEVER will be found. I did receive written confirmation from Dr Glynn that NPHET did NOT give above medical claims to Harris, he committed PERJURY in making up his OWN far right conspiracy theory and medical diagnosis that resulted in many deaths, it is Known side effect of mRNA that one develops mental health issues, poor man.

I note that I have already sent to your office 104 yearly licenses stamped with Sovereign Harp Seal, per your Garda oath and passport, of Sovereign Seal Dail Eireann Courts. In accordance with law, I REQUIRE police prosecution at Sovereign Dail Eireann Court, NOT the Unlicensed fraud Crown Harp courts service, as NOT offering statute laws or ANY jurisdiction. I would also point out the Rte public records that Drew Harris claimed he instructed DPP to PRETEND 31A dangerous medical advice was law, so it is fair assumption that CEO of DPP appointed by Varadkar, PRINCIPAL of company gov Ireland, is acting fraudulently to assist sale gov Ireland products. Also public records that CCJ judge confirmed DPP ordered ALL judges PRETENS 31A is law and only accept evidence from courts private police to protect court police crime. Not much point in courts service being allowed continue its crimes at public expense.

Yours sincerely. G Martin

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