Dear President Higgins,

It is some time since I wrote to you thanking you for your reply to my registered letter and subsequent letters, particularly the ones dated March, 2020 in which you did NOT dispute my Lawful claims. I brought to your attention a copy of the Repeal of the 1920, 23rd December Partition Act of Ireland, as 2 British Dominion colonies as proposed in 1918 by Walter Long, UK Cabinet, and made UK law in 1920 while kept SECRET from Irish voters by Collins. Your Crown company Oireachtas was also set up in 1920 to assist Crown Agents, Collins, Develera to subvert 1918 to 6th December, 1922 Dail, its Foundation ratified as 32 county, per the 1916 Proclamation and 5 Article 1919 Constitution.

Public Archives confirm Collins letters asking his MASTER Winston Churchill, to send heavy artillery and English mercenary gunners to kill members of the Sovereign Dail holding out in the 4 Courts. On 5th December, 1922, Devalera Imposed on the Soverign Dail this 1920 Act of UK, RENAMED as Freestate, as British Dominion did NOT sit well with the Irish, he called it 1922 Freestate and Crown constitution. I supplied you with the Repeal Act 1989, Revision 20 session 5 of the Freestate 1922 Act from which you claimed powers for the Oireachtas to make laws that do NOT interfere with Rights of the 1916 Proclamation. You were UNABLE to dispute that since 1989, Oireachtas could NO longer pass laws concerning 32 county Dail, as you are now President of Crown corporation selling Crown products like Astra Zeneca.

I also sent you Crown papers informing you that you must NOT send letters or make Corporation rules claiming Royal Crown Harp Authority, as such Royalty departed in 1989, and your status similar to that of McDonalds. I also obtained Royal Assent that Oireachtas MUST remove its claim to Freestate powers or face Crown prosecution. In accordance with law, on 8th May, 2007, Oireachtas brought its records up to date, citing Repeal Freestate Act. I also sent you copy of my Repeal of the 1920 UK Partition Act, on 2nd December, 1999 and, I sent Repeal of Royal Ulster Constabulary as police now under Garda NOT Royal. Unlawful new name company City London is PSNI, with NO jurisdiction. I brought to your attention that Drew Harris was sent by the Crown to assist Adams set up Fraud S Fein to help REPLACE Garda in 32 counties with City London police registration 89000534.

I brought to your attention that as British Dominions, Ireland, Canada, N Zealand, Australia and S Africa had to give permission to KING to abdicate in 1936, Sir Harry Batterbee visited his Minister Develara for his Permission, all kept SECRET from Irish as fooled into thinking they were Free when NOT. The Irish Unfree state Develera passed for his MASTER Baldwin, Constitution Amendment NO 27 and External Relations Bill 1936 giving Permission WITHOUT INTERVAL or delay, kept Secret from Irish as was my setting Ireland Free in 1989 from Crown. It is public record that Ahern, Mary Lou, DUP etc, signed Fraud 1998 Good Friday Agreement as there were NO 6 counties since 1989 and, NO Direct power to sign, to keep Stormont MPs at the expence of 32 county Dail tax payers, price for TREASON.

I also sent you Chief State Solicitors Office letters that state they do NOT represent Freestate 1922 because it does NOT exist, and President Martin, new title since 1989, has NO role in mRNA roll out. I brought to your attention the Fraud 31A instruments that law firm Attorney General produced to assist chemical products sales of client list of chemical firms. They state copyright gov Ireland and Oireachtas. I brought to your attention 31A claims Oireachtas copyright because like you, the Crown removed your company right to claim Crown Harp, and Dail President Martin CANNOT be a member of the Oirachtas sales team.

I also supplied to you the documents that courts service and Attorney General confirm that my Grandfather refused Crown courts 1924 Court Enactment Order, NO license as he already set up in 1919 the Sovereign Dail Courts. You did NOT dispute my claim that Oireachtas is NOT Dail, but is a Crown corporation with NO right to claim Crown Harp copyright and, CANNOT PRETEND Unlicensed Crown courts can force medical mRNA experiments. I note that you did NOT dispute my claim in March, 2020 that you could NOT Lawfully sign 31A Bill as if law, because DISCLAIMER on page 1 states NO warranty given as to safety or correct law and, states copyright of private company gov Ireland, NOT 33rd Dail so NO jurisdiction over Dail electors.

I brought to your attention that the Bill was UNLAWFULLY signed by the Seanad as High court confirmed 11 nominated seats were VACANT until June 2020 and NO powers since 1989 Repeal Freestate Act. The Seanad could NOT sign in March 2020 and you could NOT guarantee safety of medical advice and DIAGNOSIS, yet you committed TREASON and assisted manslaughter by claiming A Zeneca safe, Stops Transmission despite NO test ever done and NOT able Stop Transmission per Pfizer, A Zeneca data I supplied you BEFORE roll out.

I brought to your attention that 112 TDs of the Dail were given UNLAWFUL written orders to NOT attend the vote, by a TD who claimed power to break law from his Unelected contract with gov Ireland corporation, kept SECRET as Unlawful. I brought to your attention that in addition to banning 112 TDs, the final reading of the Bill was NOT voted on per Dail records, as they were in hurry to Conceal false public medical claims made by O Fearghail and S Harris. I brought to your attention that gov Ireland claimed that ALL enquiries on 31A MUST be made gov Ireland, NOT to police, Dail or courts and, they stated NO warranty or liability, so I assume you now take Liability for the deaths, injuries you caused by assisting Varadkar private WEF company in selling as Safe something known dangerous.

In due course, unless you claim Drew Harris is liable, I shall be filing police charges against You. As stated, HPRA Regulator told you in C839, NO covid exists and, in C851 ,C852 mRNA NOT safe, NOT works, yet you claimed OPPOSITE. Records confirm that President Martin joined President Higgins in selling medical products, by making public medical claims and diagnosis that Astra Zeneca, made by Crown, is essential and has No side effects, despite 1,376 Side effects.

The writer of 31A ,Woulfe, told you in 2 High court cases, that 31A is NOT law, ONLY unqualified medical advice and, 18 statute laws and Chief State Solicitors Office told you, and 31A documents, that it is Banned to make public medical claims.Despite such warnings your written documents copies I have, give Both diagnosis and claims that you knew were false. It is public records that for 33 years since 1989, at grat public expense, your criminal organisation celebrated and renewed oath to the 1922 Crown Freestate corporation constitution, it being a British Dominion colony I closed down with Royal Assent.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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  • Looking forward to that day that these individuals will face justice long overdue for what they did to the people of Ireland 🇮🇪

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