Dear President of Oireachtas Crown Corporation since 1989, M Higgins,Phoenix Park, Dublin 8, DO8E1W3.

According to public records it is now over one year since I wrote to you on 10th Jan, 2022 and many other letters concerning Subversive Right Wing criminal activities the statutory documents suggest You took part in, leading to imprisonment of the elected 33rd Dail, by Unelected Crown civil servants, possibly causing many deaths, injuries pertaining to mRNA medical device genetic experiments where known death risks were Concealed. As your OWN letters have advised me, it is civic duty of ALL political parties, such as the peoples party ireland, SF, FG, FF etc to bring errors of corporation management to CEOs and, file charges with police if errors continue and, like Astra Zeneca, deaths injuries occur, like Varadkar recently confirmed in Dail that immune system damaged led to excessive deaths due to His Unlawful coercive control to Force his public medical claims, diagnosis, per public records.

In my letter to You of 10.1.2022, I asked you, as CEO of Crown corporation Oireachtas to Correct errors in SI 31A advice on travel and medical matters, it states in DISCLAIMER as copyright Oireachtas and gov Ireland corporations and states ALL errors, ommissions etc to be directed to gov Ireland, it being Varadkar company selling mRNA etc to 33rd Dail, NOT direct concerns to courts service or police, it CLEARLY states. Your company papers claim ANY errors pertaining law and medical advice must be referred to CEO Oireachtas YOURSELF, or CEO of WEF Crown corporation gov Ireland, NOT taioseach of 33rd Dail, gov Ireland having been set up in 2019, after its CEO Varadkar LOST election and chance to influence 33rd Dail into selling his products and enforcing policy of WEF Young Leaders he is member of, its stated aim to remove Garda, Dail, Proclamation and Crown.

I stated in my letter that your website described You as President of Ireland and that You claimed You signed covid Bill NO 2 Act, 2021, NO 46 on 21.12.2021, calling it law of Freestate 1922 Act, when NOT possible per law. Your document also claimed use Crown Harp Authority and that a corporation similar to McDonalds called gov Ireland PREENDED it was 33rd Dail with power to Remove 159 TDs, 60 Senators and 1916 Proclamation. I also brought to Your attention that you committed further TREASON against 33rd Dail passports by PRETENDING Green passports REPLACED Sovereign passports and, I stated you are REQUIRED to reinstate Sovereign as Green is Void and TREASON.

On instructions from the Substitute President, McGuire and the Sovereign Dail Eireann Courts, holder of Sovereign SEAL Harp, I eminded I had placed on back page new passports, Red Hand of Ulster, which signifies the 32 county Eire since it retuened in 1989, English translation being Ireland. I sent You copy from Buckingham Palace, read by millions of Irish, the Repeal Act in 1989 of the Freestate Act, Partition and ULAWFUL 1922 and 1937 constitutions, Revision 20, session 5, obtained with Royal Assent, as confirmed in Oireachtas statute records dated 8.5.2007.

In accordance with law, I obtained Royal Assent and REMOVED Oireachtas use of Freestate powers and use Crown Harp Authority you Fraudulently claimed to have, in bid to reclaim 32 counties I returned to Dail 1989. I also sent You City London corporation records of the New private company called gov Ireland that WEF Young Leader Varadkar set up in 2019 when he Lost election, to assist Crown WEF MI5 Far Right bid to Force mRNA, close Dail, Garda. I sent You the Proof that for 33 years MI5 Agents like Drew Harris have been plotting to Return 32 county Dail to WEF and Crown, using New company of Varadkar to Subvert 33rd Dail using Far Right activities of Young Leaders Programme.

I listed the TREASON an employee of Varadkar company called Donnelly described in Bill NO 46. It states DONNELLY can make legislation WITHOUT other 159 TDs, 60 Senators being informed. Your Bill goes on to state that Donnelly does NOT have to ask 159 TDs, 60 Senators to vote, similar to March, 2020 WEF coup, when private company BANNED 112 TDs from voting or representing voters of 33rd Dail, NO jurisdiction by ANYONE to BAN public representation in 33rd Dail. The voters of 33rd Dail voted for the Guaranteed rights of 1916 Proclamation my Grandfather wrote. It WAS Ratified as law in 1919 in the Dail he helped set up, NOT set up by Crowns 1922 Freestate I closed down in 1989, with Royal Assent.

The Proclamation and statutory laws confirm YOU PRETENDED Varadkar Private company, gov Ireland, could replace 33rd Dail, force medical experiments and WEF Control measures, using Unlicensed court, ban Mass, civic rights and Sovereign passport travel rights, guaranteed untouchable by police or corporations like Varadkar company. According to the 1989 Repeal Act, your company with NO Freestate powers since 1989 employed Drew Harris of MI5 to set up PSNI to oppress Anglo and Roman Catholics in North for secret Replacement of Garda jurisdiction I obtained 1989, per Royal Assent and Removal MI5 Royal Ulster Constabulary. According 1989 Repeal Act and Your Fraud legislation since WEF Varadkar company, gov Ireland, you employed Drew Harris of MI5 to set up SECRET terror police 89000534City London to REPLACE Garda and 33rd Dail, TREASON 1990 Criminal Justice Act.

