Dear Commissioner Harris, Ref crime by Chief Justice employees

As a matter of Public civic duty and to Protect my personal safety, I wish to press criminal charges and seek investigation and prosecution of a crime, reported by the journal .ie which the judges have publicly admitted to. On 11th November, 2022, seven judges admitted that they took part in a tax payer fraud and subversion of the 32 county Dail returned to its former 1919 constitution and 1916 Proclamation, in Repeal Act, 1989, Revision 20, session 5.

Per public record, judges Elizabeth Dunne, Peter Charleton, Marie Baker and Gerard Hogan ruled CETA Trade Agreement CANNOT be ratified by the Oireachtas unless legislation is changed, to Avoid a public referendum and slip in unnoticed. They failed inform public that Oireachtas LOST Freestate powers to legislate in 1989, with Repeal of 1922 Freestate and Partition, per Royal Assent. The other 3 judges had ruled their desire to IGNORE constitution and, more important the 1916 Proclamation and, voted FOR BREAKING EU REQUIREMENT to Ratify CETA and to damage tariff protections from British Dominion colony, Canada, which Ireland ceased to be in 1989 Repeal of Crown colony.

The 3 judges against Constitution and Proclamation rights were John MacMenamin, Ann Power and Chief Justice O Donnell, who is ALREADY under police Investigation by you and Anti Corruption Unit for alleged crimes against Constitution and Proclamation per his public actions against public. It is public record that I sent You public evidence of serious crime under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act, in which O Donnell, former Chief Justice Clarke and Hogan, by public court actions, publicly broke the statute laws and damaged public confidence in said laws. Given that the judges Kindly provided the evidence that they understood that they had NO jurisdiction to commit fraud, damage the 32 county Dail and its Foundation documents, the 1916 Proclamation and the 1919 Constitution.

The action was taken against a private Crown corporation called Oireachtas by Green Party TD, Patrick Costello, as unconstitutional and, awarded him costs paid by the tax payer, who would also be paying the 7 judges who broke the law for a private Crown corporation called gov Ireland, NOT the Dail. Media confirmed Costello said the ruling is significant in protecting the integrity of our courts, which he would know have NO 1924 Court Enactment Order, hence NO license to hold ANY court as would be tax payer fraud. Facts confirm this as PR stunt for the Green Party, under police investigation for REMOVING public rights of Proclamation and constitution in 2020 to assist medical sales of WEF company, registered 2019 as gov Ireland, many people now dead from said products that Green Party hid risks.

Public records confirm that I sent You and the above judges, the Chief Justice and Green Party the ACTUAL FACTS which confirm that our courts system is the 2019 Sovereign Dail courts my Grandfather set up and, STILL licensed with Sovereign Seal found on your Garda oath, NOT the unlicensed courts service. TD Costello and judges were Aware that my Grandfather Refused Royal Crown Harp Authority to Supreme court of O Donnell, Fraudulently imposed on 23rd December, 1920 by Crown Government of Ireland Act, 1920 to Subvert the sitting Dail. Public records confirm that I notified Former Chief Justice Clarke that he set PRECEDENT in dismissal Supreme court case when he confirmed NO 1924 Enactment Order license exists.

Public records and my letters and documents to you, CLRARLY state that Hogan and O Donnell received same, and copy of my Ending of 1920 British Dominion status, renamed as Freestate 1922, per my Repeal Act of 1989 of said Unlawful Freestate, per Royal Assent. In my documents from the Crown, they read in 1989, Revision 20, session 5, that I Repealed, removed courts service and Oireachtas claims of use of Crown copyright Harp and, ANY power of the Oireachtas to subvert 32 county Dail Proclamation and constitution rights, it being Treason to do so. These Same judges, copies I sent you of Lawful EU Court Tribunal Prosription Notice and Asservations to NOT take part in ANY further hearings on Sovereign Dail rights, as they are a Crown corporation selling Astra Zeneca etc. According to law, Green Party TD Patrick Costello understood that he took part in a PR exercise to PRETEND UNLICENSED court can make Rulings to Remove or effect excuse to Remove Proclamation and constitution rights.

