Dear Cormac Bourke, Ref Crimes against the public

Iwrite to inform you that I am pressing charges against your employees, Ellen Coyne and Ralph Riegel at Garda HQ, and to REQUIRE your confirmation that the following employees are NOT involved. At this stage it would appear that your 2 employees might have been acting on instructions to break statute laws from yourself and Edward McCann, Director of publishing,and Kevin Doyle, Head of News, please confirm the position. Public records confirm you claim your core mission as, renowned for analysis, perspective and, opinion based on FACTS and a desire for public debate and comment, hence my public debate and comment with you here.

I shall now describe the crimes committed by Ellen Coyne and Ralph Riegel which you would agree as OPPOSITE of your core mission you describe, so I assume either they acted in a Private capacity, or on your instructions. As Editor, you allowed Ellen Coyne and Ralph Riegel to release on January 14th, 2023, a story in which they claim that your paper is a criminal organisation, involved in breaking sections 9 and 10 of the Non Fatal Offences Against The Person Act, 1997, which carries a 5 year jail term. I did , like you, read in all newspapers and the, the description of these Acts by former Justice Minister McEntee, who I reported as ALSO breaking these laws, resulting in her replacement by Simon Harris, also under police investigation for crimes including coercion of public.

Your newspaper explained to your employees that it is 5 years jail for following, watching, pestering, communicating with others, to interfere with others peace and privacy, to cause alarm, distress, apprehension etc. It goes on to state, such INTENTIONAL, reckless coercion, duress to silence public debate and, incite hatred that a woman might fear for her safety, is a jailable offence for intimidation using psychological Pressure with threats. Your employees said Dolores Webster is an evil person stirring up hatred across Irish communities. They also claim schools, community centres etc, as targets of far right gangs who say are used to house asylum seekers.

Your staff claim she is a conspiracy theorist. Without her consent, they identify her with her photo in her house to make her a likely attack victim. they imply Minister O Brien etc is lying when he confirmed such public buildings ARE used to house asylum seekers with No papers. They claim that local parents concerned about undocumented young males being housed near children, which newspapers report HAVE attacked children, means parents like Dolores Webster are right wing conspiracy theorists. Your staff claim that it is NOT their job to report public dangers and that to do so is called far right conspiracy theory, also that they break the NFATP Act 1976 to endanger the public in reporting crimes they will only conceal.

According to the Oxford dictionary, far right means the Opposite of left, conspiracy theory means Opposite of FACT, which your staff claim to support, having claimed parents telling FACTS are evil gangs. Your employees , according to their written statement in your paper, confirm that, to quote their words, is just Evil, its analysis and perspective is based on a desire to BAN public debate and invent conspiracy theories. By their actions they have caused myself and members of the peoples party ireland Fear and Apprehension to our personal safety. The sentence under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, is 5 years jail, in addition to other charges pending.

I shall be filing further charges under Criminal Law Act, 1997, sec 8.1, Concealing offences by Housing Minister, withholding information that would have prevented death and injury from Astra Zeneca and from masks. Further charges under part 3.1.7 of the Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, in which your paper colluded and committed perjury to assist a group of companies set up in 2019 by Varadkar, called gov Ireland, to Subvert 33rd Dail Eireann. Further offences under section 41.1 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1999, using menacing, intimidation of people involved in reporting, investigation of crimes by gov Ireland against the 33rd Dail and theft of public assets.

You would be aware that some TDs, such as Gorman and O Brien, took out private contracts with a subsidiary of gov Ireland called Housing Dept. This company has NO jurisdiction over Dail 1916 Proclamation rights that guarantee public buildings to ONLY be used for Irish. The Proclamation, ratified as Dail law in 1919, CLEARLY states it GUARANTEES Irish people ownership of Ireland, UNFETTERED control of Irish destinies both Sovereign, Indefeasible, ONLY extinguished if destruction of the Irish people, such as Coveney plan to make Irish a minority in Ireland. The Proclamation, written by my Grandfather, also confirms the military and civil affairs are HELD IN TRUST for the Irish by the Dail, are NOT the property of gov Ireland. O Brien or the Dail and, CANNOT give to asylum seekers as NOT theirs to give to ANYONE as held in Trust next generation.

The original documents in family archives are signed by Thomas J Clarke, Sean MacDiarmada, Thomas MacDonagh, P H Pearse, Eamonn Ceannt, James Connolly and Joseph Plunkett, NO O Brien or Gorman. It is public record that when I advised your former boss, D O Brien, of the HPRA Regulator CERTIFIED position that gov Ireland 31A ADVICE is dangerous and, listed the contracts he got for Concealing HPRA, he sold paper to Mediahuis. I again in 2020, sent to your new owner the following health evidence from HPRA Regulator which you were REQUIRED by law under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, to inform the general public, you WITHHELD said evidence.

The HPRA Regulator informed YOU in documents C851, C852 that mRNA Astra Zeneca etc is NOT safe, does NOT work. C839 states NO proof covid exists. C848,C849, C850, C867, C847 state masks, distancing and lockdowns are Useless and dangerous, you HID this VITAL information from public, assisting deaths, injuries. Records show in your paper you NEVER once advised public, replaced CERTIFIED by signatures of S Moore and Emer Kelly information with the UNSIGNED adverts of your MAIN customer, gov Ireland, a City London corporation involved in crime.

In your papers , ypo played leading role in selling Astra Zeneca for gov Ireland, aware that HPRA ruled it unsafe, as did 31A documents. Many of your readers are now dead or injured because you broke statute laws, for funds from gov Ireland, in retuen for making public medical diagnosis you knew to be dangerous. In accordance with law and rules of the Press Ombudsman, you have 14 days to WITHDRAW the UNLAWFUL attack on public rights to report suspected crimes and ,print RETRACTION and my letter, which Protects public rights to make comment public issues.

I REQUIRE your confirmation that the Principles REQUIRED by the P Ombudsman are enforced, and measures taken to NOT repeat intimidation and conspiracy theory by your employees who attacked the free speech of an innocent lady, willing to do your job for free, in public interest. It is also REQUIRED for public safety, and in this case the VICTIM D Webster, that E Coyne and R Riegel are removed and, written apology and compensation to D Webster, whose family are now at risk, due to you, your incitement hatred by asylum seekers to her.

If you fail to clarify that youe employees acted in personal capacity, then the additional mames listed will be deemed guilty as your employees imply, this will result in charges similar to Coyne and Riegel. I also REQUIRE that you publish HPRA and HSE CERTIFIED management records that you CONCEALED for over 2 years, which PREVENTED the public from making informed medical decisions, leading to unnecessary deaths and injuries. I will ,in due course be making further charges relating to the deaths and injuries your employees caused by making Fraudulent medical claims and public Diagnosis causing deaths, injuries, under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, carries LIFE sentence.

My records confirm that over 2 years ago , I sent you the statutory laws as follows, all of which you broke, fully aware you would cause many deaths, injuries, unless you claim you are UNABLE to read English. I sent YOU SI 5412007 Medicinal Advertising Regulations, EU Council Directives 200298, also 200363 and 200424 and the Mis use Drugs Act, 1997, ALL broken by you for financial gains, it seems. These laws state you must NOT offer diagnosis or suggest NO second opinion needed, NOT guarantee or imply that mRNA is better than 99.9 per cent immune recovery which the HSE, CDC,NHS confirm is the case in ALL healthy, old or young. I note also that I sent you copy of EU Resolutions which I helped writw, ref sections 731,712, 716 and 734, stating distribute TRANSPARENT information on safety, side effects and counter Mis information of gov Ireland sales reps, you broke ALL.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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