I have enclosed copy of 2021 ammendments 27, Mis use Drugs Act I sent you in Feb 2020, now read by millions Irish, so you CANNOT claim ignorence of this Act, which your public medical claims DEFINITELY breaks. I have enclosed for You and millions of Irish page 3 of NO 46, of 2021, it claims Crown Harp Authority for Private company gov Ireland to vaccinate programmeof Most population, despite mRNA genetic medical device, NOT vaccine, it claims to PREVENT TRANSMISSION, claims NO proof, NO risks. Yet public records confirm in 2020 BEFORE use said medical device, the PARTY providedA Zeneca, Pfizer data PROVING NO test ever carried out by Pfizer etc to see if TRANSMISSION could be stopped, you confirmed said programme stop TRANSMISSION was planned deception to make profits gov Ireland.

The Party also sent Oireachtas President, NOT President Ireland since 1989, CERTIFIED HSE, HPRA records position C851, C852 mRNA NOT works, NOT safe, also sent to CEO of company gov Ireland. I also sent you copy of the 31A advice NOT law, that the Main customer of gov Ireland group of 575 companies prepared for them, a law firm called Attorney General, also many chemical lobby clients. The 31A sales adverts were prepared to Subvert 33rd Dail, subvert warnings from HPRA Regulator as mRNA NOT afe, they claim 3 TDs, McEntee, Donnelly and Ryan, are also employees company gov Ireland and assisted preparation 31A Treason instruments. You WILL like millions Irish reading page 3, that gov Ireland like YOU, has Broke Mis use Drugs Act 1977, you claimed understood. They state public medical claims, diagnosis that covid Grave risk, mRNA STOPS TRANSMISSION when NO test EVER done.

During Jan 2023, the PRINCIPAL of gov Ireland company stated CSO statistics that HIS gov Ireland products, masks, mRNA etc, distancing ,lockdowns has led to Increase deaths, destruction immune system, he said this in Dail that he forced with your help, to force HIS medical products, which death risks he used courts private police conceal. Yet 3 years ago, HPRA Regulator C848,C847, C850, C851, C852, C839 warned lockdowns, masks , distancing, mRNA NOT works, NOT safe and C839 NO proof covid exists. HSE claims CSO reported 2 years ago deaths weekly as flu 5.6 against Lowest killer in Ireland, covid as 0.2, yet you laughed at said information I supplied. In accordance with law, you KNEW in 2020 per CERTIFIED global and Dail records, that YOU assisted WEF Varadkar company and MI5 , financed by Pfizer, to make its OWN company, NOT Dail laws and Force upon imprisoned 32 county Dail.

IN Your personal letters to me, that claimed Crown Harp LOST in 1989, that is 33 years of Oireachtas Fraud, You made medical claims and public diagnosis HPRA told you were Fraud, to assist MI5 plans to use private company gov Ireland SUBVERT 33rd Dail. One year later, you have failed to supply my request as to what authority and from whom, you claim to be allowed to commit TREASON under 1990 Criminal Justice Act as Crown and law say NO jurisdiction. According to the CERTIFIED documents I sent You, which you did NOT dispute in 21 days right to replt, you assisted MI5 and gov Ireland use coercive control to inject Astra Zeneca etc, killing, destroying immune system. You have read page 3, your OWN document, that under Mis use Drugs Act, 1977, gov Ireland and YOU could NOT make public medical claims, diagnosis, yet YOU allowed make and PRETEND law, as YOU called said TREASON.

You were sent copy of letter to justice Minister Heather Humphries and 11th Dec, 2018 from Aindriu Holst to ALL 160 TDs, which REQUIRED public inspection of 1924 courts Enactment Order as my Grandfather refused it as Fraud. Five years later, additional to confirmation from former chief justice and Attorney General in 2021, they claim NOT able produce, still NO royal Assent proof enacted of 12.4.1924 from General Timothy M Healy. The National Arcchives Historian confirmed what is on display is ONLY a Draft, NOT LAWFUL .The proposed Justice Act 1924 was NOT put into force within 5 months, per section 2, of the Crown IMPOSED Act, per 1922 Freestate Act, I rpealed in 1989.

It is stated by my Grandfather that he STOPPED 1924 Act as it had NO jurisdiction to REPLACE the Sovereign SEAL Dail Eireann Licensed courts, its yearly Sovereign Seal License RENEWED 104 times to present 2023. In view of many deaths Astra Zeneca etc, the destruction of immune system by the measures forced by owner Varadkar od HIS company products due to YOU allowing his sales reps BAN 33rd Dail, you assisted planned manslaughter. In accordance with law, I have filed criminal charges against Yourself, your civil servants in Oireachtas, the special MI5 units within new SECRET UK corporation 89000534, at Garda corruption unit.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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