He would understand, per public records, the court said if legislation amended, it WOULD allow Crown corporation to AVOID a referendum and, Crown civil servants CHANGE words to benefit its British Dominion colony. He would undertand that HIS actions meant the tax payer was paying fees to him and an Unlisensed court to Remove, at a later stage, rights from the Proclamation and constitution WITHOUT a referendum, which Hogan has done before. The paperwork I sent you and Hogan and C Justice, also confirms that in June, 2021, the Attorney General confirmed that he advised courts service that it has NO 1924 Court Enactment Order or jurisdiction

Public records confirm that I got Crown to compel Oireachtas to update its records and, on 8th May, 2007, Oireachtas records confirm Repeal of its powers fraudulently obtained in first in 1920 and again in 1922 which my Grandfather challenged by application for Royal Assent repeal which I completed in 1989. In addition to my sending you Official Supreme court Transcripts, Crown documents etc, I also sent you hief State Solicitors Office letters in which they confirm they ONLY PRETEND to represent Freestate, as it does NOT exist. The jounal .ie has reported that 7 judges and the Green TD have taken part in a tax payer fraud, made fraud claims that they, NOT the public, have the rightto remove Proclamation, constitution which my Grandfather wrote, and replace with Oireachtas fraud.

Media confirm that 7 judges and 1 TD neglected their public duty and Concealed the FACT that both the Oireachtas and courts service are, since 1989, Crown corporations selling swine flu and Astra Zeneca, made by the Crowns GSK investments. The law CLEARLY states that O Donnell, Hogan etc committed Treason under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, causing me Fear, Apprehension by seeking to Remove Proclamation and Constitution rights, with NO jurisdiction, as they ARE Unlicensed court, using OWN private police, 89000534 City London corporation.

Further charges under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976 and, further chargesunder the CriminalJustice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6, 9, 25, 26 , 27 and 29. It is 5 years jail per section 12 and similar under 2001 Act, where they claimed Royal Crown Harp Authority case, this being Inventing and Using False Instruments to defraud taxpayer and cause Fear, Apprehension. They would also know that Rule 5 of the Constitutional Declaration, 2016, means that their Rulings are Null and Void, as in court they DELIBERATELY broke the law in proceeding WITHOUT jurisdiction under Proscription Notice.

They also understood that having made INCURABLY void rulings as based on invalid claim, as courts serviceis, since 1989, a corporation like McDonalds, its business selling Crown products like Astra Zeneca and using its Private police to issue fraud fines and summons. Said judges and police would understand Rule 4, ANY man, woman acting in pay of Crown, committing above offences, are SUBJECT to justice as tax paying public, their company said 31A is NOT law ONLY ADVICE, they ignored company and collected fraud fines using company police. Further offences under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, it defines perjury, collusion and fraud as offences against administration of justice. Charges under Criminal Law Act, 1997, concealing and withholding information to subvert the 33rd Dail and Proclamation.

I am MOST concerned that Hogan broke Criminal Justice Act, 1951, as he indicated his plan to REMOVE referendum by changing words, stating false pretences with, it seems, intent to defraud and deceive. The 7 judges have again sailed close to the wind, aware that Article 267 of the EU Treaty gives Court of Justice jurisdiction over Unlicensed courts service, to make Rulings to Comply with Proclamation and EU laws, forgetting for one moment that Ireland NOT part of EU, its entry signed contract between Oireachtas No power sign Lisbon Treaty and EU corporation.

I would caution you that you seem unwilling to comply with Your signed contract, copy of which I sent to You, per your lawful obligation under Garda Act, 2005 to protect the public from Unlicensed judges, which is jail of 10 years for You if you assist criminal actions by said judges. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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