Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts Anti Corruption Garda unit, Ref Criminal Acts by Senator Byrne

Further to my letter dated 3rd February, 2023 concerning my REQUIREMENTS that you investigate and arrest Senator Byrne concerning his Public statement as a member of Young Leaders Tomorrow Group, that he committed TREASON. In addition to the latest crimes he confessed to, I am writing to enquire why he and 59 Senators and 160 TDs have NOT been arrested, almost 3 years later, for their part in the 2020 covid coup of March 2020, per public records.

I filed criminal charges against 60 Senators following Public acts of TREASON in which, Dail records confirm, they presented a fraud document to the Oireachtas President Higgins, claiming Freestate powers and Crown Harp. According to letter reply from Higgins, he confirmed Young Leader Byrne fraudulently signed Seanad covid Bill 9th March, 2020, despite NOT possible to sign until June 29th, 2020 when 11 nominated seats were filled. It is also law that since 1989 when I Repealed Seanad Freestate powers, it is reduced to a debating chamber, with NO Freestate powers, as confirmed in Freestate Repeal Acts of both UK Parliament and the Oireachtas.

It is public record that Senator McDowell and 9 other Senators challenged my claim in the High court, where 3 judges confirmed that Senators could NOT sign in March, 2020, and said TREASON was committed. I also notified President Higgins in March, 2020 that the Final reading in the Dail was NOT voted on by TDs present, yet it was Unlawfully submitted. It is also in Dail records that a gov Ireland employee BANNED 112 TDs from the vote, this would make any vote Null and Void as NOT representative of electorate and gov Ireland is private corporation NOT Dail.

I reminded President Higgins that the covid Bill could NOT be lawful as the 1916 Proclamation Guarantees that men and women, NOT Senators or TDs, can decide their medical decisions and, CANNOT ban 112 TDs for gov Ireland company fraud against Dail. I forwarded copy of President Higgins letter to Garda Anti Corruption Commissioner Clavin, a member of Varadkars Young Leaders Tomorrow Group, it seems he has Protected criminal activities of Senators to sell mRNA etc. Following further letters to the private company of Varadkar registered in 2019 after Lost election, gov Ireland, the said corporation confirmed its 31A covid travel and medical ADVICE as NOT law, as NOT guaranteed safe or Lawful.

It is public records that Byrne and other Senators PRETENDE it was law and, gave medical advice and diagnosis that Astra Zeneca, sold by gov Ireland to the 33rd Dail was safe, when HPRA Regulator in C851, 852 said NOT works, NOT safe. It is public record that leader of criminal organisation Fine Gael in the Seanad, Regina Doherty, is also under similar Garda investigation for almost 3 years, for insisting people following HPRA Regulator warnings, should be in jail.

It is of public concern that many voters took Byrne medical advice in good faith to take Astra Zeneca and are now dead or injured, NOT aware he lied to sell Young Leader Varadkar company products. I will in due course be writing to file criminal charges against Commissioner Clavin, Harvard graduate 2019 of Young Leaders Tomorrow Group, his training funded by Crown Oireachtas and gov Ireland WEF corporations. It is reasonable assumption that Oireachtas employees recieved financial gains to trick the public into thinking gov Ireland was the 33rd Dail, many dead from its products, because they CONCEALED known death risks.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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