Dear Commissioner Jonathan Roberts, Anti Corruption Garda, Ref Filing criminal charges Young Leader Byrne

As you will be aware, it is my civic duty as a representative of the oldest Anti Treaty political party, the peoples party ireland, to report criminal activities of members of Crown corporations placing 33rd Dail, Garda and Proclamation at risk. It is public records that the Party REPEALED the 1922 Freestate powers and constitution of Crown corporation Oireachtas in 1989 and, UNKNOWN to the public, its employees funded by WEF Young Leaders, IMPRISONED 33rd Dail, per public archives.

I placed for public records and ALL 160 TDs, 60 Senators, the City London corporation listing of a private company called gov Ireland to PRETEND it was the 33rd Dail, claiming Crown Harp Authority UNLAWFULLY. It is public record that the PRINCIPAL of this company is Leo Varadkar. He set it up in 2019 to assist his employer, WEF Young Leaders of Tomorrow, its PUBLIC aim to REMOVE the Dail, the 1916 Proclamation, the Garda to be replaced with 89000534 City London police and, remove Crown , replace with one world government corporation. Records confirm the Administrator is Aideen Murphy, solicitor is Aisling Finn, Alan Kelly is Business Development. Varadkar recruited many Senators and TDs to Subvert the 33rd Dail and remove Garda for MI5 control purposes.

Records confirm Varadkar appointed members of the criminal organisation Young Leaders Tomorrow Group and, members of MI5 UK Secret Service to CONTROL positions of the 33rd Dail. TheLaw BANS Public office to ANYONE who is a member of a political organisation with aim to remove Dail and Garda. Records confirm Varadkar offered positions in his company, gov Ireland, to McEntee, Ryan and Donnelly, and Oireachtas offered position to Senator Byrne, also to TD Martin and Coveney, both employed in his company to use public office assist company sales.

It is public record that Varadkar and Enda Kenny set up police Authority ENTIRELY of Unlicensed courts service, Rte, Law Society and accountants, to Protect business interests of his company, gov Ireland. It is also confirmed he appointed Young Leaders member, Clavin to Prevent Anti Corruption Unit investigating MI5 Agent, Drew Harris and Senator Byrne, BOTH Byrne and Clavin being members criminal organisation Young Leaders. Also he chose CEO of DPP to protect his crimes and other Y Leaders members, it seems.

It has been announced by Senator M Byrne that he has committed TREASON under 1990 Criminal Justice Act and, I wish to press criminal charges against him to Protect Public interests. It is public record that he was named Award winner MEMBER of EU Young Leaders Group by Europa Nova, and as member of the Same political Anti Dail, Anti Garda group as Varadkar, he CANNOT hold public office or assist gov Ireland corporation in its aim to Replace Dail and Proclamation and Garda.

He has been witnessed by millions of Irish, both written and video evidence, that he confessed to creating and Using a fraudulent , Mis leading document, Banned by section 9 of the Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018. He claims his document is copyright of Varadkars 2019 corporation called gov Ireland and, claims Crown Harp Authority. I would assume this was reason for his appointment in April, 2020 covid coup. He has lied to the public claiming it is copyright of 33rd Dail, the LAWFUL elected government, his document is NOT law but company idea of Varadkars company, gov Ireland. He claims right to REMOVE Free speech, GUARANTEED in 1916 Proclamation.

It is statute law that corporations like McDonalds or gov Ireland have NO jurisdiction over the 33rd Dail.It is also law that the 33rd Dail does NOT own Free speech as ONLY held in Trust the civic rights for the next generation of Irish men and women. He also lied to the public by claiming pulic social media is the Property of ANY company, Dail , man or woman. Social media is a piece of paper, video etc, NOT man or woman and NOT Property of man or woman. It was also explained to Senator Byrne by Justice Minister McEntee the meaning of NFOATP Act, 1997, section 9, also section 10 and section39 of the Domestic Violence Act, 2018, which outlaw use of coercive control. These statute laws BAN unlawful imprisonment, threat of criminal proceedings, fines, psychological pressure, surveilance of social media or, Forcing court hearings using duress, ALL he claims he wants to break.

He is also charged by me with causing myself and public, Fear, Apprehension to personal safety, 5 years jail under section 12, of Criminal Law Act, 1976. I understand thousands likely to press charges so his Prompt arrest is REQUIRED to Protect public interest. As Ratified in the 1919 Dail my Grandfather set up, NOT set up by the Freestate, the rights to public assembly and, to decide what one says, is the right of each individual man or woman, NOT Senator Byrne. I understand the Senator is ALREADY under Garda investigation for Breaking 18 statute laws that BANNED his Many public medical claims and diagnosis claiming gov Ireland mRNA products had NO risks and were essential, despite if healthy, said global health data, you have 99.9 per cent immune recovery.

It is also public record that neither Oireachtas or gov Ireland Crown corporation have ANY authority over 1916 Proclamation or 33rd Dail or Garda oath or Garda Act, 2005, which he claims it has when NOT. Under Garda oath my Grandfather wrote, the new SECRET police corporation 89000534 registered City London, its ownersbeing Unlicensed courts service, CANNOT order Garda brake oath, if they break oath, they have NO powers, or protection of oath he wrote for YOU. As written by my Grandfather, the FUNCTION of the Garda he set up is to PROTECT the 32 counties Dail, 1916 Proclamation from subversive groups like gov Ireland and MI5 Drew Harris secret police 89000534. It is public record that Many Senators and TDs have filled empty properties by STEALING 33rd Dail taxes from homeless Irish to provide TD rental income and, support TRANSFER Irish taxes to NON Irish Anti Christian groups.

I REQUIRE you to arrest Senator Byrne on the Public evidence of fraud and TREASON HE supplied to police and public, per Chapter40.1, 40.2 and 40.5 of Garda code and, sections 7 and 16 of the Garda Act, 2005. I remind you of Garda Charter and Victims Charter and code of Ethics and, its 53 commitments. Statute and Proclamation to NOT allow Garda to arrest, kidnap or duress bail upon victims of polic assault. The Garda FUNCTION is to arrest subversive units set up by Crown MI5 Agent, Drew Harris in SECRET, to assist Varadkar WEF gov Ireland corporation in its STATED aim to REPLACE Garda and Dail, the Proclamation and the Crown, etc.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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  • I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you luck in bringing these individuals to court it’ll be a hard thing to do because the courts are as bad as those people. we need an independent court system that’s aside from political interference

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